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Abstract: The study describes, conceptualizes and tries to explain the present status of the school-family relationships from the adolescents' perspective.
The specificity of the proposed theme employs mainly interpretative research principles and the research design clearly shows details from the participants' perspective. Thus, the new regulations stress the necessity of parents' active involvement in the school activity. All the attempts at reforming the education system have been so far the result of political decisions.
I state that for the Romanian society, trapped into a too long and difficult transition, the partnerships centered on schools represent an important dimension of the civil society's construction. Schools of all kinds are organizations which are responsible for children and adolescents' formal education. Recent syntheses of several studies indicate the fact that since the first years of childhood, the family, the school and the community influence simultaneously the children's growth and development. From here appears the option for a qualitative approach of the research theme and the use of the study case which ensures the work background for the profound understanding of social processes. What are the concepts, attitudes and behaviors of adolescents towards the parents' involvement in home studying activities?
What are the students' knowledge, attitudes and behaviors towards the relationships school-family? Concentrating the interest on the results is one of the generating causes of the style of parents' limited involvement. The limited time that parents spend with their children, the interest limited to only some aspects, produce effects that teenagers perceive and of which they become aware as frustrations.

The semantic network from Figure 4 presents the conditional structure and the process that explains the generation gap.
A significant role has the interposed variable of the resistance to change that characterizes some parents' behavior. It continues to exist only because it was sometime functional and many people are still attached to it. The resistance to change is a significant characteristic of a society in transition, like Romania. Theory method paradigm put into light the style of reduced parental involvement in education. Table 1 that presents the scheme in which I sorted and organized the connections between categories.
The participants' statements revealed that one of the causes of the manifestation of this style is the anachronistic conceptions. My mother just can't wait for another meeting to take place in order to find out everything that happens in school. Well, there are many different programs to work with graphics, a list of photo editing software you will find the link. Doing cognitive design for employees is an excellent way to approach workplace effectiveness.  The key is to understand how employees think-and-feel about work. What psychological (intellectual, affective, motivational and volitional) needs do employees have in the workplace?
On an HR blog I also found an interesting contrast of the motivational differences between generations.
Interested to hear from readers that have seen other empirical studies that shed light on the shifting psychographics of work.

It is a part of the research carried out within the grant entitled Partnerships School-Family-Community.
I used the focus group technique, recommended for obtaining substantial data from teenagers.
This social change is being built on people's desire to make the schools become better and better for all the children. The most popular software programs now are Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator. Yes thanks, this information helped me a lot, I downloaded Adobe Photoshop and is very happy with it. While the time frame on the cohorts are slightly different and GenMe = GenY the two studies paint a similar picture.
So I am always on the look out for generational workforce studies that provide scientific insights into the cognitive needs of employees. For example, a new study just published in the Journal of Management, Generational Differences in Work Values, provides several designable insights.  They analyze the intrinsic and extrinsic values that three generations attach to work.

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