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The Handy Plan Weight Loss ClubOver 10 years' experience and research in wegiht loss, distilled into The Handy Plan from Hoyles Fitness.Handy Plan LecturesArticles specifically for people losing weight with The Handy Plan. At some point in our lives, most of us suffer from some sort of tightness in our muscles that manifests itself as joint pain. In lots cases muscle tightness and joint injury is merely a symptom of our lifestyle – not enough movement, repetition of particularly damaging movements, poor posture, unsuitable working environment etc, but there are ways you can correct these. There are a number of reasons why our mobility reduces over time, some of which are easily rectifiable.
This article will identify a few of the more common areas of muscle tightness and joint injury, the pain it can cause and how you can rectify the problem. Disclaimer: I am not a qualified physiotherapist, so this advice is not meant to be diagnostic or clinical. Here is a list of common areas of muscle tightness, the injuries they produce and what to do about them.
Anyone who has ever cycled or ran for a length of time and has suffered lower back pain as a result could benefit from a hip flexor stretch. To stretch the hip flexors, assume a kneeling lunge position and lean forward until you feel a stretch from the hip down towards the knee, as shown is this picture of me whilst on a 165 mile training ride in 2010!
These muscles can tighten for a whole host of reasons – sitting too much, over-use through cycling or running, not rehabilitating an old injury properly and often, simply a lack of sufficient stretching activity. To stretch the hamstrings, merely bending at the waist and keeping your leg straight will do the job. The iliotibial band is also known as the ITB – a band of connective tissue running down the lateral side of the leg. The way to remove this pain is to use a foam roller or vibration plate on the area as often as possible – this will have the effect of lengthening the ITB, reducing the tension and removing the pain at the knee. Personally I found stretches next to useless for dealing with ITB pain and massage, foam rolling and vibrogym massage to be excellent at curing the problem.
One of the saddest things I see in the gym is scores of young guys training their beach muscles in the hope of impressing the girls.
These factors combined result in a muscle imbalance around the shoulder that can cause muscle tightness and joint injury – in particular with the shoulder and upper back. Now before we go any further, some people wrongly identify this as a rotator cuff tear – leave that to the diagnostic skills of a qualified physiotherapist or clinician. Combine this stretch with exercises to target the upper back and rear deltoids (back of the shoulders) and see if your pain eases. So there are a few of the more common complaints I see in the gym that can be dealt with quite easily, just by adjusting your programming and training smarter. There are lots of foam rollers on the market, but this is the one I use and have found it to be ideal…. When it comes to muscle recovery and injury prevention, stretching is a very useful and worthwhile tool. Train the body in balance – make sure that you include push exercises, pull exercises, hip dominant, knee dominant, rotational and gait exercises.
If you are suffering from any pain, take a look at what you do and see if these strategies will help.
Acute pain might be mild and last just a moment, or it might be severe and last for weeks or months. Thinking quickly, I made a detour to the church nearby where the road was practically empty apart from the lone jogger or two.
As tired as I was, I was feeling really proud of myself especially when I think back about my half marathon training. It was so painful that I just couldn’t continue any more and had leave my goal premature.
So all I could do was to try to ease the pain by puting an ice pack around my calf and then use a muscle rub some hours after that and went to bed with my compression socks on.
At this point of writing, my leg is feeling much better and I can walk properly now, although the pulled feeling is still there but I think it will ease completely within the day.

I tried to go catch up at the traffic light by going slightly faster rather than running on the spot.
Rather than feeling demoralised, all the more I feel like this is a challenge that I need to overcome. Sidenote : My next long run seems to coincide with a Duathlon event and it seems that part of their path is my usual jogging route. You may wish to supplement your stretching with rolling out your muscles, using self-myofacial release? Looking back though, after going through and experiencing the plan, I would tweak it a little more.
By the way, Eur is a lovely place to be in, especially during spring when you could see the cherry blossom bloom from the trees.
Anytime your body experiences pain and interrupts your daily activates it can be discerning. Early symptoms might include having the urge to urinate often which is then accompanied by pain.
If you have kidney stones you may find it hard to sit and will find standing is not comfortable but better than sitting. Another sign of kidney stones can be discolored urine accompanied by a foul odor due to hard chemical in the urine that stay in the body and crystallize to make up the actual stone. Vistas Medical Center is committed to providing compassionate and quality health care for our patients. By this I don’t mean anything as serious as arthritis for example, more a restriction in our range of movement or an acute pain upon movement. Spending a few minutes each week to improve our mobility will pay dividends – it will reduce injury risk, improve joint health, improve movement and improve exercise technique.
Our working positions, our sleeping positions, our habits etc can all be adjusted to protect and promote mobility. These are merely strategies you may wish to try before seeing a qualified physiotherapist, to see if your problem is something simple and easy to correct.
These muscles help the leg to flex at the hip (the clue is in their title), bringing the knee towards the torso.
A tight hip flexor acts on the pelvis by tipping it forwards which can result in lower back pain. Again, these muscles are attached directly to the pelvis and can cause chronic pain when tight.
This has a shortening affect on the tissue and the resulting tension pulls on the attachment site at the knee.
Having suffered with ITB pain myself, I used this method once and have not suffered since, and I had it in 2009! Set after set of bench presses, bicep curls and shoulder presses, all in the hope of building a bigger chest, shoulders and arms.
Before you explore any medical route, try a few stretches and exercises to see if your problem is something less serious. If it doesn’t ease after two weeks, your best bet would be to see a physiotherapist for a more in-depth assessment.
In time I will write a post on it myself and add my own videos, but effective foam rolling will help you avoid most of the muscle-related joint pain discussed here. Avoid too much running and cycling, but if you must do these activities, stretch thoroughly afterwards. I want to stress this point as far too often I come across people who wrongly assume the more pain you feel during and after your workout, the better it is. If you want to be able to walk when you are 50, think a little more deeply about your training.
It may be something really simple that is causing you pain! Muscle tightness and joint injury go hand in hand – look at your routine, in particular with regards to balance and stretching and reap the fitness and injury prevention benefits. In most cases, acute pain does not last longer than six months, and it disappears when the underlying cause of pain has been treated or has healed.

After going successfully at 26 km the past two weekends, it shouldn’t be too difficult. There were so many of them and it started to get bothersome, especially with the number of kids scampering around, not looking where they were going.
I even felt the sprain while hobbling to the main road where luckily Cart happened to be waiting nearby in his car and convinced me to stop and drove us home. I would not personally do a plan that had me piling on mileage in the long runs without a step back week every two weeks. Next to headaches, backaches are the most common complaint that health professionals receive.
The cause of lower back pain can often be attributed to lifting an object in the wrong way, doing a new exercise, or just lifting your body out of bed in a strange position.
These hard masses can form in either the the kidney or the ureter (the passageway from the kidney to the bladder). The pain may be felt in your side and back, just below the ribs where the kidneys are located. This article will address muscle tightness and joint Injury, prevention and cure, providing you with a few simple examples and cures. Typically, people who sit at a desk or drive for long periods of time keep their hip flexors in a contracted position for a long time which can lead to a tightening and shortening of the muscle. The action of the hamstrings are to allow the leg to flex (bend) at the knee, bringing the heel towards the bum. This will cause a pain in side of the knee after a few minutes of exercise and will not go away. The problem here is that they are doing lots of pushing and not much pulling – this strengthens and tightens the pectoral muscle group of the chest, and the neglect of the back leaves it weak and loose. I like going around this area as it’s normally not that many people around and there is a lake there which makes you feel tranquil as you go past fellow joggers.
Since it fit me really well when I was doing Roma Ostia 2013, I thought that the suggestion for the full marathon would fit me well too. Usually ibuprofen, a hot bath, heating pad, and slowing down on down on activity for a while can relieve the pain and eventually the pain will subside after a period of time. If you have a kidney stone, you soon will recognize that the pain is not from a muscle strain or pull.
The pain may be felt in you lower abdomen and groin area in fluctuating waves of throbbing pain and tenderness. Unfortunately, if kidney stones are left untreated that usually will result in a urinary tract infection.
Natural joint and soft tissue degradation means that joints are really susceptible to premature ageing unless properly cared for. In order to keep it at bay, you will need to perform regular stretching of the hip flexors (assuming the pain is merely down to tight hip flexors). If you only suffer from the side-knee pain when exercising and not during everyday movement, there is a very good chance it is ITB related. Your back is responsible for carrying most of the body’s weight through most all activities such as walking, running, lifting and bending.
If you experience any of these symptoms, it is recommended that you see a doctor immediately.
Next time look for a more conservative plan that will give you the time to build up miles and then rest so your body is more prepared for the long runs ahead.

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