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Scientific research that provides information to modern nutrition, medicine and cosmetics industries shows important health benefits they have if used in human consumption.Organic Quail eggs have remarkable natural qualities beneficial for health. Organic Quail Eggs are best bought fresh from a reputable quail farm so that one can get health benefit of their healing properties. The Vietnamese New Year, also known as Tet or Tet Nguyen Dan, is one of my favorite times of the year. As the Vietnamese New Year is based on the Lunar new year calendar, similar to the Chinese New Year, the actual date changes each year depending on the moon cycles. On Sunday February 10 Asia Trend Magazine and Mills 50 District will host the annual Orlando Dragon Parade for the 2013 Lunar New Year Festival. On Saturday – Sunday February 16-17, the Vietnamese Community of Central Florida (Cong Dong) is hosting their annual event at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. Also on Sunday February 17, CAACF Chinese New Year Dinner Celebration 2013 takes place at Koy Wan buffet at 5:30pm.

A bowl of the spicy bun bo hue, the other beef noodle soup in Vietnam, stemming from the central region of Hue.
A gentleman places sugarcane sticks into the machine, crushing the juices out to make sugarcane drink. A lady sells the delicacy hop vit lon, or fermented duck fetus eggs, also known as balut in the Phillipines.
Preparing Mi Quang, a Vietnamese noodle dish that originated from Quang Nam Province in central Vietnam, made with rice noodles tinted yellow with the use of turmeric. First, in full disclosure, the three young men who started Viet-Nomz are old friends of mine from college.
Quails are laying eggs with components that used as ingredients in health and beauty products are efficient for improving the condition of people suffering from various ailments.
This is the time when friends and family from throughout the Central Florida community come out and enjoy local cultural performances put on by fellow members of the community as well as more famous Vietnamese singers and performers, and also enjoy the wonderful home made Vietnamese food that you would normally not find at the local restaurants.

This year it falls on the night of Sunday February 10th and is the start of the year of the Snake.
Philippe Phan van Minh Catholic Church hosted their Vietnamese lunar new year festivities at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. To avoid stepping on each others’ toes, the local Vietnamese community organizations, temples, and churches try to sparse out their festivities so that they would be on different dates. The proceeds of the sales went to the church organization in supporting its works in the community.

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