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Ramon Toye, a 250-pound guard for the Southern Maine Raging Bulls football team, was out on the tarmac at the Portland airport this past weekend pulling really, really hard for about five or six seconds. The Raging Bulls and a couple of dozen other teams--entrants included a bank, a church, a gym, the Scarborough Police Department, the Shipyard Brew Crew, and of course a chiropractic office--pull the plane as a fundraiser for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. In the fall, the Bulls play football in the AAA New England conference; last season they went 7-3, placing second behind Lowell in the Northern Division. Richard Winters, Lewis Nixon and other 101st Airborne troops celebrating V-E day in Berchtesgaden, May, 1945. Equipment carried into Holland by David Webster of Easy Company, 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division. On release the wind at the race point was a light southerly, changing to north westerly around Nantes and then back to a south westerly over the channel and into the UK. First open, first section E and flying just over 588 miles, was clocked at the loft of Mark Bulled in Harlow. First section B and fifth open was Andy Parsons from Salisbury in Wiltshire, flying 550 miles.
Spracklen and Thomas from Dorchester were first section C and eleventh open flying 530 miles. First section D and one hundred and fiftieth open as to the Carhampton loft of Cliff Colwell, flying 572 miles. First section F and thirty fourth open, flying 489 miles is the partnership of Lloyd and Kelly from Abingdon. First section G and fifteenth open was won by Wilf Reed from Monmouth flying a distance of 605 miles. Barber and Wilkinson from Great Yarmouth took first section H, thirty fifth open flying 649 miles.
A Hill from Ilkeston in Derbyshire took the red card in section I and a fantastic second open flying 676 miles. First section J and eighteenth open were Mr and Mrs Bill Lewis of Worcester flying 624 miles. Finally, first section L and third open, flying 761 miles, went to R & M Graystone from Lancaster. In conclusion then, an excellent race for the National Flying Club from Tarbes with all sections clocking in brilliant performances. De actie voor de getroffen duivenliefhebbers in het door de aardbeving en tsunami verwoeste deel van Japan heeft enorm veel positieve reacties opgeleverd. Naar aanleiding van zijn bevindingen zijn wij tot de conclusie gekomen, dat het thans weinig zin heeft om duiven naar Japan te sturen met de bedoeling deze te verdelen onder de gedupeerde duivenliefhebbers. Ook willen wij nog even melden dat er in dit dankwoord gesproken wordt over 50 clubs, maar dat het dan wel gaat om ca. Op onze oproep van vorige week kregen we tal van reacties van mensen die meteen mee wilden werken om de getroffen Japanse liefhebbers te helpen.
De verschrikkelijke aardbeving en daaropvolgende tsunami hebben ook desastreuze gevolgen voor de Japanse duivensport.
Meer dan 70% van de Japanse duivenliefhebbers wonen in het oosten van het land, en juist dat gedeelte van het land is het zwaarst getroffen.
Het is nog te vroeg om de balans te kunnen opmaken, doch naar verwachting zullen honderden duivenliefhebbers tot de slachtoffers behoren, waarvan vermoedelijk tientallen gestorven zijn.
Vanzelfsprekend zullen we daarmede nog even mee wachten tot de tijd rijp is, maar wenst U nu reeds Uw sympathie te betuigen door mee te doen aan deze actie, dan kunt U contact opnemen met Rik Hermans, tel. Apparently, that's how long it takes a typical team of twenty-five determined individuals to pull a 127,520-pound cargo plane a distance of 12 feet, which is the timed challenge for this annual competition.
The rest of the year they pull airplanes and participate in other community service activities.

For many years a north road racer, Mark turned south in 2007 and soon made his mark on the long distance races.
This is the partnerships’ fourteen section win in classic and national racing and the most exciting for them as they have always wanted to do it from Tarbes. Cliff’s winning bird is a two year old mealy Theelen x Delbar cock flown on the natural system. Introduced to the pigeon sport by Frank Lloyd at the age of eight, since Frank’s death in 2008, Eamon has kept the partnership name on in his memory.
This three year old, dark chequer cock is a grandson of Endurance, first Palamos British Barcelona Club crossed with Forty Niner. This three year old widowhood cock is S G Biss Turban crossed with Delta Queen lines from Jan Polder via Roy Etherden. The winning bird, named Wing Down, has good form as he was second section, seventh open Tarbes 2009, first section, fourth open Tarbes 2011 prior to this win. This chequer white flight 2007 bred cock is a blend of Silvere Toye, Jan Aaarden and Super Crack. So far I am loving it and have found hundreds of things I want to make already lol So I bought supplies and tools and got to work finally and made these 3d flowers as my first projects. Kenichi Yoshihara heeft samen met Tadashi Shimamura en Toshikazu Kawakami onlangs een rondreis gemaakt door Tohoku (het getroffen gebied).
Uchiyama weten, dat zij de getroffen clubs nu al financieel gaan steunen (100.000 Yen per club) voor de eerste noodzakelijkheden.
Het leed en de schade zijn gigantisch en momenteel wordt met man en macht gewerkt om eerste hulp te verlenen.
The pigeon is a pure Bulled bird, the origins of which Mark can trace back to The Owl, a 1975 Thurso Combine winner for Mark’s dad, Cecil. The sire is a grandson of George Burgess’ second open Pau winner and the dam was a Cannon x Spencer which came first section, fifth open San Sebastian. The winning pigeon is a two year old widowhood cock and he is a grandson of Mark Gilbert’s Southfield Supreme. Only a small team is kept, starting the season with just twenty old birds and breeding a maximum of thirty five youngsters from a stock loft of ten pairs.
His name reflects that earlier in the season he returned from an inland race with his sixth flight broken off one inch from the base.
His dam was bred by Brian Wall and was purchased in a breeder buyer race in 2006 winning breeder and buyer over £1000 each.
He has had one channel and one inland race prior to Tarbes and was shown his hen before being basketed.
He is a son of Luc Van Coppenalles Perpignan and is bred down from a granddaughter of Raymond Moleveld’s dark chequer Pauline. This was repaired with a needle and superglue and obviously held well enough for this fantastic performance.
De volledige opbrengst wordt vervolgens beschikbaar gesteld voor de wederopbouw van de duivensport in het getroffen gebied. NASA’s website features a map showing the gradual northward migration of the north magnetic pole in the past century and a half. Since more than double the time interval has elapsed since the last reversal, compared to the time lapse between the previous two pole reversals, some believe we may be overdue for the next north-south flip. There does not seem to be any logic or rule governing the planet’s behavior.It is not only the direction but also the strength of this magnetic field that is a concern. In the time of dinosaurs, at an estimated 2.5 gauss, it was eighty percent stronger than it is now.
And the disappearance of mammalian “mega-fauna” in more recent times is still considered to be a mystery.

Thousands of years ago the Chinese, with their astute discovery of bio-electrical energy flows known as “meridians”, learned that magnetism promotes vigor in biological life. In the past century there has been a further decline of earth's magnetic field by another five percent down to only 0.5 gauss. That magnetic field reversals have occurred in the past is confirmed in the geological record. What is unclear is how precisely the transition occurs, and what happens to life forms extant at the time of this pole flip.Does the magnetic field drop to zero gauss? Electronic devices would all be at risk: there may be damage to, or complete loss of, all near-earth-orbiting satellites and possibly the space station itself.
Effects on life forms could range from migrating birds losing their sense of direction to immune system decline and even widespread die-off from radiation-induced cancers.Losing its protective magnetic envelope, the atmosphere would expand and become thinner, possibly leading to altitude sickness near sea level.
No longer filtered out, deadly cosmic rays would kill most if, not all, living creatures on the surface. This scenario has prompted some to build underground bunkers in hopes of surviving.Countering this frightening vision, NASA predicts that, rather than declining to zero gauss, the magnetic field would become disordered. This official scientific stance says that the magnetosphere which shields us from cosmic radiation would not entirely disappear either. Thus, while communications would be erratic and perhaps at times completely inactivated, humans would find ways to survive.
However, there are dissenters in the ranks, pointing to the vast South Atlantic magnetic anomaly and radiation damage to satellites over that region attributed to weakening of the protective magnetosphere.
Lava flows that solidified at Steen's Mountain during a lengthy reversal process show that the magnetic poles wandered across the equator three times. Though strength of the field was reduced to about 20% of maximum, there is no record that it fell to zero gauss during that transitional period. Stormy activity deep in the earth's outer core, believed to be filled with roiling convection flows of molten iron, is understood to generate the planet’s magnetic field.
But researchers can infer the field's movements by tracking how Earth's magnetic field has been changing at the surface and in space.Now, newly analyzed data suggest that there's a region of rapidly changing magnetism on the core's surface, possibly being created by a mysterious "plume" of magnetism arising from deeper in the core. There, the heat of the Earth's solid inner core churns a liquid outer core composed of iron and nickel. The churning acts like convection, which generates electric currents and, as a result, a magnetic field.This magnetic field shields most of the habited parts of our planet from charged particles that emanate from space, mainly from the sun. The field deflects the speeding particles toward Earth's Poles.Our planet's magnetic field reverses about once every 200,000 years on average.
The term describes the theoretical phenomenon believed to generate and maintain Earth's magnetic field. However, there is no way to peer 4,000 miles (6,400 kilometers) into Earth's center to observe the process in action.That inability spurred Glatzmaier and Roberts to develop their computer model in 1995. Alpha frequencieshave been associated with meditation and relaxation.Theta frequencies have been associated with a dreamy, creative states. A delta wave is a high amplitude brain wave with a frequency of oscillation between 0–4 hertz. The SR has been decreasing steadily since measurements began in the 1850s, which also correlates with the quickening movement of the poles. Being exposed to these low-frequency oscillations might enhance one’s state of awareness since it can synchronize thought-wave patterns, through a process known as entrainment.During one of his early experiments, genius scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla discovered that a very low frequency around 8Hz radiated after powerful electromagnetic events such as lightning.

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