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Earth is drawn to scale (numbers beside each star give the distance from Earth in light years). The Alma Mater Society (AMS) of the University of British Columbia Vancouver (an AMS to my fellow non Americas readers is a Students Union (SU)) as part of a larger redevelopment have announced a new logo by Glasfurd & Walker. It’s moved from a circular sun on a wavy background to a more formal shield containing the lowercase letters ams and a small stylised sun at the base, plus EST.
This small sample then tells us that Shield = University and anyone willing to stray beyond is a brave soul (Kudos to Helsinki then for this excellent text based design).
Therefore it seems logical for the AMS to head in a shield direction and to use elements from the previous design, namely the sun. The new one is a touch bland, this coming from me who likes a simple stylish 1 colour logo, it doesn’t show any character,  it looks like more of a University brand than a Student brand, more so when you look at the actual university logo, which is, wait for it, a shield, with a sun in and 3 letters at the top (pus a wave or three).

But the trouble remains, this looks like an evolution of the UBC brand, of a University, and not of the AMS student brand. By day Kieran is a Graphic Designer in Derby, with bags of creativity and a passion for integrity. By night Kieran enjoys playing with his 2 children, drinking real ale and occasionally indulging in letterpress printing.
There’s a little discussion from Feb 2012 in the minutes of a meeting which is interesting to read (page 2, point 3) where this worry about looking the same comes up.
With a love of logos & branding, Kieran enjoys ranting on about the good, bad and ugly of identities from across the globe.
Kieran is also the creator of Life in Graphs a graph based tumblr blog and is a Schools STEM Ambassador.

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