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Quantum dots, depending on their size, emit light at different frequenciesLG doesn’t say exactly how the quantum dots achieve this, but we do know from previous testing that the overall quality of a display is significantly affected by the quality of the light produced by the backlight (and the various other films and waveguides that sit between the backlight and the display). An 80 minute movie in 1080p takes about 500 GB (my experience) so I would expect the 4K equivalent to be a few terabytes. I was surprised how much horsepower this stuff takes, our editor had to explain to me and the exec that rendering is different than playing video.
Well just think how exciting it will be to transition to 8k, because once 8k tvs start to ship, movies will start to be filmed in it. The only really benefit of Gaming beyond 4k is the High Detail Draw Bubble (Draw Distance) is much bigger on higher resolutions, but you need at least a 42 inch TV to really start to appreciate that detail. Realistically, we are at least 6 years from even being able to achieve single-GPU 8K gaming on PC and that will be with a very unique, absolute high-end graphics card. Actually there are big budget Hollywood movies that were already filmed in 4k, like the Hobbit movies.
Any feature film ever made, filmed 35mm or above has more than enough resolution to be transferred to 4k and higher.
I want an 8K tv now, and I would buy one if it were available, to show off my 36mp photographs from my Nikon D810 at pretty much 100%, rather than shrunk down to fit the shitty resolution of a 4k or HD TV.
The fact that nothing is being recorded or sold in resolution this high is exactly what DOES make it relevant. I want a 4K TV because it gives you a much bigger workspace, it’s much easier to see distant details and I want the responsiveness of a monitor.
Sure, if you set everything really low or are running games from 5-10 years ago, both of which are missing the point of 4k.
The real driver here is ( IMHO ) the MPAA… if they can get the data size of a movie high enough pirating will go down. I will say as I have said before, we would do much better instead with increased frame rates closer to our capabilities, then by all means revisit resolution. People that don’t know basic math, or lack a basic instinct of sitting closer if things are too small, will buy them later. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Designed for military use, Our Motorola Quantico is capable of surviving under challenging conditions such as extreme pressure, temperature, dust, shock, vibration and heavy rains. Designed for military use, our new Motorola Quantico is capable of surviving under challenging conditions such as extreme pressure, temperature, dust, shock, vibration and heavy rains.
If u want a phone that u cant drown or u want to drop it off a roof 3 times like I did, u will love it. What's IncludedMotorola Quantico W840 Flip Phone, Page Plus - Nice Motorola Quantico W840 Phone Battery Battery Door Wall Charger Holster Pouch Earbud Headset$ 65.95 WarrantyIn addition to our standard 30 day return policy INCLUDED FREEon all purchases. In line with the official invites, the press images of the smartphone confirm users will be able to spec its back in genuine leather. The web page didn?t confirm the chipset of the LG G4, though it is all but certain to be Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, coupled with 3GB of RAM. O Quantum Go e um celular intermediario popular no Brasil por custar pouco menos de R$ 1 mil, mas que pode estar ameacado pelo lancamento do Lenovo Vibe K5 no pais. Os comentarios sao de responsabilidade exclusiva de seus autores e nao representam a opiniao deste site. 2 senedir daha gA?zeli ciksada verdigim paraya deyse diye yeni telefon almak bekliyorun sanA±yorum lg g2 ye devam edicem daha yolda birakmadi herkezi tokatlamaya devam..
LG также позиционирует свой смартфон как первую модель с возможностью ручного режима видеосъемки (Manual Video Mode), позволяющего регулировать выдержку, частоту кадров, диапазон ISO, баланс белого и точку фокусировки непосредственно в процессе съемки.
We weren’t able to do real-time HD rendering in single GPU until the GTX 285 and (better) GTX 400 series came along. Raw 4k might be able to render in real time on modern GPUs (given proper GPU access by the software), but put a filter and some other effect and it will chug and take hours. When you start to speak about that many pixels each and every pixel has its own unique identifier with each being identified by a series of a 0 or a 1 if you have four locations you need 2 dots per location and for 8 locations you need 3 and so on which means just on locations an 8 pixel shot takes 24 bites of data and this is true for 2k and 4k. Plus, there are no video cards that can even come close to handling 8K and won’t be for several years.

As long as their resolution exceeds recording standards, their upscaling tech will remain their highest priority. Isn’t this the same technology that Sony has been using for their TVs and phone displays for few years? They said from the beginning 8k was the maximum the eye can see and that it was like looking outside through a window.
The human visual system is still being studied and anyway so far it has been found that the actual resolution seen by humans eyes and brain is far higher than anything available right now, UHDV 8K included.
The real world is not made of pixels as samples from the real world that is… and still some people believe that an higher resolution is not needed, maybe the thought the real world is at 1080p or 4K or now 8K ? Were they, not changing anything else, to upgrade their tv to a 4k monitor, they would have to either get one over 120″ large, or sit about 3 feet from the screen (or a mix of both) to even get the benefit of it.
Even the difference between demo settings on a factory display vs our calibrated theater set using the same model display is night and day. Were I though, to take an 8k display, and view it from a proper distance (given a specific size) and then swap that out for a lower resolution but of the same size, while not changing my distance, I would instantly see the difference in resolutions.
On job sites during the summer I sweat it gets in the ear piece of every other phone I have owned it kills them in 1.5 years, BUT NOT THIS BAD BOY. A product page of the smartphone with a number of official images and specs went live for several hours.
The latter will be user-replaceable, thus leaving the upcoming smartphone as the one of the last top-shelf devices with such setup. Stacked RAM and cubes are a step in the right direction, but it will take more than that as well. A $1600 pc can run many games at a steady 60fps in 4k.you may want to go check out some benchmarks for yourself. Most of my customers do accept our installation services (free anyways) because we do more than simply plop the set into their living room. The submersible design of this Motorola flip phone keeps the phone safe in up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes. Please note that data services such as: email, web browsing, and picture messaging will not work on this device. Four years & my cell company got bought out that the only reason I switched to another phone. In both cases, we are talking about IPS LCD panels, rather than OLED technology, which should mean that both the 4K and 8K displays are reasonably priced. While we saw some 8K TVs at CES 2014 from Sharp and Samsung, they were much too large for a normal home (85 inches and 98 inches respectively). Also color, let’s think about it each shut may only contain 8bits or even 16bits of color and yet the whole film has 24 or even 32bits worth of color. The only advantage would be for a pc as blurays will not be running above 60hz, movies only run at 24fps with the exception of a couple, the hobbit is the only one i know of. With an extended warranty you can rest assured knowing that your product is guaranteed to function as intended for years to come.
Confira o comparativo de fichas tecnicas do TechTudo.Quantum GO ou Vibe K5: qual celular de preco intermediario e o ideal? Ya kardesim ben lg g2 kullaniyorum gercekten cok iyi telefon fiyat performans bakimindan parasini.hakediyor ama g4 tip olarak hic degistirmezsen satamazsin. 55 inches is definitely on the large side, but I suspect it’s just the right size for enthusiasts who want to enjoy movies or sports (or PC games?) at extremely high resolutions. In my experience a single GPU was barely enough for HD (albeit 4 years ago) but I find it hard to believe it is good enough for 4K when gamers can’t even use single for 4K today. A clip can be as short as a few seconds to several minutes the more possible of different color pallets will decrease the size of some films much in the same way that dividing the film will do.
Nice to see manufacturers trying to produce LCD TVs, which offer a great colour reproduction close to the OLED TVs. Quantum dots, despite sounding thoroughly futuristic, are actually fairly simple things that are easy to mass-produce.
Although once again requires an increase storage cup, and memory of the media playing device not on the media it self.

O Go tem parte traseira e frontal revestida por vidro com protecao Gorilla Glass 3 e lateral de plastico que lembra aluminio. In short, quantum dots are just small specks of semiconducting material that emit light when they’re excited. No geral, o telefone parece ser da linha Xperia, da Sony, apostando em design limpo e elegante. Depending on the size of the dot, and also the material, you can tune these dots to emit very specific frequencies (colors) of light. A aposta da Lenovo tambem da um visual premium ao telefone, ja que e similar ao material de tops de linha como iPhone 6S e LG G5.
Um aspecto positivo do smartphone e a possibilidade de remover a tampa traseira e a bateria, o que permite trocar o componente. Tela O Vibe K5 chega as lojas com tela de 5 polegadas Full HD (1080 x 1920 pixels) e densidade de 441 ppi, numeros impressionantes para a faixa de preco.
Ja o Quantum Go esta na media dos outros celulares, com tela de 5" HD (720 x 1280 pixels) e densidade de 294 ppi. Apesar disso, o smartphone tem a vantagem de ser protegido com vidro Gorilla Glass 3 contra rachaduras. O modelo tem resolucao interessante para aproveitar filmes em alta definicao e oferecer boa leitura, ate mesmo de letras pequenas. Ja o Vibe K5 tem processador Snapdragon 616 quad-core, de 1,5 GHz, e outro quad-core de 1,2 GHz, alem de 2 GB de memoria RAM tambem. Com esse hardware interno, tanto um quanto o outro podem entregar desempenho satisfatorio, considerando jogos e apps em um celular intermediario.  saiba maisQuantum Go e bom? O Vibe K5, enquanto isso, tem somente a opcao de 16 GB, com entrada para microSD de ate 32 GB.  Ambos tem conexao 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth e Radio FM.
Alem disso, os aparelhos sao Dual SIM, o que facilita a vida de quem precisa ter dois numeros para economizar em chamadas. Sistema operacional O Quantum Go e o Lenovo K5 chegam de fabrica com o Android 5.1 (Lollipop), que e uma das versoes mais recentes do sistema. No entanto, as duas fabricantes ja garantiram que atualizarao seus aparelhos para a versao 6.0 (Android Marshmallow). Para quem gosta de extras, o smartphone brasileiro tem suporte a TV Digital por meio de um acessorio incluso na caixa.
Ja o Vibe K5 vem, por padrao, com interface modificada pela Lenovo, mas agrada por oferecer o Google Now Launcher como opcao. Para completar, os telefones sao capazes de gravar em resolucao Full HD (1080p), compativel com o padrao das TVs e computadores do mercado. Os dois celulares tem camera frontal de 5 megapixels, para tirar selfies e usar apps como Skype e Snapchat. No Vibe K5 ha ainda o recurso V-Selfie, que tira fotos quando o usuario faz um “V” com as maos. A vantagem do Quantum Go nesse quesito e gracas a menor resolucao da tela, que exige menos do dispositivo e impacta positivamente o consumo energetico. Embora ofereca muitas opcoes para voce escolher, o numero de variantes exige atencao para nao comprar algo aquem do esperado, especialmente no que diz respeito a internet movel. Qual e o melhor celular atualmente?
O smartphone da Lenovo esta disponivel no site oficial por um preco sugerido de R$ 999, mas pode ser encontrado por cerca de R$ 929 em ferramentas de busca de ofertas. O telefone da ao consumidor a possibilidade de escolher o melhor modelo para suas necessidades.
Alem disso, o celular pode chegar a capacidade de 64 GB de armazenamento, com ajuda do cartao de memoria de 32 GB.  No entanto, o Vibe K5 e um dos smartphones intermediarios mais interessantes do momento. Se voce faz questao de ter uma tela de alta resolucao, o telefone da Lenovo e mais vantajoso que o aparelho da Quantum.

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