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Just as you thought you had finished ringing in the New Year, Amsterdam's Chinatown is poised to show you the festivities have only just begun.
According to the Chinese zodiac, the dragon is the fifth of twelve animals designated to the yearly calendar. Revelers dressed in traditional wear will begin gathering on the Zeedijk, the hub of Amsterdam's Chinatown starting at 11.00.
As it is a celebration of family and friends, many of the restaurants will be teeming with groups tucking in to the delicacies only served during the holiday. In a year that many in Western cultures have deemed the 'end of the world,' 2012 is much anticipated by the Chinese.
Find out more about the sights, restaurants, bars, nightlife, events, festivals and other attractions in Amsterdam! Each person is assigned an animal -- one of 12 Chinese zodiac sign s, based on the year he or she was born.The Chinese believed that a person's life is influenced by her animal sign.
Starting on 23 January, the area around Nieuwmarkt will be alive with lights, music, fireworks and even dragon dancers.

Bangers warning off evil spirits will kick off a bustling parade that will weave down the street and past the city's quintessential Chinese markets and restaurants. Dishes like yusheng, a raw fish salad, are said to bring good luck for the coming year, while seaweed sampler fai-hai brings prosperity.
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It is the celebration of the Chinese New Year and the better part of the city will join the Chinese community to welcome 2012: The year of the Dragon. The legend of its make-up includes the head of an ox, muzzle of a donkey, eyes of a shrimp, horns of a deer, body of a serpent covered with fish scales and feet of a phoenix. So, it is a special thing to note that according to Chinese culture, the Year of the Dragon should bring good luck to everyone!
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But this mythical being is only a symbol during the Chinese New Year festivities - in fact, every year is welcomed with a huge parade and more than one dancing dragon. Others only go into business with partners whose zodiac signs don't clash strongly with theirs.I've listed the 12 Chinese zodiac sign and the readings for each animal. 27 1998Character: Oxen are quiet, honest, simple, patient, compassionate, hard-working and persistent, good thinkers, and believe in themselves. The men are strong on the outside butsoft inside; the women are soft on the outside but strong inside. They don't like to be restrained and pursue their ideals.They are quick, clever and ambitious, but seldom finish what they start. They have have excellent manners, are intelligent, have goodtaste, and are talented performers.

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