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The psoas is a large muscle that attaches at the bottom of the thoracic spine and along the lumbar spine, then runs down over the front of the hip joint and attaches at the top of the femur. I became fascinated with this muscle once I figured out that I need to keep it happy to keep my lower back happy. When the muscle becomes tight from injuries, poor posture, sitting for a fair amount of time or even stress, it can alter how the pelvis, lumbar, thoracic and even cervical vertebrae function and can typically lead to pain down the front of the thigh and along the lower to mid spinal column.
Start in a kneeling position, keep knees together and bring the feet apart sitting in between the heels. Stepping right foot forward into low lunge, place left hand to the inside of the right foot reaching right hand up to and rotating to the outer edge of right foot.
Heidi Templeton is a Tampa Bay Area yoga instructor specializing in vinyasa, hot and standup paddle board yoga.
Hi Heidi, excellent article about Psoas " jack of-all- trade muscles, playing many roles in body movement and core stabilization. My only suggestion is keeping the spine in natural alignment and any weight on the knee in cobra with rounding spine is not activating the Psoas. Interesting article, was disappointed however that your choice of pant and mat color made it impossible to get a clear mental image of the positions.
The red shading is the pain reference zone which is the parts that the pain spreads to and actually where you feel it. In our experience almost every case of gastrocnemius tendinopathy is related to 1) a biomechanical problem as the hip of foot that is creating excessive strain on thegastrocnemius, or 2) a sciatic nerve problem. As the gastrocnemius is stressed and over-used it can lead to small scale damage in the muscle. If the overload at the gastrocnenius continues (this is almost always associated with biomechanical problems at the hip or a restriction in the sciatic nerve, see below) there will be ongoing micro-trauma and subsequent repair of this micro-trauma. It is important to realize that many cases of gastrocnemius tendinopathy are actually caused by a problem at the hip or pelvis. In addition to muscle problems at the hip and pelvis, a restriction in the sciatic nerve is also a common cause of gastrocnemius overload.

The proper treatment of gastrocnemius tendinopathy must not only address pain and tissue damage at the gastrocnemius itself, but MUST correct any biomechanical problems at the hip or pelvis, or any restriction in the sciatic nerve if either of these factors are present.
For treatment to be effective we have found that there are certain steps that must be followed, and these steps must be performed in the right order if we are to expect the right results.
Scar tissue adhesions do not resolve with stretching or traditional massage or soft tissue methods, but instead must be treated with specialized techniques. During an ART treatment the practitioner will first shorten the muscle, tendon, ligament, or joint capsule and then apply a very specific tension with their hands as they stretch and lengthen the tissues. Simply treating the scar tissue adhesions will make the damaged tissue healthier, and will often result in a significant reduction in pain. The final stage with treatment is to ensure proper alignment and movement coordination of the foot, knee, hip, and trunk with functional movement patterns. Start by walking your hands back keeping shoulders out of ears, your practice might stop you there, if you like lower down to the elbows and eventually down to your back expanding your rib cage. When she’s not practicing asana, you can find her in the kitchen cooking up vegetarian dishes. What most people don't understand is that more than being stretched, the psoas needs to relax.
Sometimes it needs strengthening, sometimes it needs to be freed from surrounding tissue as it can get stuck and paralyzed and even dormant. Releasing the Psoas starts with getting the diaphragm muscle working allowing the rib cage to move.
I have been having a lot of lower back pain and I'm looking to try anything that might help! In the future, it may help your mobile phone audience to provide contrast between your yoga pants and the mat. If you were to press this point it would be tender and you would feel like a thickening under your finger. Sometimes when you press on the trigger  you can feel the pain spread out, but often it does not.

Overtime, this scar tissue will build up and will start to interfere with the normal strength and flexibility of the gastrocnenius. Placing right knee behind the right hand and heel to left hip, keeping weight even between hips take an inhale to lengthen the spine and on the exhale work your way into a forward fold. It would be easier for me to see the position of your legs in the helpful photos if the mat had been bright blue, for example. Resolving scar tissue adhesions is a critical step in resolving gastrocnemius tendinopathy, but it is often a missed or underappreciated step as many practitioners do not have the clinical skills to address this problem. For those who are unfamiliar with this treatment method, ART is a new and highly successful hands-on treatment method that was specifically designed to identify and address scar tissue adhesions that are interfering with the normal movement of the body. Today I am going to share an easy to follow at home leg workout routine you can take anywhere you go. This can result in scoliosis, spasms in back muscles trying to resist the pulling of the psoas and that lower belly “pooch” we all dislike so strongly!
Using inhalation while contracting the Psoas as hip flexor will bring tone and length to the muscle ". If these issues are not resolved the gastrocnemius tendinopathy will not fully resolve, and will likely come back in the future.
Ballerina Squats–place one foot in front of the other, squat down, going only as low as you are comfortable-never go to the point of pain!
If 1 minute is too long (hard) to hold, hold the pose as long as you can, take a couple of seconds to shake off your legs and repeat.

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