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If you are expecting your brand new G3 tomorrow, be sure to catch up on all of our coverage.
Amazon just delayed my preordered LG G3, scheduled to arrive today on July 18th until August 5th – 7th.
My 2 G3’s shipped Tuesday afternoon from Tennessee and I received them Wednesday afternoon here in New Orleans, Louisiana.
About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. Instead of going for an all metal build like its rivals Apple and HTC, Samsung chose to use rubberized plastic for the back cover.
However, I would greatly prefer an Alpha Pro-same size but thicker Body enabling Camera like Note 4. On thicker Alpha Pro we can also have Camera flush with back, not sticking up and a larger Sensor.
Russian Review pointed out that plastic backing on the Alpha may have better reception than full metal Design.

RaptorOO71 year 11 months agoIf this is Samsungs new direction for material design then great I am all for it. A smaller Device is less likely to break from flexing in a pocket even with a case compared to a larger Device.
The device officially launches tomorrow in stores and online, so if it hasn’t, you may want to check to make sure your order still exists. We unboxed and went hands-on with the AT&T variant, ran through 25+ tips and tricks, and even compared it to the Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8). It may not look as nice as a full metal back but its more practical as the battery remains removable.┬áThe rubberized coating is said to reduce any chance of the device slipping out of your hands which users will certainly appreciate. The gist of it is that the Galaxy Alpha does not only look like a premium device, but it performs like one as well.
Verizon is normally really good about shipping pre-ordered devices so that they arrive on launch day or even earlier in some cases. Unfortunately I had to travel out of town and will miss the store release but at least it wont be sitting on my door step till Monday.

One of the┬ávery first reviews of the Galaxy Alpha has gone live now, it focuses mainly on Samsung’s decision to use metal instead of plastic for the Alpha. Audio jack can be found on the top, there’s a microUSB port on the bottom, volume rockers are on the left and fingerprint sensor lives beneath the home button. We have already heard from a number of readers who are expecting devices tomorrow, thanks to shipping notifications that were sent out within the last 24 hours. Samsung retains the signature Galaxy design language and manages to work metal in a package that’s less than 7mm thick.

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