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Pragya's grandmother stops Abhi from beating Suresh and asks him about the reason behind this anger. Suresh informs Pragya's grandmother that Abhi is suspecting that there is an affair between him and Pragya. Alia shoots this on her mobile and informs Vyshali to switch on the lights before Pragya and Suresh suspect them.
On the other hand, Suresh, who is on his way to Abhi's house, is worried about the weather. Alia informs Vyshali that she has a plan that would prove that Pragya and Suresh are having an affair. Pragya tries to convince Vyshali saying that she is unaware of Raj's involvement in the function hall matter. Indu stops Tanu from doing the aarthi and explains the tradition as to how a woman should dress up for aarthi.

Alia interferes and chides Pragya for being close with Suresh, and asks Abhi to send her out of the house.
On the other hand, Abhi is happy for his success in the concert and praises the person, who repaired his guitar. Then, Alia and Vyshali get scared on getting to know that someone is listening to their conversation and soon get relaxed on seeing Tanu.
Then, Pragya tries to convince Indu and her cousin, but they refuses to listen and ask Pragya to stand beside Abhi. Meanwhile, Suresh asks Pragya as to where is the switch board and informs her to visit a doctor the next day.
Meanwhile, Pragya comes up and stops the children from fighting with each other and takes them to feed ice cream.
Soon Abhi stops Vyshali, who is about to slap Pragya, and informs her that Pragya is innocent.

Then, Abhi's grandmother asks Abhi to make Pragya eat something sweet, but Abhi refuses to do so. Later, Pragya comes to Abhi and informs him that she is innocent, but Abhi refuses to believe her and chides her for not even thinking about his family.
Later in the night, Abhi chides Pragya, who comes to his room and asks her not disturb him. Later, Vyshali comes to Alia and informs her that she is unable to find Pragya in her room. Later, Raj's mother comes there and stops Vyshali from shouting at Abhi and slaps her.

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