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If you are like me and try your best not to soothe pain with drugs, be sure to give Salonpas a try.
I have terrible joint and muscle pain on a constant basis; just one of the perks of being chronically ill I guess!
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Sign up below to receive regular updates and a FREE copy of Head to Toe Must-Haves for Your Most Gorgeous Self! This topical analgesic patch is perfect for me because I can target the exact spots where my pain exists. There are a ton of options out there, but the one I have has several intensities and even heat.

My pain level fluctuates but sadly it’s ALWAYS there and not much has worked to help it, natural or western medicine, so I’m always willing to try new things!
The repetitive motions of typing and sitting in the same position wreak havoc on my neck, shoulders and back. Even though I have always tried to have the best desk, keyboard and chair set up, it has not always been possible. These patches use topical analgesics to soothe pain and help my neck and shoulders move with ease.
Now that I have been working from home for a few years, I try to make my work space as ergonomic as I can.
The problem is that I still deal with the repercussions of sitting a computer every day for so many years.

What that translates to is a constant stiff nick, and daily pain in my shoulders that sometimes carries down into my back.
I have a few things that I do to remedy the pain without reaching for a pill and hopefully these tips can help you if you have a similar situation.

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