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Java SE 7 includes a number of tools you can use to monitor your Java Virtual Machine (JVM).
With no options, jps will list each Java application's lvmid followed by the short form of the application's class name or jar file name. The jps -m command displays the same information as jps -l but adds the arguments passed to the main method.
The jcmd command is new in JDK 7 and provides many of the features of jps plus some additional information as well. Note: Since the jcmd documentation refers to the process ID as (pid) consider pid to be interchangeable with lvmid for the purposes of this OBE. To find out what kind of information jcmd can display about a JVM, pass the pid along with help to the command. So information about the VM or the garbage collector (GC) can be queried and the results returned to the command prompt window.
There are other command-line tools that can use the pid information generated from jps and jcmd. Note: When using the Concurrent Mark Sweep (CMS) collector (also known as concurrent collector), jstat reports two full GC events per CMS cycle, which is obviously misleading.

With a pid, the jstat command with the -gcutil option can be used to monitor the garbage collector. From the output, you can see between the third and fourth sample a minor garbage collection takes place.
The first step to use the utility is to setup a policy file in the directory you run jstatd from.
The short form of the class name or JAR file name omits the class's package information or the JAR files path information. The lvmid or process ID (pid), the class name or jar name, and the command line parameters are shown in the output.
The jstat command-line tool displays detailed performance statistics for a local or remote HotSpot VM.
Note that jstatd should not be run in a production environment and if security is a concern, running the command locally is preferred. This policy is less liberal then granting all permissions to all codebases, but it is more liberal than a policy that grants the minimal permissions to run the jstatd server. The jps command uses the java launcher to find the class name and arguments passed to the main method.

Classes taking the most memory are listed at the top, and classes are listed in a descending order. More restrictive security can be specified in a policy to further limit access than this example provides. The lvmid is typically, but not necessarily, the operating system's process identifier for the JVM process.
Note that the lvmid is listed along with a short name for the main method that started the JVM.
However, if security concerns cannot be addressed with a policy file, the safest approach is not to run jstatd and instead use the monitoring tools locally rather than connecting remotely.

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