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The goal of Professor Kirsi Pietiläinen's obesity research is to pinpoint how alterations in mitochondrial machinery lead to diseases that are caused by the direct consequence of excess energy intake and lack of physical activity. Systems biology (genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics, metabolomics, lipidomics and microbiome) data from the clinical samples is applied for further studies by cell culture and molecular methods, and state-of-the-art imaging techniques. The other study design used by the KP group, experiments before and after weight loss also allow full matching for the genotype, sex, and age between the obese and leaner state.
In the new e-book Diabetes Protocol, Kenneth Pullman claims to have found an inexpensive, natural way that allows you to live without diabetes in as little as a few weeks. The Diabetes Protocol outlines the natural strategies that Pullman uncovered in his research, which suggest that a few adjustments to your lifestyle can wind up restoring everything that diabetes took away from you: your freedom, your ability to eat foods worry free, and your sense of well-being and health. If you act now, you won’t just be getting The Diabetes Protocol, but a whole host of other e-books for revitalizing your life after diabetes. If you are skeptical about natural ways to treat conditions such as diabetes, without the drugs and needles, you should probably check out Diabetes Protocol anyway.
Anyone that is looking to improve their health, lose weight, gain energy, lower their irritability, retain memory, lengthen their attention span, lessen their symptoms of autoimmune disorders, and more. I’m a physician, a scientist, and a patient with a natural complete health transformation. I have written a book, The Wahls Protocol: How I Beat Progressive MS Using Paleo Principles and Functional Medicine, which details what I did to recover my health and my current research, which tests the effect of diet and lifestyle on function in those with multiple sclerosis. The good news is that diet and lifestyle are at the root of nearly every chronic illness, including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, mental health issues, neurological problems, autoimmunity, and cancer.
In this seminar, I will teach you, just as I teach the patients in my therapeutic lifestyle clinic, the Functional Medicine principles you can use to rebuild your life. Our research team has completed 2 years of data collection working with Customs & Border Protection checkpoint dogs at Sarita, TX and tracking dogs at the Canine Training Center in El, Paso, TX. Click on image below to get an inside look at the July 2014 data collection trip in El Paso, TX.

Year 1 was conducted with Customs and Border Protection, focusing on the Border Patrol canines working at the hot and humid Sarita, TX, checkpoint. Six dogs were evaluated following random assignment to each of the 3 hydration strategies, one strategy per working day. In contrast, year 2 was conducted with Customs and Border Protection tracking dogs working in the desert near El Paso, TX where temperatures often exceed 105°F but the humidity is much lower.
The data obtained from this study will provide critical information that can be used to better safeguard working and performance dogs. Evaluation of an oral electrolyte solution for treatment of mild to moderate dehydration in dogs with hemorrhagic diarrhea (Reineke, Walton & Otto.
The KP group aims to identify promising novel biological pathways and biomarkers of the early disturbances of obesity and their genetic and environmental contributions. If you’re ready to make a few lifestyle changes that will keep your body operating the way that Kenneth Pullman says is necessary to avoid the diabetic reactions, you will be able to live life the way you used to, the way that you see everyone else doing. A lot of people who try programs similar to what Pullman is suggesting wind up giving up, because they just don’t have the self-discipline required to juggle the right eating choices with proper exercise and thinking. There is a 60-day money back guarantee on this program, so if it doesn’t work for you, you will not risk a dime!
Tiffany has inspired a wide audience around the world with her simple but effective approaches to movement, meditation, exercise, awareness, nutrition, and everyday well-being.
If you or your family struggles with any of these diseases, the Wahls Protocol™ program can help you reclaim your life. I get phone calls from all over the world from people who want to make an appointment with me, who want help with their pain, brain fog, weakness, autoimmune  problems, and many other symptoms. This new seminar allows you to join a select group of people who want to learn more about Paleo Principles and Functional Medicine.  On August 13-15th at the Marriott in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, I will offer a seminar so you can meet me in person and learn how to transform your health. I will explain why these changes are so powerful and then show you how to begin your journey.

Sign up below in order to get the first chance to purchase a ticket for this seminar with Dr.
Photos taken by study technician Tracy Darling and shared with the permission of the Customs & Border Protection.
A normal work day for the dogs in this study consist of screening vehicles for drugs and concealed humans.
No files are cached or stored on the our servers, all data comes from various different sources on the internet. The studies combine an ambitious set of clinical methodology with modern systems biology (genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics, metabolomics, lipidomics, microbiome) and molecular methods. Those failures don’t mean that the programs don’t work, but they do mean that the people who use these programs essentially decide whether these programs work for them or not. I see my patients get healthier, need fewer medications, lose weight without being hungry, and look younger each time they come in to see me.
Unfortunately, I cannot see these people; my only clinics are at the VA Hospital, where I see veterans in the traumatic brain injury clinic and people with complex chronic health problems in a therapeutic lifestyle clinic. Dogs that become dehydrated are less heat tolerant and may become less efficient at scent detection.
I anticipate selling out very quickly because last year’s seminar sold out within 24 hours of being released. For these reasons, this study is focused on providing scientifically validated hydration strategies for working dogs.

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