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When we are in Windows 10 safe mode with default administrator, and default administrator is enabled now, how to change Windows 10 forgotten or lost user password?
Now if you restart Windows 10 again, you can login Windows 10 with this user and new password successfully. However, while the default administrator haven't been or couldna€™t be enabled, or is locked the same as other Windows 10 users, they would not work.
MsConfig is a Windows utility that can be used to manage the services and startup programs that start when Windows starts. In the right side of directory, you can see several users there which belong to Windows 10.
Do error messages, computer crashes, and slow-to-load applications cut into your time-and your life?
It can be used to disable some unnecessary programs that automatically get added to your Windows startup when you install them, and start with Windows.

The Startup tab contains a list of all programs that your computer runs when starting Windows. You can disable Services just as you did with start-up applications by un-checking them from the list. Only disable those services that you can understand. This should make your computer load the Windows operating system much faster, especially if many start-up applications were bogging your computer down.
They also want their software to run fast, and constantly check for updates from time to time.
But you are fortunate because Windows Password Genius Advanced always could help you to reset Windows 10 forgotten password or add new administrator for locked computer.
Everyday computer usage causes you to accumulate numerous junk files, malicious malware (that your antivirus may not detect), and creates an overweight, bloated registry – all of which can slow your computer performance to a crawl. For these reasons, when you install new programs on your computer, chances are that they will try to sneak-in something in the Windows start-up to do one of these things.

Once you have administrator or admin password, enter Windows 10 even change Windows 10 password in safe mode would be a piece of cake. In just a single click, WinThruster cleans out your junk files, destroys hidden malware, and optimizes your registry for blazing-fast, like-new performance!
So, if you notice your newly installed program running on Windows start-up all the time, you can use MsConfig to remove it from start-up if you want.
You can refer to Paul PacMan Collins’ Startup Applications list to see which programs and services should not be disabled.

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