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Our free blood sugar chart (or blood glucose chart) lets you track your blood sugar levels throughout the day. Print this blood sugar log and attach it to your fridge or wherever you typically test your blood sugar. With this Blood Sugar Chart spreadsheet you can enter your blood sugar test results and see those results plotted on a graph along with your recommended upper and lower blood sugar levels.
Remember to enter notes next to your entries regarding your diet and exercise so that you can see how they may be affecting your levels.
Tracking your blood sugar level (or blood glucose level) is highly recommended to give you power over your body and health.
Measuring your Blood Sugar Level: You can check your blood sugar level with a blood glucose meter at any time during the day, but generally people take them before meals and before they go to bed at night.
Tracking Your Blood Sugar Level: After using the meter to find your blood sugar level, enter the date, time, level and any notes into the chart. If you are on an exercise plan, ask your doctor for the best time to take your levels, to determine the affects your exercise plan is having. American Diabetes Associaton at - Along with being a great resource for information on diabetes, the American Diabetes Association works towards preventing and finding the cure for diabetes. General Disclaimer: All of the material on this and subpages is for information only, and any individual is advised to consult in person with a licensed and insured doctor before undertaking any treatment, and for advice!
DIABETES MELLITUS ("Sugar Diabetes"): Did you know that a 10% reduction in weight of obese persons reduces the chance of getting Type II Diabetes (Adult Onset Diabetes) by 60%? EPILEPSY, defined, diagnosis & treatment: See the animated explanation of how the brain and nerves work!

Heart Risk Factors' Information including high blood pressure, obesity, cholesterol, heart attacks, and many other cardiovascular information topics. Embryonic and Fetal Growth and Development; sizes, weights, appearances, and internal development.
Overview of Metanx® a compact formulation of 3 vitamins that can protect peripheralnerves and blood vessels as in diabetes. However, it is good to note that healthy diabetic meals are also good for people in general. It also allows you to enter in normal blood sugar levels, both high and low, so you can see how well you are staying within your healthy range. This printable blood sugar log allows you to write down your results no matter where you are. For the A1C level chart, you can enter the level that your doctor recommends you stay close to.
Tracking your blood sugar level along with your diet and exercise lets you see how to use diet and exercise to keep you at the right levels and stay healthy. Notes could include what food you ate, what exercises you did, or anything else that you think influences your levels.
Therefore, it is worth a look at what foods are good if you want to reduce your blood sugar levels.
Next to each entry, you can enter notes about your diet and exercise, to see how they affect your levels. You can also show your healthcare provider your results to help them provide you with a better care plan.

Because the average life of a red blood cell is about 4 months, this test will give you a good idea of how you've been doing for the past 2 to 3 months. You can also keep track of your A1C levels (also referred to as hemoglobin HbA1c levels), which you get tested by your doctor.
A lot of different beans and legumes are also recommended - such as chickpeas, kidney beans, lentils, navy beans, Lima beans, black beans and soy beans. Although these are good, excess is not good because it may heighten cholesterol levels.The main staple vegetables on every healthy diabetic menu should include cauliflower, broccoli, string beans, avocado, collards, radishes, peppers, asparagus, tomatoes, turnips, squash and even Dill pickles.
The main recommended fruits are apples, bananas, strawberries, plums, oranges, tangerines, blueberries, pears, peaches and tangerines. Although quite bland in taste compared to the other parts, this white meat contains almost no fat at all, and would taste better if cooked with some healthy spices and ingredients like tomatoes, lemons, pepper and herbs. Seafood such as shrimps, clams and lobsters are also very good in moderation - they might cause increase in cholesterol if taken in excess.There are many diabetic recipes online that are tasty and easy to make. Add the celery, onion, salt and water to the pan and then simmer it for about an hour, covered, until the chicken is tender.
During this time, prepare the dumplings by combining the baking powder, the flour and a little salt in a bowl. Add the dumplings once boiling and then cover and continue the boil for 10 minutes.I hope you like this healthy diabetic recipe and hopefully it will be part of your favorite item on your diabetic menu.

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