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Every day diabetic patients have to monitor their blood glucose, and adapt their dose of insulin according to what they ate (or planning to eat) and to their physical activity. Diabetes comes from an impaired blood glucose regulation resulting in increasing blood glucose concentration.
The merit of apps for diabetics is to provide a convenient and handy tool for entering this information, processing it and help to come to a decision with regards to how much insulin should be necessary and when to inject it. These apps should not replace the doctor’s advice but complement it and give the diabetic patient more comfort in the management of their diabetes. We have selected here apps that not only help assess the quantity of carbs provided by a given meal, but also help the diabetic with her insulin injections.
The iPhone app allows uploading blood sampling readings from around 30 different glucometers on the market. Developed by Sanofi, a well-known pharmaceutical company, iBGStar is more than an iPhone app. You can enter your glucose readings, the insulin dosages, and calculate the carbohydrates you ingested. This app synchronizes with Telcare glucometers that can send blood readings to the application, without any connecting device. If you don’t use this type of glucometer, you can nevertheless use the app and type manually the results.

You already know that service dogs can help diabetic patients by detecting the dangerous hypoglycemic episodes. For taking care of his beloved animal, the owner has then to stick to a very strict treatment and feeding protocol that insures blood glucose stabilization.
Washington, Apr 10: An all-natural dietary supplement prepared from citrus may help people with type 2 diabetes reduce their blood glucose numbers and LDL-cholesterol levels, say researchers.
The pilot study was conducted over twenty adults with diabetes and were receiving oral diabetes medications. The findings revealed that after 84 days, the group receiving Diabetinol™ showed a significant 19 percent reduction in glucose intolerance measured as peak changes in blood glucose over the four hours of a standard oral glucose challenge.
During animal studies, twelve hamsters were treated with a special high-fructose diet to induce diabetes-like symptoms including increased blood glucose, insulin, cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
Both the studies suggested that Diabetinol™ might help lower blood glucose levels and be beneficial in lowering the risks of heart disease and diabetic complications in people with type 2 diabetes. Mobile apps for diabetics are sometimes more specialized in nutrition, whereas others only focus on blood readings.
This increase, in turn, leads to the various dangerous symptoms and complications of diabetes. The challenge for diabetic patient is to adapt in real time the doses of insulin to their present blood glucose level, carbohydrate and physical activities.

It provides mobile apps, a sync cable that connects to their proprietary glucometers and a web dashboard solution for giving access to doctors about their diabetic patients’ data and readings.
But it gives you the opportunity to store all the data you need for managing your diabetes. You may also measure the evolution of your weight, of your blood pressure and keep track of your exercises. With Diabetes Pal App you can also record medication, blood pressure, food intake, weight evolution, and physical activity. They were randomly assigned to receive either Diabetinol™ or a placebo twice per day for three months.
At the end of the study, the Diabetinol™-treated animals showed improvements in each blood glucose, insulin, and cholesterol and triglyceride levels. This time we saw a sizeable change in glucose intolerance in just a short time,” said Mal Evans, DVM, MSc, PhD, KGK Synergize Inc’s Scientific Director. And, that could mean less disability and expense from complications and associated medications and certainly less stress for the patient.

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