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The library one can still see at Wilanow Palace (former Villa Nova), a suburban villa of the Polish valiant King, Jan III Sobieski (1674-1696), no longer holds any book nor any print, as they were dispersed among the king’s inheritors, gathered in their various and distant estates, and then regretfully lost.What extants today from the Library is a stucco and painting decoration dating back to the 1680s, comprising two grand tondos and smaller medallions with effigies of Eruditorum et Sapientum. La bibliotheque que nous pouvons toujours admirer au palais de Wilanow (ancienne villa Nova, au sud de Varsovie), demeure periurbaine du valeureux roi de Pologne Jean III Sobieski (1674-1696), ne contient plus de livres ni d’estampes.
The two main images represent allegorical figures of Theology and Philosophy creating a perfect balanced expression of two fundamental disciplines of human thought.
Ceux-ci ont malheureusement disparu apres avoir ete distribues aux differents heritiers du souverain et entreposes dans leurs lointaines residences respectives.Subsiste aujourd’hui dans la piece un riche decor en stuc et des plafonds peints datant des annees 1680, dont deux grands tondi et des medaillons plus petits avec des allegories de l’Erudition et de la Sagesse. Since 2005, she is employed in the Art Department of the Wilanów Palace Museum (Warsaw). They patronize smaller medallions which are composed as double portraits — a representative of science and arts from modern times is always assisted by his antique or pagan predecessor, Fidias and Michelangelo, Ptolomeus and Copernicus, Archimedes and Galileus, etc.The ideological programme of this decoration still raises questions and encourages our research. Les deux images principales sont des figures allegoriques de la theologie et de la philosophie, representation parfaitement equilibree des deux disciplines fondamentales de la pensee humaine.
Subject of interests concentrate on Early Modern art, culture, customs, especially their Polish aspects in relations to European. Was it just a means of cataloguing books and a regular realization according to well-known iconography fit for libraries?

Ces figurent supervisent des medaillons plus petits composes en doubles portraits – un representant de la science et des arts de l’epoque moderne est toujours accompagne de son predecesseur antique ou paien, Phidias et Michel-Ange, Ptolemee et Copernic, Archimede et Galilee, etc.Le programme ideologique de ce decor souleve encore des questions et incite a effectuer des recherches. Was it also a certain ideological and propaganda statement of the monarch who was regarded during his reign as one of the erudite kings?
Servait-il uniquement comme moyen de classer les livres et correspondait-il a une realisation courante d’apres les conventions iconographiques connues pour les bibliotheques ? How does it relate to the general significance of Wilanow that was adorned on the facade according to Sobieski’s will with an inscription stating: Quod Vetus Urbs Colluit Nunc Nova Villa Tenet? Etait-ce aussi une forme d’expression ideologique et de propagande du monarque, considere durant son regne comme l’un des rois erudits ?
She is preparing a PhD at the John Paul II Catholic University in Lublin, in the Department of Art Theory and the History of Artistic Doctrines. My paper will point out relations between those elements which were a well-known set of motifs to adorn such interiors and those who appeared here due to the site specific of the place; Wilanow, a new antique villa for a King who was Primus Inter Pares, a voted sovereign for the Commonwealth of Two Nations, the nation that regarded its origins in the classical antiquity of Sarmatians. Comment ce decor s’integre-t-il dans l’ensemble iconographique de Wilanow, dont la facade du palais etait ornee de l’inscription suivante, commandee par Jean III Sobieski : Quod Vetus Urbs Colluit Nunc Nova Villa Tenet ? His reign, although dominated by Bellona’s actions, never ignored those which were dominated by Apollo and Muses.

Ma communication soulignera les relations entre les elements qui relevaient d’un ensemble de motifs decoratifs bien connus pour les interieurs et ceux qui sont apparus ici en raison de l’emplacement specifique du site. For the King himself supported (intellectually and financially) Jan Hevelius (astronomer), Adam Kochanski (mathematician and physician) and Philippe Avril (French Jesuit missionary, geographer and explorer of far East) and in 1684 became a member and protector of the Accademia degli Argonauti founded in Venice in 1684.
Wilanow, une nouvelle villa antique pour un roi primus inter pares, un souverain elu par la Republique des Deux Nations, qui faisait remonter ses origines a l’Antiquite et aux Sarmates. A perfect combination of bold and accurate attitude for the new science that spread across Europe found its pre-academic center in the court of Jan III Sobieski, on the Eastern boundaries of the Latin world.
Le regne de Jean III, bien que domine par une politique guerriere, n’a pas ignore les arts.
Ainsi le roi aida lui-meme intellectuellement et financierement Jan Hevelius (astronome), Adam Kochanski (mathematicien et medecin) et Philippe Avril (missionnaire jesuite francais, geographe et explorateur en Extreme-Orient) ; en 1684, il devint membre et protecteur de l’Accademia degli Argonauti fondee a Venise la meme annee. Une approche a la fois audacieuse et precise de la nouvelle science qui se developpait alors en Europe trouve ses premisses a la cour de Jean III Sobieski, aux frontieres orientales du monde latin, comme en temoigne la bibliotheque du palais de Wilanow.

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