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Fitness expert Tom Jones recommends running on the sand to condition muscles and prevent cramping.
Cramps are brief but painful muscle spasms that typically affect weight-bearing muscle groups like the thighs and calves, and are usually intermittent. Other options for cramp treatment include soaking the muscle an Epsom salt bath, which works over time and helps prevent soreness, too. Building up weak muscles will also help prevent cramps: “You need to strengthen,” Jones says. To take your barefoot workout to the next level, Jones suggests working on balance with light weights.

Challenge yourself further by following Jones’ approach and using an unstable platform throughout the length of a weightlifting workout. The pain it causes can temporarily put even the strongest athletes out of commission, and unfortunately, lower body cramping is a common issue for standup paddlers.
There are a variety of causes, but cramps are most commonly caused by exercising in the heat (heat cramps), overexertion, dehydration, deficiencies in magnesium, sodium or potassium, and poor circulation. Consume fluids with electrolytes or foods with minerals like potassium, sodium, and magnesium, as a deficiency of any of the above can cause cramps as well. A couple of the easiest and most efficient ways to ward off cramping are staying well hydrated and stretched out prior to paddling.

While summer is a favorite time to paddle weather-wise, increased heat means increased opportunity for heat cramps, particularly if you don’t warm up properly for your workout.

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