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Those of you who are searching not only the bike best for adventure sport but also the world’s safest motorcycle can go for the KTM 1190 Adventure. The Vespa scooters have been launched by the Italian Piaggio & Co already more than half a century.
The main priority of the developers of Vertemati always was designing high-speed and multi-function units from the supermotard class. Their bikes comply the highest quality requirements and are affordable for all groups of customers.
Een stukje historie: SUZUKI in 1997 - In dit jaar zal de titel -motor van het jaar- in het Suzuki kamp blijven maar deze keer dankzij de TL 1000 S. Even though great fun, awesome performing and orientated towards style and comfort, the Suzuki V-Strom 1000 doesn’t manage to dethrone the 990 Adventure. That would mean beating it at its own game.The Suzy is incredible versatile and adaptable to any kind of riding style so you will have no problems riding it across town or across the Desert. Anyway, the 996cc, four-stroke, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 90 degree V-twin featuring four valves per cylinder is perfectly suitable for the task and performs excellent.It beats the KTM when it comes to comfort as its seat feels like taken off a touring motorcycle and the height-adjustable windshield keeps you well protected. You will often see the V-Strom right next to the 990 Adventure both on the freeway and in off-road incursions and that proves a lot.Exterior Usually when I imagine a Dual Sport motorcycle I tend to miss the fairing part which is so defining in this case.

But my brain seems to be still denying the presence of all that covering plastic which looks like molded on and modified in order to look aggressive and kind of cool.
For example let’s take the entire front appearance of the bike (the form of the fairing, especially) seen when coming towards you and the shape of the headlight? The windscreen is perfectly positioned, almost at a 90 degree angle, so that it would offer good wind protection even when the rider is raised up on its feet.Fully faired and good looking, this KTM proves that designers did their homework. When I got the bike it was so clean and shiny and although I knew things weren’t going to stay that way for too long I preferred keeping it on the pavement for a while.
The 98bhp of the LC8 engine can be harnessed with a little bit of effort and the bike will remain properly balanced even at slow speeds. But when it comes to slow speed maneuvering, that’s where you have a problem because it tends on losing stability. KTM built the Adventure for being ridden hard in any kinds of conditions so being a bit tall and pretty demanding doesn’t help a lot between sitting cans. Well, you can always choose to make your own road and take it between the blocks and through deserted areas on the outskirts.Getting tired of the slow speed maneuvering fatigue, I took the Adventure on the freeway so I could get a feel of how it performs under hard acceleration at relatively high speed. No matter in what gear I was in, neither the rpm levels, the V-twin delivered the needed grunt that made the KTM feel able to pass cars with no problem whatsoever.

Throttle response is great, thanks to the fuel injection system, and the bike will go ahead and amaze you with every twist of its throttle. Passing cars is no problem as this beauty can easily go with 130mph.But let’s face it, who am I kidding?
This bike relies on its race-inspired character to save the situation and it does it with success every single time.I adored pushing it out of the corners so that the rear wheel would lose grip and I would make a nice figure, but that was kind of a risky situation at first because I found myself trying to straighten the bike with my left foot. Even so, it felt great!The gearbox felt precise and easy to operate as I went through its six ratios while the smooth clutch made life easier for the adventure seeking rider.
What also receives a big plus from me is the windscreen which protected me from the wind while I was getting a fever in my lower body from the riding position.ABS brakes come standard and they sure get the job done.
It is enormous compared to Suzuki V-Strom’s $8,999, but the price clearly makes the difference between these two bikes indicating the expert. My reasons are simple and very clear: no other manufacturer has the potential or the experience to deliver the performance (in the given category) of the filled-with-heritage Adventure and nobody (except the decent V-Strom) even tries it, so why worry?

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