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In type 1 diabetes the pancreas no longer produces insulin (or at least not a significant amount) therefore the primary type 1 diabetes treatment consists of giving the body insulin as closely as we can to the way the body would do it naturally.
There is no one right way to manage diabetes, since many different types of insulin treatment can successfully control blood sugar levels.  The type of insulin treatment varies from person to person, and can depend on many individual factors – including age and life style. Many type 1 diabetics have what is called a ‘honeymoon’ period for the first few months (or even year) after being diagnosed. Over time, people with type 1 diabetes usually learn to adjust their own insulin dose, although you will need help from time to time. There are a few types of insulin, which can be used alone or in combination in order to treat type 1 diabetes.
There are two general types of insulin treatment plans: intensive insulin treatment and standard (conventional) insulin treatment. Intensive insulin treatment — Intensive insulin treatment is best for keeping blood sugar in tight control. Intensive insulin therapy is recommended for most people with type 1 diabetes because it gives you the best chance for successful blood sugar control, and it is best to start it as soon as possible.
The drawback to intensive insulin control is that you might experience a higher rate of low blood sugars (hypoglycemia) and it is about 3 times as expensive as standard insulin treatment. Intensive insulin therapy usually entails a long acting insulin (like glargine or detemir) that is used as a basal insulin, and an additional rapid insulin (lispro, aspart, or glusine) every time you eat.
The Diabetes Media Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit media organization devoted to informing, educating, and generating community around living a healthy life with diabetes.
Condyloma is usually characterized by the appearance of warts or swollen rashes on the body surface. Genital bumps of Condyloma in men are usually hidden from view due to pubic hair around the foreskin. People suffering from too much stress, viral infections or compromised immunity are also highly susceptible to this disease.
The differential diagnosis for Condyloma involves distinguishing the disease from conditions like Psoriasis that produces similar symptoms.
This process involves using extremely low temperatures, usually liquid nitrogen, to destroy genital warts.
A chemical agent or device is used to curdle or destroy the tissues beneath the warts thus ensuring their removal.
In rare cases, there are some types of Condyloma warts that can give rise to Vulva Cancer or Cervical Cancer in women.
If you note warts around your partner’s or your own genital region, get in touch with a doctor immediately. Many people have never heard juvenile arthritis (JA), but it affects twice as many children as Type 1 (formerly called juvenile) diabetes.
Because many conditions fall under the category of “arthritis or rheumatic condition,” it can be difficult to narrow down which type of JA your child may be experiencing. The most common type of JA in the United States is juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA), which has three subtypes. Other types of juvenile arthritis include spondyloarthropathy, psoriatic arthritis, dermatomyositis, systemic lupus erythematosus and vasculitis. The latest medical information to help you make informed decisions about you and your family's health and health care.
Granuloma annulare is a chronic skin rash with features of red lesions formed on the skin in the form of ring. Any type of GA increases in numbers when exposed to powerful sunrays and hence it is wise to stay away from sunlight. Granuloma is associated with diabetics (Type 1) and also on patients with history of AIDS and herpes zoster.
Oral herpes is easy to diagnose when a patient has visible sores or ulcers, but early stages of herpes on the face and mouth as well as on the genitals are harder to diagnose.
Herpes should be distinguished from herpes zoster, chicken pox, impetigo, and drug eruptions.

Herpetic sores are classified as heat sores in TCM because the lesions are red and follow febrile disease conditions. As with all treatment protocols, be sure to tailor and modify the basic treatments below to fit your patient's specific constitution, root cause, and symptoms. Treatment principle: Drain Spleen and Stomach damp heat, nourish yin, drain deficient heat . Cash, checks and credit cards are also gratefully accepted if you prefer to donate in person.
Pain, emotional upheaval, fatigue, people who are burned out, folks who want to try esoteric acupuncture.
Insulin requirements are relatively lower during this time, and when it ends patients insulin needs rise dramatically. Changes in weight, diet, health conditions (including pregnancy), activity level, emotional states, and work can affect the amount of insulin you need to take in order to control your blood sugar. Most people with type 1 diabetes meet with a doctor or nurse every three to four months, and review blood sugar levels and insulin doses at these visits, helping to fine-tune diabetes control. You will need to take 3 or more insulin shots per day or use an insulin pump, and you will need to check your blood sugar frequently.
However, this regimen will be successful only if you are fully committed to it and you have good understanding of the regimen—this means checking your sugars 4 or more times a day. This is a sexually transmitted disorder (STD) and mainly affects older teenagers and young adults. It is seen in people belonging to the 17-33 age group but is more prevalent in individuals aged between 20 and 24. The lesions can arise on the external parts of the body or may appear within the vaginal canal, cervix or anorectal area. However, people with Condyloma warts arising internally in a body area may experience symptoms like heightened sensitivity in the region, itching and also burning feeling. People who have more than one sexual partner are at greater risk of developing this condition as it is difficult to say which partner suffers a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI). Women with HPV infection need frequent Pap Smear exams over a period of time to reveal these alterations. A Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) DNA Test can help in the identification of such a complicated case.
It is advisable that you refrain from using any over-the-counter medications for cure unless your doctor suggests one to you. Topical application of drugs may be unsafe for the health of pregnant women as well as their unborn infants. However, longer periods of incubation have also been reported as the condition may remain dormant for years. Timely medical assistance will help in quicker diagnosis and a faster treatment of this discomforting health condition and help you enjoy life to the fullest.
According to the Arthritis Foundation, approximately 294,000 children in the United States — one in every 250 — have some kind of arthritis or rheumatic condition, which cause joint pain and swelling.
Learning about the types of juvenile arthritis and their symptoms can help you recognize when you need to seek care if your child has joint pain.
It affects the entire body and symptoms include high fever, rash and swelling in the hands, wrists, knees and ankles. If your child is experiencing pain, swelling and stiffness in multiple joints for six weeks or longer, contact your child’s primary care physician or a rheumatologist immediately. In some cases, he may ask you to take KOH test for differentiating Granuloma from ordinary fungal infection. Lesions can be successfully treated with cyclosporine, hydroxychloroquine, potassium iodide and dapsone. During active disease phases there are blisters on the skin which contain the infectious virus. Standard insulin treatment is an older regimen, although it may still be recommended for selected patients.

Go ahead and read all about Condyloma, its causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. It is known to be the most common STD in the US and has shown a four-fold jump in the last two decades. In some cases, dilute vinegar (acetic acid) may be applied over cervical or vaginal tissues to make warts visible. This test is usually carried out in women above 30 years of age and exhibiting slight abnormalities in Pap Test result. The doctor may himself use a topical medicine like Podophyllin, Imiquimod (Aldara), Podofilox (Condylox) and Trichloroacetic acid (TCA). Check out these Condyloma images and get an idea about the main external symptoms of this disease.
In a few cases, individuals treated for Condyloma may still pass on HPV virus to their present or future sexual partners. Polyarticular JRA involves chronic pain in many joints on both sides of the body, including the knees, wrists, ankles, hips, neck, shoulders and jaw.
The disease usually begins in children younger than age 6 and may lead to short adult stature. Early treatment can help slow or even stop the effects of the disease and prevent disability later in life. Lesions may grow up to 5cm in diameter with firm nodules and is largely seen on ankles, feet, limbs and wrists.
Sometimes, if the rings are very intense, your doctor may give you a steroid shot directly on the affected part. Most of the severe forms of lesions can be controlled using cryotherapy and by application of corticosteroids. Accompanying symptoms may include high fever and swelling of tenderness of the lymph nodes. There may also be some rare symptoms like increased vaginal discharge, itching around the private organ or dampness in the area having lesions. These can affect various parts of the body such as vagina, urethra, vulva, penis, larynx and the anus. These may be flat or elevated in appearance and can appear as a single lesion or as multiple lesions.
Pauciarticular JRA affects fewer than four joints; most often the wrists or knees, and can cause eye inflammation. Generalized granuloma occurs only in adults and it affects neck, face, palms and even scalp. Clobetasol ointment, Triamcinolone acetonide and Prednisone is effective in suppressing the lesions due to its anti-inflammatory property. Crusting of the lesions begins after three to four days of onset and complete healing within three weeks. Subcutaneous granuloma is more prevalent in children and prdouces nodules without symptoms in hands, buttocks and eyelids. Granuloma poses problem for cosmetic reasons and hence you need not visit the doctor urgently for taking treatment. Viruses are transported along the sensory nerves to the nerve cell bodies where they go dormant and reside as long as the host is alive.
They may come out of dormancy because of a variety of triggers (one of which is immunosuppressant drugs). In case of generalized GA, it may grow up to 3-6 cm in diameter and affects your hands, soles and palms. When it becomes active the virus multiplies, travels along the axon of the neuron to the nerve terminals in the skin and releases the virus particles.

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