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SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF DIABETES MELLITUS TYPE 1 research methods in psychology 9th edition pdf, Sign up now diabetes is ofpicture diabetes maysymptoms. GAMBLING: “Cognitive correction techniques were used first to target gamblers’ erroneous perceptions about randomness, and then to address issues of relapse prevention. GARLIC AND ONIONS: the active ingredients believed to have blood sugar lowering action are the sulfur containing compounds, allicin and allyl propyl disulphide (APDS) although other constituents such as flavonoids play a role.
GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODS (GM Foods): People concerned about the influence of GM foods on human health should be familiar with scientific studies showing that GM foods – such as Soya, Corn, Cotton, Canola – may affect the intestinal flora of human digestive system.
The Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) claims to carry out safety assessments on a case-by case basis. GLUCOSE: “[The brain] consumes about 120 g daily, which corresponds to an energy input of about 420kcal.
One molecule of glucose produces 36 molecules of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) as explained at KHANACADEMY.
Nine studies showing that impairment in mitochondria energy production of ATP from glucose may be a mechanism underlying pathophysiology of psychiatric disorders, like bipolar disorder, depression and schizophrenia. GLYCEMIC INDEX: “The glycemic index of food is a ranking of foods based on their immediate effect on blood glucose (blood sugar) levels. Take glycerine to treat anxiety, depression or withdraw from drugs, overcome sugar cravings, treat insomnia, when having to face a stressful event (like job interview, exam, public speaking, PTSD attack). GREEN TEA: “Herbs have been used for medicinal purposes, including the treatment of diabetes, for centuries.
L-theanine, an amino acid found in green tea, produces a pronounced feeling of tranquility in as little as fifteen (15) minutes.
GYMNEMA, GURMAR (Gymnema sylvestre) Leaves of this woody climber grows in tropical forests and has been used to enhance endogenous insulin production in both type I and II diabetes.
HEART ATTACKS: “Diabetes is a risk factor for increased mortality after a myocardial infarction. Some studies on Kava (for menopausal symptoms, depression, anxiety) St John’s Wort (mild depression), Ginkgo Biloba (dementia) and some other herbs. HERBALISM: HerbMed is perhaps the best web site on herbalism, with references to scientific studies on the various herbs. HERBS WITH HYPOGLYCEMIC EFFECTS: (possibly enhancing insulin sensitivities in hypoglycemics). HOLY BASIL: (Ocimum basilicum) Holy basil, like sweet (culinary) basil, comes from India where it is revered as a sacred herb. HYDROCHLORIC ACID: The secretion of hydrochloric acid by the stomach plays an important role in protecting the body against pathogens ingested with food or water. HYPOGLYCEMIA:  How to test for hypoglycemia with the special Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) designed by Dr George Samra. Books see Samra, Dr George ,THE HYPOGLYCEMIC CONNECTION II, One Stop Allergies, PO Box 394 Kogarah, NSW 2217, Australia Fax: 612-9588-5290 See also Committee Members.
Only 11 percent of the estimated 79 million Americans who are at risk for diabetes know they are at risk, federal health officials reported Thursday. HYPOGLYCEMIA AND MOOD DISORDERS (Hemat): “Hyperinsulinism blocks the utilisation of adipocytes as a source of energy, thus causing obesity. Hypoglycemia is not caused by Iron Deficiency Anaemia (IDA): Iron is an essential component of hemoglobin, which is a protein found in red blood cells that is involved in oxygen transport.
IMMUNODEPRESSION: High blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia) suppress immune response and delays wound healing.
IMPULSE CONTROL: “individuals with poor impulse control tend to become hypoglycemic during an oral glucose tolerance test,” Roy A, et al. INULIN: Burdock root (Arctium lappa), dandelion root (Taraxacum officinalis) and Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosa) contain inulin, a polyfructosan or fructose oligosaccharides that exerts beneficial effects on blood sugar control. Powdered burdock root fed to diabetics in the form of palatable crackers inhibited postprandial hyperglycemia after a starch meal. LEAKY GUT SYNDROME (LGS): “When toxic matter and undigested food, collected in the intestines as a result of bowel toxemia, are absorbed from the bowels into the blood stream, the result is a recognized medical condition known as ‘leaky gut syndrome’”.
LIGHTING AND BEHAVIOUR: Alexander Schauss in his book “Diet, Crime and Delinquency” mentions “the standard cool-white fluorescent tubes and fixtures with solid diffusers (covers)”.
Safflower oil may reverse lithium toxicity (tremor and ataxia), folic acid supplementation may improve condition, lithium affects sodium metabolism. MAILLARD REACTION: “It is now known that glucose and other reducing sugars can react in our bodies with proteins and with nucleic acids like DNA and RNA to form complex compounds.
MARIJUANA: Significant impairment on a psychomotor performance task paralleled elevations in subjective effects, hormone effects and peak THC determinations.
An ingredient in marijuana, known as Cannabidiol, has been reported to alleviate symptoms of psychosis and depression.

Post-treatment results indicated that 88% of the treated gamblers no longer met the DSM-IV criteria for pathological gambling compared to only 20% in the control group.” Ladouceur R, et als.
We found 18 cases of intermittent explosive disorder, three cases of pathological gambling, four cases of kleptomania, three cases of pyromania, and three cases of trichotillomania.
Controlled studies have found that after-meal blood sugar levels are lower in people with diabetes given glucomannan in their food, and overall diabetic control is improved with glucomannan-enriched diets according to preliminary and controlled trials. This may have serious consequences for human health, such as toxins, allergies, infertility, infant mortality, immune dysfunction, stunted growth, accelerated aging and death. The brain accounts for some 60 per cent of the utilization of glucose by the whole body in the resting state”.
This is the lowest level that can be consistently detected in foods using valid scientific analytical tools. Carbohydrate foods that breakdown quickly during digestion have the highest glycemic indexes. Glycerol (glycerine) bypasses glucose and enters glycolysis as Phosphoglyceraldehyde as illustrated here and here. GS4, is a water soluble extract of the leaves and unlike the crude extract, has removed two contaminants which inhibit absorption and alters the taste of sweetness. In conclusions, our study in an unselected patient population demonstrates that admission plasma glucose level independently predicts 1 year mortality even in absence of diagnosed diabetes mellitus.
Warning: herbs with hypoglycemic effects that are beneficial for diabetics, may not be so for hypoglycemics.
It also causes to dump magnesium into the urine, upsetting the delicate balance of intracellular magnesium and calcium loss that regulate blood pressure, thereby contributing to hypertension. Since as much as 75% of ATP produced is utilized by neurons to produce and maintain action potentials and membrane potentials the rate of glucose metabolism can be used as a reliable measure of synaptic activity in neurons.” Functional Neurology for Practitioners of Manual Therapy by Randy W. Everyone will at some time in their life be affected by depression — their own or someone else’s, according to Australian Government statistics. When applied together with benzodiazepine it allows reduction of benzodiazepine without withdrawal effects. The consumption of these roots, as vegetables or as teas, may be effective in reducing postprandial hyperglycemia.
In a study with hyperactive children scientists replaced these tubes with “full-spectrum fluorescent tubes that more closely duplicated natural daylight”. Leptin is an adipocyte hormone, regulating food intake and energy balance providing the hypothalamus with information on the amount of body fat. Marijuana affects hormones including reduction in testosterone, (related to sex drive and aggression), cortisol etc.. Yet, according to the editor of the British Medical Journal, Richard Smith (October 1994), only about 15% of medical interventions are supported by solid scientific evidence.
An active cell requires more than two million molecules of ATP per second to drive its biochemical machinery.” Hale et als.
Also, most people with celiac disease can tolerate foods with very small amounts of gluten.
Further studies evaluating the effect of acute insulin intervention in reducing mortality are warranted.” Bolk J,et als. If used beyond 8 weeks, Echinacea could cause hepatotoxicity and therefore should not be used with other known hepatoxic drugs, such as anabolic steroids, amiodarone, methotrexate, and ketoconazole.
Hydrochloric acid is also required to cleave vitamin B12 from its protein carrier, Lisa Hark et al, 189.
1994, Hyperinsulinism can cause magnesium to be dumped in the urine, upsetting the delicate balance of intracellular magnesium and calcium ions that regulate blood pressure, thereby contributing to hypertension. In total, that’s 57 million Americans walking around with pre-diabetes, in addition to the 24 million that have already crossed the line. Hypoglycaemic fluctuations in blood sugar levels causes the body to produce excess adrenaline, which functions to convert glycogen (stored sugar) into glucose in an attempt to stabilise the supply of glucose to the brain.
Many of these antigens are similar in structure to normal body components, and the antibodies produced to fight them can destroy healthy tissues. In this study the behaviour of hyperactive children were filmed using time lapse photography. Calcium levels may be decreased in manic patients, omega-6 essential fatty acids and potassium chloride may reduce certain side effects of lithium, excess vanadium or L-Glutamine may cause mania and can be reduced by ascorbic acid (vitamin C), Nutritional precursors of neurotransmitters, L-phenylalanine, phosphatidylcholine (precursor of acetylcholine), L-tryptophan (precursor of serotonin) may be effective.
In conclusion, our result suggest that leptin may be associated with lithium-induced weight gain.” Atmaca M, et als. According to Professor David Eddy, of Duke University, only 1% of the articles in medical journals are scientifically sound and many treatments have never been assessed at all.
However, it would be better if labels showed “Non-GMO Food” to insure that humans are not exposed to any GM foods at all.

This level is consistent with those set by other countries and international bodies that set food safety standards.
Carbohydrates that breakdown slowly, releasing glucose gradually”See Sydney University Glycemic Index web site. See also Stryer 472 One tablespoon of Glycerine mixed in a glass of water and a dash of lemon for taste may help in withdrawing from sugar (ratio of 20 mls of glycerine to 285 mls of water).
L-theanine also stimulates the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for confidence and a sense of well-being. However, Echinacea lacks the 1,2 saturated necrine ring associated with hepatoxicity of pyrrolizidine alkaloids.
The herb has very important medicinal properties – notably its ability to reduce blood sugar levels. Some authors claim that HCl is the gate-way to all digestive processes and that any imbalance may lead to immune disorders responsible for all sorts of degenerative diseases.
Albright noted that 30 percent or more of those with prediabetes will develop diabetes over the course of a decade.
Iron and glucose are important nutrients that should be consumed regularly to prevent anemia and low blood glucose levels. Constant application of benzodiazepine reduced the production of natural melatonin in rats, supporting the evidence that long-term application of benzodiazepine in humans does not restore sleeping habits but reduces natural sleeping habits even more.
S-adenosyl-L-methionie (SAM-e) supplementation may reduce depression in bipolar patient, however patients may switch to mania. If , according to Professor Eddy, it is time, as the total quality management gurus tell us, ‘that every defect is a treasure’, then we are sitting on King Solomon’s mine.
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may negate the usefulness of feverfew in the treatment of migraine headaches. It also prevents peptic ulcers and other stress related conditions like hypertension, colitis and asthma. Depressant drugs, such as alcohol, tranquillisers, benzodiazepines, sleeping pills (and even refined sugar, my own)  may temporarily counteract the effects of adrenaline, these are however very addictive and this helps to explain how hypoglycaemia may lead to alcohol or drug addiction.
Low melatonin levels were seen in bulimia or neuralgia and in women with fibromyalgia; replacement reduced pain, sleeping disorders, and depression in fibromyalgia and bulimia” Rohr UD et al.
The first graders settled down and paid more attention to their teachers in the full-spectrum lighted rooms”.
Feverfew, garlic, Ginkgo, ginger, and ginseng may alter bleeding time and should not be used concomitantly with warfarin sodium. A low-salt diet increases the risk of lithium toxicity; excessive salt reduces the drug’s efficacy. Additionally, ginseng may cause headache, tremulousness, and manic episodes in patients treated with phenelzine sulfate.
It’s known to reduce the stress hormone, cortisol, which in turn reduces the fat the body stores in the abdomen and around the waist. Ginseng should also not be used with estrogens or corticosteroids because of possible additive effects. An error in norepinephrine synthesis has been associated withn attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), because the person is bombarded with irrelevant information and cannot concentrate. Since the mechanism of action of St John’s Wort is uncertain, concomitant use with monoamine oxidase inhibitors and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors is ill advised.
Valerian should not be used concomitantly with barbiturates because excessive sedation may occur. Kyushin, licorice, plantain, uzara root, hawthorn, and ginseng may interfere with either digoxin pharmacodynamically or with digoxin monitoring.
Evening primrose oil and borage should not be used with anticonvulsants because they may lower the seizure threshold. Shankapulshpi, an Ayurvedic preparation, may decrease phenytoin levels as well as diminish drug efficacy. Immunostimulants (eg, Echinacea and zinc) should not be given with immunosuppressants (eg, corticosteroids and cyclosporine).
Tannic acids present in some herbs (eg, St John’s wort and saw palmetto) may inhibit the absorption of iron.
Numerous herbs (eg, karela and ginseng) may affect blood glucose levels and should not be used in patients with diabetes mellitus.” Miller LG.

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