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There are dozens of guides available online today which advertise themselves as cures for diabetes.
Diabetes Reversed, however, is the only guide which has the official endorsement of a United States governor. Yes, that’s right: this eBook claims it can eliminate not just type 2 diabetes, but also type 1 diabetes.
That’s why Diabetes Reversed tries to cram as much evidence as possible into its sales copy. The first and most noticeable piece of evidence is that this product is officially endorsed by Mike Huckabee.
Apparently, Huckabee has also been spending his time away from office endorsing online eBooks. Huckabee doesn’t just blindly support Diabetes Reversed: he claims that he used the techniques within the eBook to cure his own type 2 diabetes symptoms. Barton Publishing’s Diabetes Solution Kit – also known as Diabetes Reversed – is the company’s current most popular product and is featured prominently on the company’s homepage. Diabetes Reversed – also known as the Diabetes Solution Kit – works in a fairly straightforward way. Barton Publishing claims that 200,000 diabetes solution kits have been sold in the past 5 years. The manufacturer will automatically add something called buySAFE to your purchase for an extra $0.60, although you can check the box that says “No” to avoid that charge. If you look online, there are many complaints about Barton Publishing overcharging credit cards or charging different fees from what it officially disclosed.

In any case, the lessons contained within Diabetes Reversed don’t contain a magical cure for diabetes. Good evening, I received an email that was that my ticket was satisfied, unfortunately this is the not case. We will not share your email with anyone for any reasonBarton pushes natural remedies for everything from diabetes to kidney stones, all under the guise of saving average Joes from buying expensive prescriptions drugs—for a price, of course.
The eBook contains dietary tips and lifestyle changes which promise to completely cure your diabetes.
He is also frequently rumored to be the next Republican candidate for President: these rumors were prevalent in 2008 and 2012 and now Mike Huckabee is rumored to be considering a run in 2016. In 2003, Huckabee’s doctor claimed that he would only live another 10 years if he stayed at his current weight.
Today, Huckabee calls himself a “recovering foodaholic.” Since losing weight, Huckabee has also competed in several marathons.
If you’re unsatisfied with any of Barton Publishing’s products for any reason, you can return it within 365 days for a full refund (of course, since the products are downloadable eBooks, you can’t really return them – although you still get the refund). It sells downloadable eBooks for everything from erectile dysfunction to herpes to back pain.
Exercising 20 minutes a few times per week can reduce your diabetes symptoms and boost your health. So after you order the book, make sure you pay close attention to your credit card bill to avoid paying more than you should. This, Barton and others have attested, can cure kidney stones.“It was almost comical as I pictured these little old ladies trying to chug six cans of Coke,” Zisman said.

However, many of the techniques revolve around substituting healthy foods to replace unhealthy foods, or healthy lifestyle habits to replace unhealthy habits. If you follow those tips, you can boost insulin production, relieve diabetes symptoms, and live a healthier, longer life. With the help of Diabetes Reversed, however, you may be able to reduce your diabetes symptoms and begin living a more diabetes-free life. But some of the other techniques – like knowing which foods to cut out of your diet immediately – can be extremely beneficial and are less well-known.
Until recently, that is.“His contract to discuss the importance of personal health habits for diabetes solutions ended last week,” Alice Stewart, Huckabee’s communications director, wrote in a statement on Tuesday. Once Huckabee is done speaking, a narrator takes over, imploring viewers to “Keep watching. The video’s narrator, meanwhile, speaks in conspiratorial language about pharmaceutical companies, calling their relationship with the medical community a “failed system.”“The real problem is the fact that you’ve been lied to for years,” the narrator says.
But if Huckabee’s “possible future plans” include running for president, it may be for the best that he’s no longer a spokesman for one of Barton’s remedies.Huckabee, a diabetes sufferer himself, knows well the benefits of healthy eating and exercise.

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