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After a request was made for a Mary Sue book club, industrious commenter Hana went ahead and started a GoodReads group called The Mary Sue Books and More Club. Though the GoodReads group is entirely unofficial (it won’t be moderated by any of the TMS staff, even if we do join), it has our blessing. Goodreads launched its Goodreads Author Program and verified author pages only a half a decade ago, but is looking to its 100,000th author user this week. In a blog post from Goodreads, Patrick Brown stated, “Many authors keep their pages updated with news of upcoming books and, because all writers are also readers, they also share their reading lists—another great opportunity to discover new books on Goodreads!
Goodreads’ viability for authors has been called into question with the recent news of reviewers and author conflict, typically referred to as “author bullying.” While Goodreads has enacted terms of service that require a modicum of respectfulness when posting reviews of books or categorizing titles on personal shelves, the fact remains that Goodreads is only useful to authors because of this innate ability readers have to openly share and critique books, creating a deeper level of discussion than can just be found on a product review page. To celebrate its milestone, Goodreads has unrolled a special gift for member authors in the form of a verified badge for author pages.
Are you on GoodReads?  If you’re trying to learn more about a topic or advance in your career, reading can be the path to your success. Very basic information, yes, however; a crucial thing that many overlook when joining a new site.
This allows you to connect with your friends from any of these networks or you can invite people via email. There are additional categories of feature, sortable, sticky, exclusive and recommendations. You can check many places for recommendations including a feature called “ask for recommendations” which sends a request to your GoodReads friends.
Once you rate twenty books, GoodReads will begin making recommendations for you based on your own ratings. They have recently active groups and featured groups such as The Perks of Being a Bookworm: A friendly place to discuss books and everything about them.
There is a cool quote widget that you can add to your blog to display your favorite quote or GoodRead badges. It’s free on iTunes and its perfect when you are reading in bed, finish your book and want a great recommendation for your next good read.
I'll share tips and tricks, provide positive inspiration and answer social media questions through the content that I create and curate.
I have been learning of GoodReads for a couple of years now but have never considered joining.
I am book lover use to read all kinds of small business articles and blogs which helps me to write content unique and easily. One tip for authors looking to connect with readers in these type of groups – check out the groups policy before posting any self-promo.

My answer is definitely to live my life doing what brings ME joy and not caring what anyone else thinks! I think it’s really good to know that Goodreads has evolved to be an actual sort of social network. PS: Thank you for being so supportive of my mom and KOTAW Content Marketing, our mother-daughter-daughter-pit creative marketing and brand storytelling studio. Our ever-growing reading challenge is now in its fourth year, and we're breaking open some bubbly in anticipation of what 2014 will bring! Chandler didn't share how many reviews had been removed during one of Goodreads infamous purges, but he did thank members for the reviews which made it through the culling.
Amazon bought Goodreads in early 2013, and clearly the site has thrived under Amazon's influence.
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Plus, it has a great set of rules similar to our own community guidelines, and everyone is welcome (excepting trolls). While the site itself remains firmly a place for readers to share and engage thoughts on books and content, users have enjoyed the ability to interact with authors and content creators. This badge lets readers know that this is the verified author and is therefore the actual user account of someone to interact with and engage with surrounding authors’ content. Goodreads is the place to track your reading progress and keep a list of the books that you’d like to read. I know how it goes, you go to check out a new website, don’t know if you will like it so you skip the profile step. You can add books into read, currently reading, to read categories or edit your bookshelf to add your own categories. We have monthly fiction group reads, bi-monthly non-fiction group reads, regular recommendation swaps between members and a bi-monthly ‘Broadening Your Horizons’ section, in which a genre is selected and we each read a book which fits the criteria. I'm here sharing my professional experience working day to day in the trenches of social media, marketing, and blogging. I guess since good reading is equal to good writing I may have to reconsider my stance and make the most of this website. The site helps me explore different books as well as genre and make it possible for me to communicate with other book lovers. If you start a new thread somewhere inappropriate, the moderators will delete it (I know, because that was one of my jobs).

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And, you know, I’m not sure what you guys are into, but might I humbly suggest this as a future book for The Mary Sue GoodReads community? Smith appears to be a huge Agatha Christie fan with over 50 books of hers shelved; and Khaled Hosseini gave Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk by Ben Fountain 5 stars. When I looked there were discussions on The Hobbit and The Four Agreements, The Hobbit had 87 different discussions going. At NBRC, we have a designated folder where you can post self-promo so that other members of the group don’t feel like they are being spammed. Covering all the major social media platforms, she frequently hears “you’re everywhere!” She’s passionate about social media and inspiring others to be their best. I've spearheaded successful social-media campaigns for Motorola, Audi, Google, and Virgin as well as having been a brand ambassador for Kimpton Hotels. As we turn the page on another year and plan our New Year's Resolutions, it's the perfect time to raise your reading ambitions. Set a goal with the 2014 Reading Challenge, and Goodreads will help you make it to the final chapter!It's easy: Set a goal and track your progress throughout the year with the 2014 Reading Challenge.
It doesn't matter how lofty or practical your target is, only that it's well-suited to you.
Maybe a book every other month is the right pace, or maybe you're reading a book a week or more!We always believe reading is best when shared. So if you're looking for some reading buddies, meander through the Goodreads groups section to find groups of every size, shape, and reading flavor—including groups dedicated to reading challenges. There's the Nothing but Reading Challenges group to super-charge your 2014 reading plan or the nobly adventurous group, 52 Weeks, 52 Books. You'll also find unique challenges in many of our genre groups, such as the 50 State Mystery Challenge in the Mystery, Crime & Thriller Group, the India Challenge in the History Book Club, and even weekly themed challenges in the Crazy for Young Adult Books group (this week's theme is in honor of National Hat Day)!Still stumped for what to read?
A few more suggestions: Take a look at your personalized recommendations, get lost in the oodles of book lists on Listopia, cross your fingers and enter a book giveaway, and check out the recently selected winners and runners-up of the Goodreads Choice Awards! As they finish books, you'll see their reading lists displayed on the 2014 Reading Challenge page.

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