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ATV,UTV PARTS for honda YAMAHA model, Dirt bike lights,off road plastic parts1) Material: ABS etc. ATV,UTV PARTS for honda model, Dirt bike lights,off road plastic parts1) Material: ABS etc. Translating screw, rotating screw, keyed screw configurations in upright or inverted mounting orientation. Accurate positioning, self-locking acme screw which supports the loads and hold position with no need to employ brake mechanism or other locking systems.

Manually operated screw jack by hand wheel or hand crank, electrically screw jack by electric motor or gearmotor driven, or both. No standard lift screw stroke, all lift screw travel length is processed according customers requirements.
Lift screw end fittings include top plate, clevis end, plain end and threaded end, standard or your design dimensions are available. Compared with fast speed hydraulic cylinder and pneumatic cylinder, JT-20T acme screw jack is of easy installation, small sizes, easy operation and maintenance, precisely lifting, self-locking, synchronous speed, environmental protection, multiple units arrangements.

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