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A good rule of thumb before you embark on Morel Mushroom Hunting- is to wait for a good warm rain followed by a few nice warm sunny days and then hit the woods hard. In early Spring it's best to concentrate your Morel Mushroom Hunting on Southern facing slopes.
When Morel Mushroom Hunting hills and mountain slopes, always start at the bottom and work your way up. While Morel Mushroom Hunting- pay as much attention to what is above you as to what is on the forest floor. Morel Mushroom Hunting is not only fun but a great source of exercise for the whole family, actually children have an easier time seeing the mushrooms because they are closer to the ground. The reason for this is you will be putting yourself closer to eye-level with the terrain and the Morels will be much more noticeable.

Get down on the ground and scan the ground ahead of you instead of always looking straight down at it.
It will definitely help you get up and down hills and you can also use it to flip over leaves without bending down.
You want some warm days and nights, with a warm rain tossed in to make for the ideal conditions for the Morel to start growing.
Morel Mushrooms tend to show themselves first in areas that will get more sunlight early in the season.
This will destroy the mycelium damaging the Morel's root system resulting in no chance for the Morel returning the next season and thus preventing future spores from producing more Morels in that area. The Morel Mushroom grows very rapidly, so one day there could be nothing and a couple days later the Morel could be plentiful.

Morels tend to grow in the same place year after year if the root system is not disturbed and as long as conditions are favorable. These areas get less direct sunlight and will tend to hold moisture longer thus increasing your odds while Morel Mushroom Hunting.

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