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After taking the lead in hardware sales for the months of November and December, two of the most lucrative months out of the whole year, Microsoft’s Xbox One has fallen back down to second place in January.
NPD sales for January reveal that hardware sales were slightly off (by about 5%) their numbers a year ago, but that’s understandable.
The Wii U, on the other hand, saw a 30% percent bump when compared to last year, a sure sign that Nintendo’s console is on the rebound. The rest of the top 10 should look fairly familiar to game sales aficionados, although some of the games’ respective placements have flipped. On the software side, Dying Light has been a hot topic amongst gamers and reception seems mostly positive. With the latest Media Create hardware chart, we finally have the tally of which consoles sold best in Japan in 2014. The PS4 sold best among home consoles, moving 970,667 units, with the Wii U left behind at 618,150 units sold.
For portable consoles it’s the opposite, with the Nintendo 3DS soundly beating the PS Vita with 3,176,525 against 1,168,570 units sold (counting all versions for both). Below you can see a few charts showcasing the sales of each console during each week of 2014, giving you a good glimpse on the trends of the market for the full year. 2014 has been a rather difficult year for home consoles in Japan, with the PS4 starting relatively well, but flatlining quite fast due to the lack of Japanese games on the platform.
The Wii U has also struggled at various stages during the year, with a few spikes thanks to the release of relevant games. This year also saw the launch of the Xbox One, and unfortunately performance was even lower than the already mild expectations, with a scant 43,267 sold since the beginning of September. Finally, we say farewell to the PSP, discontinued by Sony in June, and almost literally gone the way of the dodo, with under ten units moved every week in December, that also marked the 10th anniversary of its launch in Japan. The mistake that people keep making is that they think the Vita needs to outsell the 3DS, but it doesn’t. By the way the sales charts look it seems that Sony should just stick to making home consoles and Nintendo should stick with making handhelds. The PS Vita will be used as a lesson to the industry, an excellent platform with overpriced accessories turned it into a semi-failure.

And the 3DS proves once again that consumers will buy multiple version of the platform if they love it.
As for the XB1, they recently hired a PlayStation long time manager to lead their local division in Japan. Also, I wanted to point out that sony really took the whole digital thing on the vita the wrong way. And seriously, no MH and now YokaiWatch on Vita in Japan is like no Call of Duty on PS4 in U.S, it makes no sense, and it seems like Sony has given up on that fight and are just focusing on PS4 now. Although, for now, I believe that the best move to help the Vita is to release another iteration that has a built-in storage of 32GB; or at the very least include a 16GB memory card with all Vitas. Its quite shocking that the year that the Wii U had new versions of Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Bayonetta, Donkey Kong and Sonic (lol just kidding about that last one), it still was outpaced by PS4 overall. PS4 was the best selling console in Japan, Europe, US (Xone came close though), Canada, actually pretty much worldwide. Replying to a forum user’s request for more games in the style of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Capcom USA’s Christian Svensson says that the costs for such a project may would be difficult to shoulder, relative to sales.
That’s right; the PS4 is once again the number 1 selling console, at least for the month of January.
January is a historically slow month when it comes to game releases, and the only reason January 2014 numbers were up was because the PS4 and Xbox One were still brand new. Techland’s first person zombie survival beat all competitors – all of them old releases from last year – and even took the title of highest first month sales for a new survival horror IP. In case there was any doubt, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare still continues to do very well, as do Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto 5. Some might have thought that Microsoft would keep the number 1 spot after December, but they did raise the Xbox One price up to $400. And chances are, given how few major releases there are this month, it will stick around in the top 10 for a little while. Luckily there have been signs of recovery lately, thanks to the software announced at the latest SCEJA press conference.
All it and any other platform needs to do is sell well enough to be profitable and it’s pretty close (if not there already).

Even when reducing the prices of the memory cards and giving free games with the cards that are of greater value than the card, the initial perception still hunts it in the eyes of the consumer. I honestly can’t tell how many actual gamers own the 3DS when looking at the sells figures.
If it weren’t for the overpriced accessories, the psvita would have had a bigger audience. Compared to psp, the games on psvita were only going in the right direction on its first 2 years. The overpriced memory card has become a myth (in the EU at the very least), but this myth is still hunting it and I still see people talking about it to this day!
Back then, the PS4 was also tripling the sales of the Xbox One, but Microsoft’s competitive business decisions have changed that some.
They then promptly dropped the price back down, but perhaps that was enough for Sony and the PS4 to sneak back in. You might as well compare Phones to Handhelds since they also play games and sell a lot better. Either way, looking forward to owning the new new 3DS XL, the luck guys who got it in the ambassador program…. No one wanted to buy a system to find out that its largest memory card, costs almost half as much as the system itself.
If the memory cards cost less or all games came in physical form then it would have been better.
Including a built-in storage or a free memory card (with no games) might be what the Vita needs. A decade ago, guys like Sony and Nintendo mocked the Xbox1 for putting up numbers this bad every week. You could argue well phones are different because they do more than just game, which is true but consoles do more than just game as well.

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