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These are average temperatures at 4,000 feet elevation, which is close to weather in Yosemite Valley.
These are average temperatures at 1,200 meters elevation, which is close to weather in Yosemite Valley. According to the Holdridge life zones system of bioclimatic classification Los Angeles, California is situated in or near the subtropical thorn woodland biome.
Were you to burrow down through the centre of the Earth from Los Angeles, California you would pop up nearest to the climate station at Amsterdam Island, French Southern Lands where you would find a Marine west coast climate. Identify similarities and differences in the Aberdeen climate with one of the following world cities or choose from one of 3601 other locations.
Imagine the first day of summer - where it is perfectly warm - where it is not sweltering hot, and just warm enough that you don’t really feel the air. Current and forecasted conditions can be viewed below to plan your day of diving, snorkeling, boating, golf, parasailing, skydiving, surfing, or just lounging poolside or at the beach.
The Los Cabos area is flanked on the west side by the Pacific Ocean and on the east side by the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California), with the Sierra de La Laguna range cutting through the center of the Cape Region at the end of the Baja peninsula. During the summer months, the Sea of Cortez climate is more humid and hotter than the Pacific side; in the winter months, the Pacific side is considerably cooler than the Sea of Cortez.

The Los Cabos are is surrounded by desert plains so it receives very little rain and lots of sunshine.
The warm season lasts from May through October, where July and August are typically the warmer months. NOAA constantly monitors for hurricanes and tropical storms in the Eastern Pacific and uses forecast models to determine the likely trajectory and strength of the storms. The United States Air Force also sends reconnaissance aircraft over potential hurricanes to collect additional data, which is also reported in the public advisories.
Most businesses in Cabo just play through during a storm or even a hurricane, remaining open either through or right up until the storm, and reopening right after.
The tables give the typical conditions at a glance. Average rainfall is particularly deceiving in California, mostly because it depends on what happens in the Pacific Ocean.
Avoid an emergency trip to the local store by bringing lots of lotion, moisturizer and eye drops. Visit the sunshine and daylight section to check monthly details including how high in the sky the sun reaches each month. This produces microclimates on either side of this peninsula, so temperatures on the Sea of Cortez side and Pacific Ocean side can vary as much as 15 °F.

This information is reported out in public advisories every few hours on the National Hurricane Center’s website. This allows for adequate warning, usually on the order of many days, for the approach of a storm or hurricane.
When the ocean experiences El Nino conditions, it can rain a lot, but in other years, you'll hardly see a drop all winter. If your nose tends to dry out easily, add a bottle of saline nose spray to keep it moister.Strong sunscreen is a good idea, higher SPF than you might use at home. Weather patterns vary by year, so the best bet is to check the forecast before you go.If you go in spring and want to hike near the waterfalls, they are flowing fast that time of year.
Avoid exposed places and metal railings at vista points - and don't take shelter under lone trees. You may want to bring an umbrella or rain jacket with a hood to keep yourself dry in the spray.

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