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It’s great to see someone battle back after their ordeal with necrotizing fasciitis and a brush with death. Haxton had been an elite rower in high school at Upper Arlington and for months after his illness, Blake had no plans to try adaptive rowing.
I used to tell people, jokingly, that I spared them from necrotizing fasciitis because, statistically, it’s so rare that they will only meet one person with this disease in their lifetime.
This was a classic case, in which three events took place, which often don’t and end in disaster or even death. Was attended by a surgeon, who made the immediate diagnosis of necrotizing fasciitis, stabilized him, debrided him, and sent him immediately to a large hospital with the facilities and personnel to handle this sort of thing.
Back in October, I wrote about an injury to my reconstructed left leg that left a hole over my superior and inferior retinaculam (top of my foot, at the ankle), which revealed my tendon, sliding back and forth, as I moved my foot (shivers). So, I visited my general practitioner to get a referral to a plastic surgeon, because I felt a graft may be required. Well, here we are a little more than four months after the initial injury and the wound has closed. Even though wound care gets tedious and is sometimes very depressing, I’m grateful to live in times when there are so many wonderful people to help and ingenious medical developments coming online.
Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with a friend, who lives in constant pain from a degenerative back ailment.
This fellow is so fortunate, because his girlfriend acted quickly and decisively, getting him to a competent trauma unit just in time. This week I’ll be heading back to the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine Center to consult with a plastic surgeon on the skin ulcer over the tendon on my foot. For those of us with extensive injuries from necrotizing fasciitis, this is part of a life-long process that can often be discouraging or downright depressing. I carry some first aid in my backpack at all times, including a wrap and gauze pads, but the amount of blood was unexpected and the wound was on a spot that’s hard to treat, apart from some kind of pressure sock. I thought I was good to go for the paddle board session, since I didn’t anticipating flexing my foot much and the wound seemed to stabilize quickly. This is one side of being a necrotizing fasciitis (NF) survivor I’ve never really overcome completely.
I think about the future and that one day, when I’m older and weaker, I may not be able to heal.

Five years ago, Bryan Cuerrier was fighting for his life as flesh-eating disease ravaged his body. Okay so we've noticed outside and in the garage this year that there's a CRAZY amount of spiders. Apparently black widows leave like a bullseye red ring around them so I think I'm safe there thankfully. As a necrotizing fasciitis survivor, one becomes something of a wound care specialist and, though I’ve gotten along treating myself for nearly 20 years, this one required more expertise than I have. But, the wound began coming together by that time and my GP was able to really help it out with some minor surgery in his office.
Along the way, I learned a few important lessons from the fabulous staff at the Sierra Nevada Wound Care Center.
So Jesus said to the Twelve, “Do you want to go away as well?” Simon Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom shall we go?
When traveling abroad, be sure to carry first-aid and keep any wounds, even the most simple, clean and disinfected. A couple weeks ago, I was leaning toward a full-thickness skin graft to cover the area and get some more tissue over the tendon. I visited my GP and he did a bit of minor surgery and wound care on the hole over my tendon. Once you make it past the initial 72 hours and find yourself still in the land of the living, dealing with the sometimes devastating effects can be challenging, whether the wounds are great or small.
I visited the lifeguards, who handed me a couple of antiseptic towelettes and advised me to use the aloe plant they had growing next to their station as an astringent wound dressing. What I didn’t know was that you really begin to learn paddle-boarding on your knees and I ended up tearing the wound another half inch or so. Then, I’ll lie awake for an hour or so, thinking about the condition or wound and how I will treat the problem.
Since I have some form of low-level, chronic depression, I begin wondering if I’m more depressed because of the wound I’m dealing with now or if the wound triggered this round of depression?
He lost parts of both legs and his left arm, but on Sunday, the 57-year-old from Belleville, Ont., will be doing a half-marathon in Ottawa. After the removal of some hypertrophic tissue at the top of the wound, the skin was able to grow down to cover the ulcer.

Back in the day, Xeroform cost about 10 times what it does now, so I’ve stocked up on my old friend and will use that, whenever my skin breaks down in the future. Chronic pain, like every type of suffering, is a form of brokenness that drives us to Christ. Now, the wound is healing well and I’ll be surprised if the plastics man will suggest a graft. Often, I’ll post stories about those who have overcome incredible loss from this disease and, in light of their challenges, I see my wounds as being on the small end of the spectrum. I thought I would try paddle-board surfing while we were there and Hanalei Bay is ideally suited for a first timer. Soon, I was bleeding out into the beautiful clear water, right around the point from where Bethany Hamilton lost her left arm to a shark attack. The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.
It looks like the infection is under control and his surgeon has just grafted his affected area and the grafts took.
But, he’s consulting with a plastic surgeon to see if I may need a full-thickness graft over the area. However, a day or so before we went north I put on my fins to swim around Salt Pond Beach Park near Port Allen. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
When I left the water and pulled off my bootie, I found that the scarring over the tendon at my ankle had torn and I was trailing a lot of blood. I had amazing results in the reconstruction of my leg and didn’t have to return to cover problem areas or releases on the keloid scarring around my joints. After a while, I’ll fall into the routine of treatment and my sleep is no longer a problem.

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