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Sometimes it is necessary to get measurements in either imperial or metric and they need to be converted to get a measurement that the user is more comfortable. The picture is of a ruler that has one scale on one side, and another scale on the other side. When I Ate A Small Peach This Morning My Teeth Suddenly Turned White, Even Whiter Than After I Go To The Dentist For Cleaning!?!

Usually a ruler is divided into different sections, such as centimeters, millimeters and inches.The imperial measurements tend to be on one side of the ruler and the metric ones on the other. The first country to adopt this system was France in 1799, but now it is the official way of measuring things in every single country in the world, apart from three. When displayed at an appropriate size, these would be centimeters and inches._____Here is another picture of a ruler.

The other two countries are Liberia and Myanmar (Burma).Although the United Kingdom has adopted the metric system there are many people who are still not happy with it and continue to use the imperial system, or as they become more used to metrication, a combination of the two systems.

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