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ASTROLOGICALLY, 2011 will be a better year than 2010, and I’m sure readers will want forecasts of their individual horoscopes to determine what lies ahead. I recently sat with my 7th generation Vasthu Sastra and astrologer master, Yuvaraj Sowma, in Chennai, India, to analyse the various zodiac signs using the Indian almanac – which is based on the moon sign known as rasi in Indian astrology. Health: Health problems are indicated and you need to be extra careful on matters related to your health in the last quarter of 2011. Health: Poor energetic resources, elderly and weak people should take care and prevent acute conditions in time. Health: In first half of the year the energy level will be quite high but poor health is indicated in the second half of the year.
Career: Work, finances and status will expand with renewed vigor and gains will jump up with rewards. Relationship: Complicated time for both for new and old relationships and you should stand up for your beliefs and defend your positions, otherwise you risk to lose everything. Don’t mix friendship and business affairs as you run a risk of remaining without both money and friends. Relationship: Great changes not only in business affairs but in private life as well and unstable unions will fade.
Career: Misunderstanding and some difficulties at work or business are likely and you will be forced to make important changes.
Health: Your energy level will be quite high and special attention should be taken in trips and while driving in the second half of 2011. Career: Expansion of business, purchase of office and other transformations in affairs are possible.

Relationship: Problems with relatives may appear but private relationship with spouse will be smooth. Health: You will enjoy favourable health in the first six months and you need to minimise risks of traumas and accidents in the later part of the year.
Career: Conflicts will dominate the first six months and will finally cause serious financial disagreements. Relationship: You will have to overcome some upsetting situations as a new love may come into your life. Health: Your wellbeing will improve drastically but need to be careful of your health in the second half of 2011. Relationship: All differences in the family will come to halt and pleasant time ahead is expected. Health: First half of the year you will enjoy good health and medical expenses are indicated in the second half of 2011.
Career: Both disappointment and success are waiting for you and frequent travels are unavoidable. Relationship: New interesting people will appear en route that will change your life completely. Career: This year promises the beginning of new professional success and your desires are to come true. Career: Delays, obstacles and difficulties will surface and you will have to spend time resolving them.
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