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Prometheus and mePrometheus-Landscape II reminds me of something Jan Fabre said to me about his work: “I’m avant-garde in the sense that I’m not in tune with the current cynicism in contemporary art.
Riding the waveAt festivals and biennales across the globe, you find their names: Jan Fabre, Jan Lauwers, Guy Cassiers, Ivo van Hove, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Alain Platel. Flemish danceFlemish dance choreographers are considered some of the best in the world and the region is known for the number of top choreographers based here. Names - Pioneering Flemish dance choreographers include Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Alain Platel, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Wim Vandekeybus and Jan Fabre.
Funding - Dance companies Rosas, Ultima Vez, Les Ballets C de la B and the Royal Ballet have long received the lion’s share of available government funding. Bridging the gap between the academic and performing arts communities through dynamic public programs and digital initiatives that are free and open to all. This site is part of the CUNY Academic Commons, an academic social network for the entire 24-campus CUNY system.
Unless otherwise stated, all content on the CUNY Academic Commons is licensed under a Creative Commons license. Fabre’s chitinous fresco of dazzling dead will outlast the ceiling, the building, and humankind, at least if these recently discovered fossilized jewel beetles can serve as any guide to the capabilities of insects. Is it any wonder that (sculpted versions of) scarab beetles, in ancient Egypt, served as stand-ins for the hearts of the dead? Between 1976 and 1980 he wrote his first scripts for the theatre and made his debut performances.Between 1976 en 1980 he wrote his first texts for the theatre and did his first solo performances.

In 1990, he covered an entire building with ballpoint drawings.He explores the relationships between drawing and sculpture. She worked as an editor and journalist in her homeland, the United States, before moving to the awesome city of Ghent in 2004.
Modern dance has been flourishing in Flanders since the 1980s, when a handful of choreographers drew international attention with their radically innovative works. Antwerp, 1958) is well known both at home and abroad as one of the most innovative and versatile artists of his day.
The company develops works that position community and culture in an international context and redefine the dramatic event in the changing landscape of globalization.
She has created more than 60 full-length performance works for theatres and site-specific venues indoors and outdoors with her company and as commissioned works throughout the world. He also makes sculptures in bronze (among them The man who measures the clouds and Searching for Utopia) and with beetles.His decoration of the ceiling of the Royal Palace in Brussels Heaven of Delight (made out of one million six hundred thousand jewel-scarab wing cases) is widely praised.
Over the last 25 years he has produced work as a performance artist, theatre-maker, choreographer, opera-maker, author and artist. Over the past 8 years, International WOW has become a pioneer of international theatre exchange, incorporating performance methods from the East and West, and forging an interdisciplinary training for actors. Since then, she has used a warehouse, a tennis court, a strip club and an art gallery as performance venues. Heaven of Delight, too, referencing Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights, which contains hell within its heavenly triptych.

In 1977 he renames the street where he lives to "Jan Fabre street" and fixes a commemorative plaque "Here lives and works Jan Fabre" to the house of his parents, by analogy to the commemorative plate on the house of Vincent Van Gogh in the same street. We will also highlight Fabre’s upcoming performances of The Orgy of Tolerance, part of the Peak Performances Series at Montclair State University, January 22nd- 25th, 2009. The performers of YUBIWA Hotel are all female and Hitsujiya tries to seek and suggest new views and images of society, the world and women.
In 1978 he makes drawings with his own blood during the solo performance 'My body, my blood, my landscape'.
Animal welfare executive chairman Luc Bungeneers said he was having a meeting with his party chairman when he heard howling cats. She is known for her expressions of human desires, sexuality and violence and the instinct for food, life, and death. Later that day, Fabre claimed all cats were still in good health and it was a conspiracy of the political party NVA.
The body in all its forms has been the subject of his investigations from the early Eighties to the present.

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