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In addition, careful and continuous monitoring of all food sources, including both pastures and feed, along with the barn, stable and arena environments will help the horse owner identify and eliminate the potential toxins or parasites that potentially cause liver disease. Once hepatitis has been diagnosed, recommended treatment should start with a low-protein diet, intravenous glucose, vitamins, IV amino acids, mineral oil, oral antibiotics, steroids and sedatives (if needed).
Antibiotics are used to both curb and control any secondary infections -- bacterial or otherwise -- that occur as a result of the hepatitis. Any glucose will assist in maintaining the afflicted horse's vitamin and glucose levels in its bloodstream while the animal is being detoxified of any poisonous effects of foreign substances in the blood. Background: An inflammation of the liver that may or may not include an infectious process as well. Special Notes: Horses exposed to toxins such as heavy metals or noxious plants may become ill.

Principles for Supplementation: Support the hepatic processes of detoxification, while not over-stimulating any one part of its pathways.
Is a cofactor for dozens of enzymes involved in detoxification, provides hepatic support. Adaptogenic herbs, support the immune system, adrenals, reduces stress, helps horses adapt to stress. The antibiotics will also help reduce the effects of any ingested toxins that may have had on the body. Possible hair analysis for toxins, though many companies use unreliable hair data to sell products. One significant source of hepatic toxins is treated wood, common in many horse facilities.

A diet of fresh, healthy food and removal of any toxins in the environment is critical to these horses. It also manufactures blood-clotting factors and blood proteins, and affects the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.
The liver is also the primary detoxification organ to remove the poisonous effects of foreign substances in the blood such as bacterial toxins.

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