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The Damage Indicators Mod show the health of any mob that is nearby or that you are currently attacking when you mouse over them.
After countless hours of working (it wasn’t that long), Professor HippoMaster now introduces to you the Animated Player Mod! Currently this mod replaces animations for walking, running, swimming, jumping, sneaking, riding, bow-aiming, and blocking. Full view of the PML showing the aperture of the laser (where the blast comes from).  The labels on the sides indicate the point of origin of the laser and where it is pointing.

Note: If you want to remove the name tag from the mobs or change many other features in this mod you can do so by editing the config file for this mod. Everyone, Stop telling him that it takes forever to install yes, it does but its because either your computer has to many downloads on it or this mod has a lot of items in it!!! This mod completely replaces and reanimates the player model by adding more joints and better animations. Also, it’s completely client-based, which means it works for servers too (just don’t install it into the server)!

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