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The crushed seeds attract suspended particles in the water and settle them to the bottom, leaving pure, clean water at the top of the treatment container. The seeds are removed from the shell and the seed coats are removed; any discolored or misshapen seeds are discarded during this phase. The seeds are crushed and mixed with water to create a paste; this paste is then mixed and thoroughly shaken with a larger quantity of water to produce a solution. This treatment does not remove all impurities and should typically only be used in cases where the water supply is presumed to be free of chemical or biological contamination. This new method of purification can produce wholesome drinking water even in isolated or technologically disadvantaged areas of the world.
Caution: Flowers may prevent conception, and if used during pregnancy they may cause abortion. Taking Moringa with meals & as tea is as effective as anti-retroviral drugs, but without the usual side-effects. Moringa contains benzyl isothiocyanate which have anti-cancer and chemo protective capabilities. The chemo protective aspect is critical for those who are battling cancer; this helps strengthen cells so that they can tolerate chemotherapy.
Antioxidants are also involved in the prevention of cellular damage a?? the common pathway for cancer, aging, and a variety of diseases. Vitamins (B1, B2, B12, C, & E), Pantothenic Acid, Protein, Potassium, Magnesium and Carbohydrate stimulates production of insulin.
High dose supplements of vitamin C prevent sorbitol accumulation and glycosylation of proteins, both of which are important factors in the development of diabetic complications such as cataracts. Vitamin E reduces oxidative stress, thus improving membrane physical characteristics and related activities in glucose transport.
Magnesium helps in the metabolism of glycogen, Mg works closely with vitamin B6 to help the metabolic process within the cell. It has a rich and rare combination of zeatin, quercetin, I?-sitosterol, caffeoylquinic acid and kaempferol.
Moringa leaves, roots, seed, bark, fruit, flowers and immature pods act as cardiac and circulatory stimulants. They possess anti-tumor, anti-pyretic, anti-epileptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer, anti-spasmodic, diuretic, anti-hypertensive, cholesterol lowering, anti-oxidant, anti-diabetic, hepatoprotective, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Moringa contains 46 antioxidants that help the cells neutralize the free radicals due to oxidative stress.
It has high antioxidant properties, making it a valuable source of Vitamins A, C, and E; it is one of the highest naturally occurring sources of antioxidants.
The Moringa oil, being very light and pleasant-tasting is similar to Olive oil is good for healthier eating. Moringa oil has moisturizing, nourishing, and emollient properties, and also excellent cleaning ability.
After the seeds are cold-pressed to expel their valuable oil, the remaining substance can be used to purify water.

Miraculously, the particles of Moringa seed cake attract solids in water, and since bacteria cling to the solids, the water is purified and made safe to drink.
The roots of the Moringa plant contains the chemical compounds found throughout the rest of the plant and can provide therapeutic benefits for many conditions and ailments.
The roots contain traces of a paralyzing agent called Spirochin that can be dangerous for sensitive individuals or if taken in extremely large quantities. The roots can treat impotence, sexual dysfunction, female reproductive tract issues and to bring on menstruation. Reduce or eliminate kidney stones by allowing the body to flush calcium and phosphates from the kidneys more efficiently.
The roots are also used to create medicines, perfumes, natural pesticides, fertilizers, cleaning agents, animal fodder and many other important products.
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It is really miraculous and useful in all types of Cancers, Hepatitis, and many more…. Can you guys please tell me where in Pakistan I can get hold of this tree or atleast get the supplement in a pill form so me and my family can enjoy the Moringa tree benefits. The people of Punjab and Sindh cultivate this tree and when the tree is 5 to 6 feet high then they pull it from the ground and sell its roots in the market as Fagonia (Suhanjna) Carrots. I m from taxila, is it a fact that we can produce 120 tons of moringa leaves powder from one hactor land in one year.
Dear Ali, AoA, Moringa products are widely available in all areas of the world, especially it is in trade in African and Indian regions.
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They destroy all other parts of the tree including its leaves because they don’t know its value. Younus, Moringa has no side-effects if its leaves are properly washed before drying in shadow.

Deepak, you did not mention your current location, however, if you are in India, the Moringa (Suhanjna) plants are available in wide area of India and Pakistan. Zahid Irfan, You can cultivate Moringa in your own land by getting its seeds from any agricultural Seed Store available in each city of Pakistan.
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