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A dental condition that occurs after tooth extraction when a blood clot dissolves is known as dry socket.
Pain 2 days after the tooth is pulled, a dry- looking opening, a white bone instead of a dark blood clot, bad breath are some of the symptoms of dry socket. Take some (a pinch) turmeric in glass of rinse lukewarm water and wash your mouth with this solution. Applying clove oil in the affected area is the most effective herbal remedy for dry socket.
When someone in your surroundings releases bad breath, then it becomes really embarrassing for you and for them too. The problem is in the mouth only in majority of people with bad breath which are due to improper dental hygiene or dry mouth. You would be able to cure bad breath issues once you know what the actual reasons are for it. Drinking a green or a black tea would help you out in curing bad breath as research says that the compounds in black and green tea stops the growth of bacteria which is the main reason for a bad breath. Brushing teeth after getting up and before going to bed is necessary as it helps in removing odor causing bacteria. Buy those mouthwashes that contain essential oils like tea tree oil, plant oil; lemon oil etc. You should try a mouthwash which contains zinc ions as malodorous compounds are neutralized by zinc which improves the bad breath. You can get zinc ions mouthwashes in health food stores. Try to eat herbs which freshen up your breath like parsley, tarragon, rosemary and spearmint.
Also, with the help of a toothbrush, you can clean your tongue if you do not find this instrument in the market. So, these are some of the remedies which you can follow to get rid of bad breath. The material in this site is intended to be of general informational use and is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis, or recommended treatments.
The problem is not that common and out of all the surgeries around 2 to 5 % people suffer from dry socket after extraction. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug(NSAID) like ibuprofen or aspirin can relieve you from the pain.

The dentist cleans the socket of the tooth, removes any kind of debris and fill the hole with a special medicated dressing that promotes healing. 99% cases get rid of the pain by by a simple trick of scraping the gums around the socket with a sickle scaler and allow the socket to fill with blood followed by a pack. You can also take some dry salt, turmeric and mustard oil, mix them well and then gently apply it on the dry socket.Do this 2-3 times every day as this will help to reduce the pain associated with the dry socket. Clove oil is very strong, so mix it with some olive oil and dilute it or you can also dilute it by adding few drops of clove oil (5-6 drops) to a cup of water. There are many things which cause bad breath like chronic bronchitis, respiratory tract infection, postnasal drip, uncontrolled diabetes and digestive disorders.
In some cases, it is not a serious issue as it can be treated by getting prepared before going out with family or for a date.
You should go to the doctor and get your teeth cleaned and examined before going for any remedies. Basically, bad breath is a cause of excess heat in the stomach .So, if you take soup, water, vegetables, watery fruits then it will help you in rebalancing the body.
It is mainly due to the reason when the blood clot that covers the nerves and the bones from where the teeth was pulled gets dislodged after tooth extraction. However, the pain caused by dry socket can be very severe and cannot be controlled with these over the counter medicines.
The patients need to see the dentist everyday for dressing until there is a relief from pain and the socket begins to heal.
It is the responsibility of the dentist to advise the patient wisely so that there is no damage done to the wound, smokers should be asked to quit at least for the meanwhile. People who have wisdom teeth pulled, have poor oral hygiene, smoke are more likely to get dry socket.
Other than reducing the pain for some time, turmeric is also very effective in healing the dry socket. Then take some cotton balls, add few drops of the oil or soak it in the cup and then apply it on the affected area. You can also add few drops of the gel to some cotton balls and then apply it on the affected area.

Neem because of its anti-bacterial properties will help to heal the affected area very fast. So getting rid of dry socket is not that difficult and by following the above mentioned 5 herbal remedies you can easily get good results within a very short time.
It may also stop existing bacteria by producing malodorous compounds like hydrogen sulfide. Never try those mouthwashes which contain alcohol as they dry the mouth which is a cause of bad breath.
Besides intense pain it brings along a bad taste and bad breath in the mouth. Patients who smoke, practice poor oral hygiene, use birth control pills have greater susceptibility to infection. It generally develops after 2 to 4 post surgical days, the pathogenesis (fibrinolytic alveolitis) of which is still under debate.
You are also advised to rinse the mouth with a prescribed mouthwash or salt water to prevent any kind of infection. Keep it like that for at least 5- 10 minutes.Try to do this 3-4 times every day as it will help you to get rid of any intense pain. You can also take some neem oil and apply it on the affected area with a dental pick or cotton ball. There are several ways to deal with dry socket , you can easily get rid of the pain and promote better healing. There are two opinions of the cause, the first is because of not blood clot at all and second assumption is that there is blood clot formation that get dissolved or dislodged leaving behind a dry socket. Zinc oxide dressing can be advised, even commercial dressings are available and the most comes of all are Dressol-X, D.S. You can also apply chamomile tea bags directly to the affected area and even drink at least 2-3 cups of tea every day.
Streptococci is considered as the causative organism, however lysis can occur even without bacterial presence.
The dentist wait for the dry socket to heal properly before the dental implants could be placed.

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