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The default text size used by Terminal app in OS X can be quite small if you’re using a large resolution display. The simplest and quickest way to increase (or decrease) the text size shown for Terminal app is using keystrokes with the Command and Plus or Minus keys.
If these command keyboard shortcuts sound familiar to you, it’s likely because you may have used them before for the same font size changes in browsers like Safari, Chrome, TextEdit, and many other apps.
As we mentioned, this is a session based approach to adjusting terminal text size, which can make viewing command line details significantly easier to read.
If you’re doing this to make the command line look a bit more attractive, keep in mind there are plenty of other ways to improve the appearance of Terminal app and make it more readable too. While you can change the font to be better suit your preferences, and increasing the line spacing helps reading too, another simple solution to boost readability is to simply increase the text size shown on screen while visiting the command line. This will adjust the size of the display font for the currently active terminal session, but it does not change the default font size for new terminal windows or sessions, making this more of a quick solution for when you need to increase readability.
Thus, if you want to go smaller for whatever reason, or you made the text size too big with the prior keystroke, hit Command+Minus (-) key to reduce it. You can instantly return to the active Terminal profiles default text size by hitting Command+Zero.
Much like the instant Preferences shortcut, this is not quite universal, but so many apps use the Command+ and Command- trick to adjust the visible fonts that it’s nearly universal for performing that function.
If you want to change the displayed text size permanently, you’d need to adjust the Font itself, which also offers precise controls for font size, font family, and font weight. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!

You are an expert and a scholar at leaving irrelevant and useless comments, surely you have this level of commitment to the command line. You can change, e.g Basic Terminal fonts size from 14 to 18, but after you restart Terminal app, the setting with return to 14. After paying as high as four dollars and more per gallon for gas, many drivers believe that cheaper gas is a sign that the economy may be improving. The truth is that the economy is not the only reason why gas prices are cheaper in 2015.Drivers have been surprised to learn that there are four main reasons why gas prices are cheaper in 2015. Second, there is also a global oversupply of oil that has led to the decrease in price of oil. Third, there were no major hurricanes that halted the production of oil in the Gulf of Mexico in 2014. Lastly, gas prices are usually cheaper in the winter because companies are allowed to produce and sell a different blend of gas, which is cheaper to produce.Increase in the Production of Domestic Oil One of the main reasons why gas is so much cheaper in 2015 is because the United States has been building up its own reserves of oil. The United States has so much oil that it is not purchasing as many barrels of foreign crude oil as it has in the past.
Since the United States is producing its own oil, there is a less of a demand for foreign crude oil.
This is one of many reasons why gas is so much cheaper in 2015.Global Demand For Crude Has Decreased The principles of supply and demand have also had a major impact on gas prices in the United States. The United States is not the only country that has an overabundance of oil on reserve around the world.
Even if if the supplies dwindle, experts predict that the United States will have more oil than Saudi Arabia in the near future.

This will definitely continue to have an impact on gas prices in 2015.The Gulf of Mexico Was Not Impacted by Any Major Disasters in 2014 Natural disasters like hurricanes play a major role in the fluctuation of gas prices. When a region like the Gulf of Mexico is hit by a hurricane, oil refineries stop producing millions of barrels of oil per day. This has a devastating impact on oil product, which ultimately leads to an increase in domestic gas prices.Gas Prices Are Normally Cheaper During The Winter Another reason why gas prices are cheaper in 2015 is because gas prices are normally cheaper during the wintertime. This is because refineries are allowed to produce a special wintertime blend of gas that is only sold during the winter months.
According to experts, special production of this cheaper winter blend starts before winter sets in and last through the springtime each year.Clearly, there are many reasons why gas prices are so much cheaper so far in 2015. Although gas prices are expected to remain lower than usual, experts caution drivers that the drop in price is not permanent.
Since there is no way to gauge exactly when prices will go up once again, many drivers are taking advantage of the lower prices right now.
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