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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! The US Air Force (USAF) and the US Marine Corps (USMC) each plan to send two Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters to air shows in the United Kingdom in July, the Pentagon and the UK Ministry of Defence announced on 26 January.
The USAF will send A-model F-35s from Luke Air Force Base, Arizona, to the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) and the Farnborough Air Show, the service announced in a press statement. Efforts to counter terrorist financing have increasingly co-opted financial institutions to disrupt the flow of funds. Whilst preparing Change 5 of BR20 "Flags of all Nations" in 1999 I had done a new drawing of the Army flag, using the official drawing of the Royal Crest and St Edward's Crown. Lances for cavalry standards and guidons were nine feet long until 1873, when they were shortened to 8 ft 6 inches.

The Budge Flag and the 18th century British army flag had a similar design though the army version was not called a Budge Flag.
When used by privateers (until 1856 when privateering was abolished), it was called the Budgee (or Budge or Bugee) Flag. Since sending the Budge Flag (also spelt Budgee and Bugee), I have learnt that it was a privateers jack.
LONDON — Speaking from Azkaban Prison, the remnants of the Death Eater movement told the wizarding world that they objected to the recent op-ed by Japan’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, which compared them and their fallen master, the late Lord Voldemort, to the Communist Party of China. USMC and UK personnel "will validate overseas deployment activities and prove programme interoperability" during the deployments, the corps' deputy commandant for aviation, Lieutenant General Jon Davis, said in a press statement.
So BR20 was published with the logo flag and that was the image I had on my website (shown above).

Throughout all this time the old flag continued to fly over the MoD in Whitehall and the final straw was when I attended the Royal Military Tattoo along with HM The Queen.
This used the Army's logo version of the Royal Crest, complete with several heraldic mistakes (gold pearls on the crown, gold blades on the swords, the area under the arches filled in white rather than being transparent), and a really cuddly lion. There above the Royal Box were the flags of the Navy, Army and Air Force and the Army flag was the old design (but obviously a brand new flag)!
Since the event was organized by an experienced and well-respected Army officer (Major Sir Mike Parker) I decided that the Army just didn't use the logo version.

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