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Wouldn’t you agree that your neck, shoulders and head oughta move freely, easily and without pain or discomfort?
If your head or shoulders have been hijacked by tension, there is a natural way to release the build up muscular tension. You see, if we’ve endured enough head and neck pain, that movement among others can prove to be difficult. When my years of neck pain felt like a hard sore block that wouldn’t budge or let me move freely.
Yet when you consciously remind your body of the available movements that you can do, your brain can release neurochemicals of relaxation.
So if we are limiting our movement on account of pain or high tension, then this type of splinting or guarding can actually reinforce it since the brain is subject to programs and will begin to feed in information to keep things held in check. So instead, you can imagine the movement taking place since that way you won’t upset the apple cart, yet the brain and nervous system will get the idea that the possibility to move, still exists.
The brain doesn’t know the difference between an imagined movement and an actual movement. Head movements and the connection to the rest of your body is evident when you play with mindful ways to feel or sense your self as to how it relates with the rest of your body. When you move somatically, which is where you fully experience your connections and subtle feelings or sense perceptions. You can experience the freeing up of pain, stiffness and aches as you fine tune further and deeper into your information highway of the nervous system. You were exploring deep into your sensory and motor system of both movement and the subtle feelings of small probing movement. And if you recall or watch any baby, there’s a heckuva of a lot of exploration with misfiring, falling over and work to do to get a movement down pat. Of course, as we age it can feel like ages to get it back, but it doesn’t have to be that way when you begin to experiment and tinker again. So if you go to the well of stored memory and spend some worthy time to reopen some dusty files and connections, then comfortable feelings in movement can be restored as easily and as effortlessly as it used to be.
To be more comfortable, may take a variety of easy, gentle movements so the connection is clear and you regain the ability to maintain comfort for life.
So have fun and keep that head sliding, gliding, turning and twisting comfortably so by feeling and making the connections. The holiday period can be a source of increased stress when there is little time to do all the things we want. As the pressures, tension and stresses keep adding up, what do we do to safely and effectively release the valve of pent-up demands on us? The negative stress may happen as we get ‘er done filling in the list with little time to do so. Fortunately, we’ve systematized pandiculations as somatics exercises where we do very simple movements to get the brain to release chemicals of relaxation and this lowers tension levels.
In this giving season, you can give yourself a much needed break from rising tension which may add to any neck and shoulder pain. If you haven’t accessed the free 15 minute audio routine to release the neck and shoulders.
You’ll be able to do these easy moves while your standing in line waiting or sitting in the car when traffic isn’t moving.
Have all the stress you want… and let it go as easily as a duck ruffles its feathers.
We’ll focus on how tight, contracted chest and abdominal muscles prevent your neck and shoulders from being pain free. If you’ve never done yoga, no worries, we can lie on our side and you’ll be able to move comfortably or well within your comfortable range of motion. When people try to “stretch” unknowingly the slightest of strain can cause the muscles to re-contract and re-tighten afterwards. Using the brain’s cortex to release muscles will allow for more freedom in movement and the lessening of shoulder and neck pain.

Inside of us are delicate tissues so when we carefully move with awareness, the tissues get reminded of their function. To get there, out of shoulder and neck pain, further and faster, is to learn how to slowly move and pay close attention.
The risk in holding a contraction pattern for too long only keeps the pain and discomfort going. An overworked subscapularis muscle may make you feel like you are not able to lift your arm. When trigger points are present in your subscapularis muscle, they can give you pain right at their location. The subscapularis muscle attaches in a planar manner at the inner side of your shoulder blade and connects also atyour tuberculum minus of your humerus - the inner and upper side of your upper arm bone -. This creates big stress on the muscle because it gets activated a€“ as a matter of your pull on the rail - and stretched - by your fall - at the same time. If you suffer from tenderness in the subscapularis muscle you may be unable to lift your arm more than a 45A° angle. Leave a Comment Your triceps seem to be the forgotten muscle when talking about foam rolling and myofascial release. The tricep works at the shoulder joint and helps with adduction of the arm, which is bringing it back to the body. Join 3000 others and receive an exercise at home ebook, three workouts and advice to help you reach your goals. Meridians of the body affect all major systems including: immune, nervous, endocrine, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, skeletal, muscular and the lymphatic system. These major meridians of the body are responsible for nourishing their corresponding organ and the other organs around them, fueling and feeding them with energy.
There are certain places along the meridians where energy pools, making the chi, qi or prana more accessible there than elsewhere. When energy flowing through the meridians becomes blocked or stagnant, or, when too much energy is overwhelming a meridian these acupuncture points can be accessed to clear blockages and remove unwanted excess or stagnant energy. Acupuncture and acupressure both use the same meridians and points in their healing, the difference is that acupuncture uses needles while acupressure uses both soft and firm touches on the points to generate the flow of energy. All three techniques of cleansing and balancing the energy flow through the meridians are forms of preventative medicine. Kirsten Nagy is the Co-Owner of Prana Energetics, a Denver, CO based holistic healing center.
Kirsten Nagy specializes in Holistic Nutrition Therapy, Energy Medicine, Detoxification Protocols, Acupressure, Kinesthetic Testing and EFT. Kirsten Nagy is the co-owner of Prana Energetics, a holistic healing center based in Denver, CO. Kirsten specializes in Holistic Nutrition Therapy, Energy Medicine, Detoxification Protocols, Acupressure, Kinesthetic Testing and EFT.
I should look into qi gong may help my right hip a LOT with the pain and stiffness, can't reach right foot to do anything, not even shave around the outside of my ankle!
The more you check-in in a different way, the far easier it is to self-adjust and turn down pain, discomfort and tension naturally. In case you’re in a yoga class, the next time you get to this position, it will seem waaaay easier. To unwind ourselves from held tension, contraction patterns or binds we find ourself in, we can use our brain and muscles in a very delicate manner. It may be even responsible for your frozen shoulder.People in which this muscle is too tight, often have a "round back" and inwardly rotated shoulders. The Xs in the picture below display common areas where tender and trigger points develop in this muscle.
This simultaneous stretching and contracting of the muscle is just too much and easily results in an overstressed subscapularis. When we look at shoulder problems, we have spoken about working through the latissimus dorsi and the teres minor with the foam roller.

The main movement of the tricep is elbow extension, thus if you are suffering from some elbow pain, the triceps might be a good starting point to look at. If a meridian’s energy is obstructed or unregulated, the system it feeds on is jeopardized, and disease results. Often times acupuncture and acupressure techniques are used to relieve energetic imbalances in the meridians; the ancient Chinese practice of Qi Gong is often employed as well. This does not mean acupuncture, acupressure and qi gong cannot be used as treatments, in fact this is quite the contrary. She is a certified Master Holistic Nutrition Therapist and Energy Medicine Practitioner who believes the root of healing lies in empowerment.
The main area that you might feel pain in when your subscapularis contains trigger points, is your shoulder blade and the back of your shoulder right above your armpit. The muscle may be just too tight, and elongating it, which is necessary for lifting your arm, is too painful because of the massive tension in it. Absolutely be sure to work only on the muscle.Feel it contracting, then release the tension and start to massage it. This is great and will help to relieve a lot of shoulder pain, but accompany it with a few minutes of work on the triceps as well. In the same way that arteries carry blood, meridians carry energy, often referred to as chi, qi or prana. Deficient meridian energy and excess meridian energy are both problematic and can cause damage to that meridian’s organ system. Similar to acupuncture and acupressure, qi gong is also a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine, however, qi gong uses breathwork, gentle movement and meditation to cleanse and strengthen the meridians and the energy running through them. These are the traditional techniques used in Chinese Medicine to cure people suffering from all types of diseases and many westerners have begun turning to these treatments as well.
I’m not denying that sometimes it is necessary to go the Western route, and that surgery and antibiotics have saved millions of lives. Besides that, pain can radiate down the backside of your upper arm to your elbow or to your outer and inner wrist a€“ Note: Pain at the inner wrist is not shown in the pictures below a€“. Then start to rotate your shoulder inwards repeatedly and search for the subscapularis muscle bulking up with that movement.If you go deep enough, there is only one muscle in your arm pit.
Tight and aggravated tricep muscles can attribute to shoulder pain, considering that the attachment is right in the shoulder.
Thanks to a long pro sports career and a degree in Human Movement, I'm well and truly a fitness nerd. But, living a joyful, healthy existence is at the core of every human being; it is part of our birthright.
This way it is often involved inShoulder Blade PainClick on the link and learn how to relieve pain in this area.The red colour shows you how common it is that pain is sent to the respective spots. Otherwise you are likely to end up with some pain for quite a few days because you stressed the nerves in your armpit instead of the muscle. Why suffer through emotional and physical pain when a life of joy and health is as easy as balancing your meridians and refocusing your energy? I had my Gallbladder removed in 2000 and felt better until I came down with what the doctors thought was a perisite in my stomach in 2010. The darker the red, the more common it is that you experience an ache in the particular spot when your suscapularis contains trigger points.
After some time you will get a feeling for how a muscle feels and you will become able to distinguish it from your nerves just by feel.For massaging the subscapularis muscle use the thumb technique.

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