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Type 1 basically means your body does not make insulin at all or very little so all persons with this type must take insulin daily for the rest of their lives.
When autoimmunity (when the body’s own immune system attacks itself) tends to run in your direct blood family. This type of diabetes accounts for about 90 to 95% of all total Diabetes cases including 30 to 50% of Diabetes cases in Children. Gestational Diabetes is a another type of diabetes women sometimes get during pregnancy, but usually goes away after the birth of the baby.
You should not use Starlix if you have type 1 diabetes, or if you are in a state of diabetic ketoacidosis (call your doctor for treatment with insulin).
Starlix is only part of a complete program of treatment that also includes diet, exercise, and weight control. Your blood sugar will need to be checked often, and you may need other blood tests at your doctor's office. Check your blood sugar carefully during times of stress, travel, illness, surgery or medical emergency, vigorous exercise, or if you drink alcohol or skip meals.
Starlix is only part of a treatment program that may also include diet, exercise, weight control, blood sugar testing, and special medical care. Take the missed dose as soon as you remember, but only if you are getting ready to eat a meal. Symptoms of severe hypoglycemia include extreme weakness, blurred vision, sweating, trouble speaking, tremors, stomach pain, confusion, and seizure (convulsions). Many other medicines that can increase or decrease the effects of Starlix on lowering your blood sugar. The use of tobacco and consumption of alcohol will lead to a number of health disorders and these can also have a negative effect on your joints. This type of diabetes accounts for about 5 to 10% of all Diabetes cases and is unavoidable.
This usually happens in women that do not eat right or have a baby weighing 9 pounds or more.
Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) can occur if you skip a meal, exercise too long, drink alcohol, or are under stress. Symptoms include headache, hunger, sweating, confusion, irritability, dizziness, or feeling shaky.

Type 1 Diabetes is usually found in children and young adults, but you can get this type at any age. Still, the most important thing to do is avoid all of this and maintain a healthy lifestyle as you are at high risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.
They also keep the body’s chemical balance, help control blood pressure, and make hormones. Symptoms include headache, hunger, weakness, sweating, tremors, irritability, or trouble concentrating.
Tell each of your health care providers about all medicines you use now and any medicine you start or stop using. People with Type 1 Diabetes must control their glucose levels daily and can live a very normal productive life if they learn to control their blood sugar and eat right. It is very important for Type 2 Diabetics to lose weight, exercise, eat healthy, stop smoking, not use illegal drugs, drink very little alcohol if at all only if their glucose is in control, lower their stress, and take their prescribed medications correctly so they can avoid serious complications and live a healthy, happy, and normal life.
Your baby will then process the glucose, possibly growing too large for a safe vaginal delivery, where a caesarian section (C-Section) might be necessary.
Be sure to follow up with your doctor 6 weeks after your delivery and every year after that to make sure you are healthy and diabetes free. There is much evidence that shows these infants may have problems as they get older  and are at a much greater risk of developing diabetes themselves later in life. Remember that children are developing Type 2 Diabetes at a much younger age these days; sometimes as early as 5 years old!
If your doctor diagnoses you with gestational diabetes (GDM), you will be asked to follow a diet and monitor your glucose for up to 8 times a day. The diet is designed to give you the nutrition you need without overworking your body’s ability to process glucose.
The reason for this diet and monitoring is to prevent the glucose from crossing the placenta and moving into your baby’s circulation. You can take steps to keep your kidneys healthier longer: Choose foods with less salt (sodium). What the Kidneys Do CKD and My Health How does my health care provider know I have CKD?Chances are, you feel normal and were surprised to hear that you have CKD.
A diagram illustrating a healthy kidney with albumin only found in blood, and a damaged kidney that has albumin in both blood and urine.

People with CKD often take medicines to lower blood pressure, control blood glucose, and lower blood cholesterol. Two types of blood pressure medicines—ACE inhibitors and ARBs—may slow CKD and delay kidney failure, even in people who don’t have high blood pressure. Tell your provider about all the medicines you take, including over-the-counter medicines (those you get without a prescription), vitamins, and supplements. They can also develop anemia (low number of red blood cells), bone disease, malnutrition, and heart and blood vessel diseases. You may delay dialysis if you follow your provider’s advice on medicine, diet, and lifestyle changes. The donated kidney can come from someone you don’t know who has recently died, or from a living person—a relative, spouse, or friend.
You may have a condition that makes the transplant surgery dangerous or not likely to succeed.
CKD and My Lifestyle People with CKD can and should continue to live their lives in a normal way: working, enjoying friends and family, and staying active. Some points to keep in mind: A chart that lists diet tips to help slow down CKD Your provider may refer you to a dietitian. Soda and other drinks — If you are told to limit phosphorus, choose light-colored soda (or pop), like lemon-lime, and homemade iced tea and lemonade. Dark-colored sodas, fruit punch, and some bottled and canned iced teas can have a lot of phosphorus. Juice — If you are told to limit potassium, drink apple, grape, or cranberry juice instead of orange juice. Drinking too much can damage the liver, heart, and brain and cause serious health problems.
Cigarette smoking can make kidney damage worse.Take steps to quit smoking as soon as you can. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Protected by WP Anti Spam Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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