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Vacature legt elke dag in september een spilfiguur binnen zijn sector dezelfde tien vragen voor over zijn toekomstvisie en eigen carriere. Jan De Nul Group specialiseert zich wereldwijd in vier verschillende domeinen: baggerwerken, offshore diensten, milieuactiviteiten en civiele bouw. Recently, leading expert in dredging and marine construction activities, Jan De Nul Group awarded Tree C Technology B.V.
The FPV (fall pipe vessel) simulator is designed for interactive training of FPV operators in the most realistic conditions. In future the facility can be further extended to a full mission simulator, including the Work Class ROV operator and DP operator tasks. Were you or your loved one involved in the Legionnaires' disease outbreaks of July 2015 or December 2014 in the Bronx? Jules Zacher now represents a number of individuals connected to the Legionnaires' disease outbreaks in the Bronx at Co-op City and Opera House Hotel.
In addition to these cases, he is also working on a number of other cases in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Florida.
An employee of the Jan De Nul Group at the Fortescue Metals Group camp in South Hedland in West Australia has been in the hospital for a week battling a severe form of Legionnaires’ disease. He became symptomatic while staying at the camp earlier this March and was diagnosed after being flown out for treatment.
The man had travelled from Singapore on a Jan De Nul vessel to spend several weeks in February working in Port Hedland.
The new satellite service provides high-performance broadband connectivity for mission critical data and voice applications on vessels operating throughout the world.

With this latest contract, SpeedCast will increase the number of vessels served to a total of 44 of Jan De Nul Group’s vessels. Jan De Nul Group is known for its expertise in complex seabed operations and using leading-class technology to deliver superior results.
Posted on September 9, 2014 with tags de, europe, Jan, News by topic, Nul, satellite, SpeedCast, Telecommunication, uses. A 395-tonne pile gripper left the Aelterman quay at the Kluizendok in the port of Ghent in January. Geen strakke bedrijfscultuur, wel een opvallend jobaanbod voor mensen die graag beweging zien in hun carriere. It provides training facilities for a wide range of operators and skills including the Fall Pipe operator, Surveyor, Operations’ superintendent and the Ship’s electrician. They will be working and interacting within a common simulation environment that will consider and recreate all real-life interactions between the different systems that are manipulated.
This site is not a substitute for the professional judgment of an attorney admitted in the jurisdiction of the reader.
The SpeedCast satellite communications services will be used aboard a multitude of different vessels, and will also extend to JDN’s most recently announced vessel, the JDN8628, a multi-purpose vessel.
Dankzij een team van 5946 medewerkers verzekeren en verbeteren we onze resultaten en onze internationale reputatie nog elke dag. De Nul, the world’s most powerful cutter suction dredger, the identical Cristobal Colon and Leiv Eiriksson, the world’s largest trailing suction hopper dredgers with a hopper capacity of 46,000 m? and capable of dredging to a depth of 155 m, and the identical Simon Stevin and Joseph Plateau, the world’s largest rock installation vessels.
The simulator will be used for personnel training of the Jan De Nul Group’s fall pipe vessel Joseph Plateau and its sister vessel Simon Stevin.

All the corresponding monitoring and control functions are operated from dedicated consoles equal to the ones on board. No legal relationship exists until a valid contract exists between Jules Zacher, Esquire and a client. SpeedCast designed the communications solution from the ground-up to meet the unique requirements of Jan De Nul Group, which include operational and ship management applications, as well as crew communications. This heavy-duty vessel is equipped with dual cable turntables with a total capacity of 10,000 tonnes of cable, as well as a workclass ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle). With a rock carrying capacity of 31,500 tonnes, these fall pipe rock dumping vessels are the largest of their kind in the world and two of the few vessels equipped for rock dumping in water depths of 2,000m. To this end Tree C will source the equipment from the same original manufacturers, Ingeteam (ES) and Seatools (NL). This latest vessel will be launched by the end of this year, and be operational by mid 2015. He has in the past associated with local law firms in other states to litigate clients’ cases.

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