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Scenery that includes Colony 9 in the distance can be seen from the Colony 6 region, providing a view of terrain surrounding the rim of the bowl that is otherwise never visible inside Colony 9 itself. Colony 9 is the first main area the player is given free reign to explore, and is the first area the player will see following the Battle of Sword Valley. Returning to the Weapon Development Lab, Shulk continues his research on the Monado, a mysterious blade used by Dunban in the Battle of Sword Valley, until goaded by his mentor, Dickson, to go outside and get some fresh air. Back at the Weapon Development Lab, Shulk and Fiora catch Reyn trying to handle the Monado. Shulk deactivates the Monado, but upon touching it has a disturbing vision of events to come. After emerging from the cave, the three retrieve the Ether Cylinders, though they have to fight off two Ancient Machines, which they soon learn were activated by approaching swarms of Mechon, which fly right over their heads and attack the Colony.
Upon arriving at the Colony, Shulk and Reyn have Fiora look for Dunban while they make a beeline for the Weapon Development Lab, seeing the Monado as their only hope. At the central plaza, Shulk and Reyn are forced to hold the Mechon off so that Fiora can get to the Mobile Artillery and refuel it using their Ether Cylinders.
Things seem to be going to plan until the three reach the Colony entrance, and Dunban begins to cough up blood profusely due to his use of the Monado.
Continuing on, the party reaches the Residential District and confronts the enormous Faced Mechon, Metal Face, in battle. Realizing that he had seen these events unfold before in his first vision in the Weapon Development Lab, Shulk succumbs to his own anger, shouting Fiora's name rapturously in his grief and profound sense of powerlessness. The next day, Shulk discusses his feelings with Dunban, who refuses to shed tears over his sister's passing, as she died in an honorable, purposeful sacrifice to save her friends and brother.
Shulk and Reyn then depart for Tephra Cave, looking to gather information about the Mechon at Colony 6, the only other Homs settlement on Bionis. It is a large bowl-shaped cavity situated on the Bionis' right calf muscle, directly beneath the Bionis' thigh from where debris frequently falls into the bowl. After the prologue, the player is introduced to Shulk, who is scavenging for components at the Mechon Wreckage Site.

The player is then introduced to Fiora, Dunban’s younger sister, who is directed by Dunban to share some of the food she has prepared with Shulk, who is relaxing at Outlook Park. He is, of course, unable to control the blade's power, and starts swinging it uncontrollably. He asks Reyn about this, but he claims that he did not see any visions when he handled the blade. Unable to believe what they are seeing (having believed the Mechon had been wiped out at the Battle of Sword Valley), Shulk and the others rush back to try and repulse the assault. However, upon reaching the lab entrance, they find rubble has collapsed over the entrance, halting their progress.
Just as the two warriors seem to be outmatched, Dunban, wielding the Monado again, cuts a swath through the Mechon and assists them in battle.
In order to save them all, Shulk takes up the Monado and challenges the Mechon, and dispatches them flawlessly, due to his newfound ability to predict what his opponents are going to do, an ability Dunban had never experienced when he used the blade. Metal Face taunts the party and retreats with the rest of the remaining Mechon, bringing an end to the attack. After discussing his plans for vengeance with Reyn at Outlook Park, the two resolve to avenge Fiora's death by destroying Metal Face at all costs, despite Shulk's conflicting feelings. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. During his spelunking he is ambushed by a Krabble and is assisted by his friend Reyn, then a Caterpile.
Fiora runs the errand and she and Shulk share a moment together before being interrupted by falling debris, forcing them to return to the Colony. Reyn damages some lab machinery and “cuts” Fiora with the Monado, but because the Monado cannot harm life forms of Bionis, she is unharmed. After apologizing, Reyn reveals that he was looking for Shulk to help him retrieve Ether Cylinders from the Mag Mell Ruins in Tephra Cave. After a brief battle, the trio seem to be out of tricks, only to witness Fiora rushing Metal Face with the Mobile Artillery, scarring its face with the main Ether cannon.

Holiday AccommodationDigitalE3 Conference 2016"The Electronic Entertainment Expo is an exciting event and this year is no different. After the scuffle, Shulk and Reyn return to the settlement portion of Colony 9, located in the center of the area, protected from the falling debris that often plagues the colony by three Anti-Air Batteries. However, she is displeased by Shulk being more concerned with the broken machinery than with her own safety. The group resolves to activate the Mobile Artillery to fight off the Mechon invaders instead. However, to everyone’s horror, Metal Face dispenses with Fiora swiftly and runs his claws directly through her. The two set off the cave entrance to the east, only to find Fiora waiting for them, toting the containers they need to actually carry the cylinders, but embarrassingly forgot. Otherwise he is dead weight to the other members of Survival Colony 9, one of the groups formed after a brutal war ravaged the earth.
No one knows what the Skaldi are, or why they are here, just that they impersonate humans, taking their form before shedding the corpse like a skin. Desperate to prove himself after the accident that stole his memory, Querry is both protected and tormented by the colony's authoritarian commander, his father. The only person he can talk to is the beautiful Korah, but even with her, he can't shake the feeling that something is desperately wrong. Whatever is going on, Querry is at the center of it, for a secret in his past not only makes him a target of the Skaldi's wrath, but the key to the colony's future.

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