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Knee bracing has rapidly evolved in past years, with braces becoming more comfortable, highly functional and widely used in sports. Ligaments are what stabilize and control the knee, maintaining its natural position and range limitations with movement.
Hyperextension of the knee can occur when the ligaments move outside their normal range of motion due to excessive force being applied. A knee brace ensures natural range of motion and prevents hyperextension or unnatural movement of the knee, protecting the ligaments from becoming stretched or torn and causing re-injury, while also decreasing the force of impact being applied to the knee during strenuous physical activities. Functional knee bracing is a common form of non-invasive support following an injury such as a torn ligament. Many amateur and professional athletes also wear braces to prevent common musculoskeletal knee injuries in the first place.
If you’re considering the use of non-invasive support for injury treatment or prevention, it’s important that you first seek knowledgeable medical advice to determine whether or not a functional knee brace is the right solution for you. If you have further questions about how our broad range of innovative knee braces could benefit you, we’d love to help. With over 20 years in the business, we promise superior expertise and first-rate customer service. Sign Up For Our Email Newsletter And Receive, Among Other Things, Tips And Strategies To Prevent Serious Joint & Sports Injuries.
Warm up prior to participating in activities that involve impact or twisting and turning actions. One of the most common knee injuries is a torn meniscus.  In many cases, this is treated with a surgical procedure known as a meniscectomy.
A torn meniscus needs blood supply for healing, but the menisci have a limited blood supply.
When the meniscus does not heal, the damaged cartilage can eventually cause mechanical “locking” of the joint and damage to the smooth articular Hyaline cartilage (covers the condyles and plateau), leading to more instability in the injured knee joint. Should the patient return to the doctor, an MRI will be ordered and a decision will be made regarding the need for surgery.  The surgical procedure usually takes less than one hour to complete, and formal Physical Therapy should begin within the 3-7 days post-op. Weight Bearing and braces: The patient will be weight-bearing as tolerated following the partial meniscectomy (the entire meniscus is never removed except in extraordinary circumstances) and might have a knee brace on for a couple of days. In most cases, all surgical patients will benefit from a formal Physical Therapy program.  Physical Therapy rehabilitation following the partial meniscectomy surgery is geared at reducing swelling and pain, increasing range of motion and eventually restoring full strength in the involved leg.
The Physical Therapist helps the patient to understand the treatment phases as well as accompanying symptoms. The initial 2-3 week treatment period focuses on reducing the swelling and pain and restoring full motion.  The remainder of the formal rehabilitation process focuses on strength development and restoring full functional capability of the involved leg. Another important note is that patients with torn meniscus can lose up to 50% stability in their knee. Like mentioned in the article menisectomy is when the main portion of injured tissue are resected and removed.
Meniscus repair is an alternative to the menisectomy where the torn aspect of the meniscus is sutured and allowed to heal. With meniscus repair rehabilitation it is important to prevent excessive weight bearing forces such as jogging or deep knee flexion too early in rehab.
Relieve calf strain or prevent long-term damage from repetitive stress injuries to the calf with Pro Ice cold therapy. Relieve tennis elbow, golfer's elbow or repetitive stress injuries by icing the elbow after activity. Ice away knee pain that comes from an injury or repetitive stress with the Pro Ice multipurpose cold therapy wrap. No matter where you ache, Pro Ice's multipurpose cold therapy can deliver superior icing that outperforms any cold pack on the market.
Relieve quad pain from an injury or repetitive stress with the Pro Ice multipurpose cold therapy wrap. Treat shin splints from an injury or repetitive stress with the Pro Ice multipurpose cold therapy wrap.
Extend pain relief with this additional ice insert, which fits any multipurpose model (PI 400). Back and knee injuries and pain are some of the most common complaints among workers across the globe.

In order to effectively prevent strain or injury to the back and knees you need to start off with the right personal protection equipment. Invest in a back support belt, coverall with built in knee pads or both, depending on your situation.
It goes without saying that wearing the right shoes will offer proper support of your back, and this is especially important for people who spend most of the day standing or running around.
Even if you don’t lift heavy items on a regular basis (but especially if you do), it’s important to have a smart lifting routine that you stick to each and every time.
Keep your feet shoulder width apart to create a strong base, bend at the knee (never at the waist) and firmly grasp the object.
Use extra care when jumping off of trucks or other equipment, and never ever use your knees as a tool; holding, pushing, hammering, etc.
If you begin to feel pain in your knees, be sure to consult with a doctor immediately to avoid further injury or strain.
Fall prevention is vital in every room of your house – but we think, most specifically in the bathroom. Toilet Risers: Elderly often find it difficult to sit down or get up from the toilet due to hip or knee pain.
Safety Rails: Great for the toilet and the bath tub, safety rails add extra support when someone can be off balance.
Non-Slip Mats: Getting into or out of the shower is one thing, staying upright on a slippery surface is another. Functional knee braces are not only applied in the treatment of injuries, but also as a proactive approach, protecting against injury in the first place. They’re the rope-like structures that connect bone to bone, not to be confused with a tendon that connects a muscle to the bone. This can lead to painful and debilitating ligament or cartilage damage, causing knee instability and increased risk for re-injury. Braces can help lessen pain and discomfort of the joints, and are ideal for facilitating the rehabilitation process following ligamentous knee injuries by reducing weight-bearing instabilities. With the functional knee brace’s low profile, durability, superior comfort and lightweight design, performance levels will not be affected. To learn more about our products or to request a free in-home or in-office consultation and expert fitting, please contact us. We cater to your needs by offering evening and weekend in-home and in-office consultations, as well as complimentary follow-up product care and maintenance.
If you are suffering from severe pain in your knee, experiencing swelling, loss of strength, motion and function, and even limping, you should seek professional treatment right away. In the following sections, we explore the causes, treatment, and rehabilitation of a torn meniscus. This fibrocartilage is the meniscus and there is one on the medial and lateral aspect of the Tibial Plateau. Injuries to the meniscus occur when there is too much sheer or compressive force applied to the fibrocartilage.  If you twist or rotate while putting your full weight on the knee, you can tear the meniscus. Many patients will participate in a formal Physical Therapy program for several weeks to reduce the symptoms.
In addition, the Physical Therapist develops and adjusts the patient’s exercise program from the most basic to highly complex and demanding. Partial meniscectomy surgeries are highly successful.  The patient usually does not suffer a great deal of pain or swelling and can return to their pre-injury lifestyle and activities within two months of the surgery date. This causes a lot more stress and strain on the joint itself resulting in possible osteoarthritis later.
Patients with menisectomy tend to rehab faster, however since part of the meniscus is gone, lose the stability resulting in potential knee complications such as osteoarthritis.
Meniscus repair rehabilitation usually includes reduced weight bearing for 6-8 weeks and strict adherence to physician protocol.
This means a lot of open-kinetic chain exercises such as long arc quads, balance and proprioception while sitting or with upper extremity support.
Whether it is from repetitive stress, such as lifting on the job, or an acute injury, cold therapy can deliver non-toxic pain relief. Pro Ice cold therapy products help the body heal, prevent chronic injuries and deliver non-toxic pain relief while outperforming any other cold pack.

Combining the ultimate in ice therapy with compression, Pro Ice outperforms any cold pack on the market today. Use it on the shin, hip, elbow, knee, lower back, calf, quad and hamstring to relieve pain. Those who are at the greatest risk are people who are constantly bending, lifting, twisting, lifting or crawling.
Choose comfortable footwear that fits perfectly, with arch cushioning and proper ventilation for your feet. Make it a habit, so that you don’t find yourself suddenly lifting something improperly and injuring your back. Your doctor can also help you determine if you have other risk factors for knee injuries, such as excess weight. They are especially great for getting into or out of the shower or tub, because all of your weight can be applied to it as you shift from one leg to another. You can line your sink counter tops and bathroom window sills with a layer of cushion, in case a fall does occur. Braces make it possible for athletes to fully participate in a variety of sports with increased confidence while keeping knee and ACL joints safe and well-protected. The menisci create a passive stability in the joint and absorb shock during impact activities.
Also, a hit from outside the knee can lead to tearing, and some people suffer from a torn meniscus due to degenerative processes related to aging. A major advantage of the meniscus repair is after full recovery patients still have a majority of the stability the meniscus provides reducing risk of future complications. With menisectomy the most important aspect of rehabilitation is gaining full range of motion, especially extension to normalize gait and mechanical forces.
But, there are many ways you can take responsibility for your own protection and prevent the majority of these injuries. If you work around any hazards, be sure your footwear contains the right amount of protection, such as steel toe caps. It can be difficult to put on and remove knee pads for when you need them, so you may need to wear a suit with built in pads every day.
Whether you place it under the toilet for discretion or above the toilet or temporary use, both are safe and proactive.
Usually one muscle is not pulling their weight, which in turn causes all the surrounding muscles to pick up the slack and compensate. They continue with an exercise program at home and return to the doctor if their knee symptoms appear again.
Pro Ice products are designed to offer the ultimate ice wrap, combining convenience and comfort. Shower seats, with backs or without, can allow someone the added comfort and safety while bathing. In order to fully resolve the shin splints it is important to remove all of the dysfunction and identify all the contributing factors.
The mutlipurpose wrap can also be used on virtually any body part, including the knee, shin, quad, hamstring, hip or calf, making the wrap perfect for any home first aid kit. As you are transporting the object, make sure you hold it directly in front of you, and never turn or twist your torso.
It is key to examine the biomechanics of the hip, knee and ankle when assessing the nature of the shin splints.
Lastly, be realistic about what you can and can’t lift on your own, and always ask for help if necessary. Pro Ice products include compression straps, which only heighten the benefits of cold therapy. Our cooler bags provide portability and keep the ice wrap at optimal temperature for up to eight hours.

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