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The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) has issued a position statement recommending bariatric surgery as an appropriate treatment option for people with type 2 diabetes and obesity. This is the first time any major international organization has made recommendations on the use of bariatric surgery as a therapy. According to the IDF Task Force on Epidemiology and Prevention, the surging global prevalence of diabetes and obesity constitutes a major global health issue that demands urgent attention. The IDF statement says surgery should be an accepted option in people who have type 2 diabetes and a BMI of 35 or more and that it should be considered an alternative treatment option in patients with a BMI of 30 to 35 when the disease cannot be adequately controlled by a medical regimen, especially with other major cardiovascular disease risk factors.
The IDF task force did not recommend any one type of bariatric surgery, although their recommendation was limited to currently accepted bariatric procedures and not experimental methods. They further noted that all conventional surgical procedures vary in their risks and benefits and that there are few hard data that can be used to match patients to procedures. The conclusion of the IDF is that current approaches of lifestyle and medical methods often fail to adequately manage the disease in many diabetic patients and that surgical intervention should be considered complementary to medical therapies in the treatment of type 2 diabetes and not reserved as only a last resort option.
Identification of metabolic syndrome is important because it will help to predict the risk of future heart disease and diabetic risk. Inhaler is the best way to prevent recurrent attack of asthma and to terminate the acute asthma attack. Prevention of heart attack is very important because the chance of second attack is high in known heart patient.
The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) estimates that globally as many as 183 million people, or half of those who have diabetes, are unaware of their condition.
The organisation says there is an urgent need for diagnosing and providing appropriate care to people with diabetes. The IDF also points out that undiagnosed diabetes is costly in terms of increased use of health services, lost productivity, and disability which can be a considerable burden to the individual, to families and to society. The IDF says that opportunistic identification of people with risk factors for undiagnosed type 2 diabetes is feasible and cost effective. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health professional before starting any new treatment, making any changes to existing treatment, or altering in any way your current exercise or diet regimen.

Most of these have type 2 diabetes and are putting themselves at risk as the earlier a person is diagnosed and management of diabetes begins, the better the chances of preventing serious complications. In some regions, for example Africa where resources are often lacking and governments may not prioritise screening, the proportion of people with diabetes who are undiagnosed can reach up to 90%.
The people I was visiting suggested that I take my blood sugar after one meal and the meter read 370, twice. Risk scores and ‘tick tests’ listing risk factors for undiagnosed diabetes have been developed in many countries based on epidemiological surveys of the local populations and are widely available. Countries must first develop health systems that can meet the needs of people living with diabetes. A sample of people living in a particular area is tested for diabetes, which identifies both known and previously undiagnosed cases.
However, even in high income countries, about one third of people with diabetes have not been diagnosed.
Those who are undiagnosed will not be taking steps to manage their blood glucose levels or lifestyles.
The past two days my fasting blood sugar (overnight) has been around 250 and an hour after dinner is 280-340.. Priority should be given to providing good care and treatment to those already identified with diabetes, and targeted screening for those at high risk of undiagnosed diabetes may be considered once a working system for care is in place,’ it says. The IDF Diabetes Atlas estimates undiagnosed diabetes, using representative population based studies, reporting the proportion of undiagnosed cases.
Suele afectar a persona con antecedentes de esta enfermedad en la familia y tambien a personas con habitos de vida poco saludables, dieta inadecuada y sedentarismo.Diabetes tipo 1La incidencia es sobre todo en ninos y adolescentes.
Studies have found that many people with undiagnosed diabetes already have complications such as chronic kidney disease and heart failure, retinopathy and neuropathy,’ he added. One study from the United States found that undiagnosed diabetes was responsible for an additional US$18 billion in healthcare costs in one year,’ explained the spokesman. These findings from these studies are then combined by region and income group to generate an estimate that is later applied to the prevalence estimates for diabetes.

Increased waist circumference is more in females where as fasting triglycerides and hypertension is more common in males.
A corto plazo la enfermedad puede afectar a la cantidad de energia que procesa el organismo. Los enfermos de este tipo de diabetes cursan la enfermedad con menos de 25 anos; su herencia es autosomica dominante, razon por la cual es frecuente encontrar hasta 3 generaciones de la misma familia afectadas con esta enfermedad.
En la fosfato diabetes los niveles altos de fosfatos inciden en el metabolismo de la glucosa. En el Sindrome de Fanconi hay un trastorno del funcionamiento del tubulo que da como resultado cantidades excesivas de glucosa, bicarbonato, fosfatos y ciertos aminoacidos en la orina. Este sindrome puede ser hereditario o puede estar causados por otros factores como metales pesados, agentes quimicos o deficiencias de vitamina D.Tipos de diabetes secundarias En diferentes examenes clinicos tambien podemos encontrar casos de diabetes secundarias, que si bien se llaman asi por no ser demasiado comunes en la poblacion, a dia de hoy afectan a millones de personas de todo el mundo. Este tipo de diabetes suelen ser a consecuencia de enfermedades geneticas, derivadas en el pancreas, en el sistema glandular o por una exposicion prolongada a agentes quimicos.
A causa de esta enfermedad se produce una alteracion genetica que complica el funcionamiento de los organos afectados. Pancreatitis cronica: Es una infeccion del pancreas que se produce cuando este ultimo no es capaz de producir la cantidad adecuada de enzimas (agentes que ayudan a digerir los alimentos) ya sea por culpa de una inflamacion o por una mala cicatrizacion. Enfermedad de Cushing: Es un tipo de diabetes que puede aparecer en la sangre cuando el cuerpo produce o ingiere demasiada cortisona. La cortisona hace decaer nuestro sistema inmunitario (inmunosupresora), neutralizando el dolor y reduciendo asi los hinchazones internos de nuestro organismo.

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