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This week’s Muscle Monday will profile and highlight the Piriformis muscle.  I’ll highlight the actions, associated problems, self-care techniques and some trivia about Piriformis. All muscle names have latin roots.  In latin Piriformis means “pear shaped” and thus it forms that shape deep in the hip.
The Piriformis muscle lies deep to the more superficial Gluteus Maximus and is a relatively small muscle. It originates on the underside of the sacrum and is widest as it then narrows  to a small tendon that inserts into the greater trochanter or bony part of your hip. This is why it can be tricky to stretch because its function can change depending on the angle of flexion in the hip. Quite often it gets a bum rap (pun intended!)  Frequently people will think it is the culprit of sciatica.  However, true sciatica is caused by compression on the nerve root that originates in the lumbar spine. However, while we’re quick to blame Piriformis for this problem and attack it like an annoying fly, other muscles can come into play for this referred pain down the leg, notably trigger point activity in Gluteus Minimus and Medius. A lesser seen anomaly of this muscle is one in which the sciatic nerve actually passes through the Piriformis, instead of underneath or deep to it.  However, this is something they teach us in anatomy but very rarely happens. Sitting usually doesn’t make things better and can cause it to become tight and unhappy. If it is aggravated while driving that might occur due to an overly soft seat or sitting unevenly. Using a foam roller on the whole hip region can be a great self-care technique.  Start by sitting on the foam roller and then rolling to the side to access the Piriformis and the other muscles in the hip as well.
If it is being very stubborn you can lie on the floor and use a tennis ball under the hip to get a little more focused attention into the muscle.  But this can be a little intense, so relax, breathe and allow the muscle to soften. A great yoga posture for the Piriformis is the Pigeon Pose if you have access to the floor. Like every muscle in the body, the Piriformis works in combination with many other muscles. A physical exam might create pain through motion of the hip, but this is common in many back pain conditions. Exercises That Cause Back PainExercises that cause back pain is a controversial topic that always creates heated debate among patients and doctors alike.
Diagnosis of Pinched NervesThe diagnosis of pinched nerves is not always a certain science and many compressive neuropathies are misdiagnosed. Overcoming Back SpasmsOvercoming back spasms story, sent in by Cyrus, details a long history of muscular issues and an eventual all-natural solution. On emerging from the stylomastoid foramen, the nerve supplies the stylohyoid and the posterior belly of digastric muscle.
In some cases, this pain can be quite debilitating and may handicap a person for a temporary period.
The cool contact on the skin can relieve the pain by dulling the pain signals sent by nerves to the brain. Diet is an important part of natural treatments. The first step in to switch to anti-inflammatory diet. Vitamin B12 is a necessary compound that should be maintained at optimal levels when you suffer from this condition.
Swimming is a great exercise which not only keeps you fit but also does not hurt your feet. Sciatica pain occurs when the sciatica nerve is compressed and you feel severe pain, tingling and numbness that starts from the lower back and travels down the leg up to your toe.Sciatica affects your left or right side of the lower back and simultaneously you feel pain in either your left leg or right leg.
Sciatica is caused by obesity, leading a sedentary lifestyle or working for long periods in the same position like sitting or bending. You should perform Shalabh Asana with both the legs together once your sciatica subsides.Take care not to over do the exercises. Shoulder tendonitis is the inflammation, irritation and swelling of the tendons in the rotator cuff and bicep.
Shoulder tendonitis is usually caused by the pinching of the nerve in the shoulder or from repetitive strain (RS) on the shoulder joint.
This particular type of tendonitis is common amongst sports and activities that require the hand to be moved above the head. Nobody can understand better than me as to what can happen if one doesn’t cleanse colon properly! Colon is one of our body’s very friendly organ- a part of our digestive system which eliminates the wastes and toxins from our body.
Drinking sufficient water also stimulates the natural peristaltic action which makes your colon begin functioning in a normal manner. How many times have you heard, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!” Well, this is so true, apple does wonders for colon cleansing too! Start you day right away with a glass of apple juice, better if made with fresh apples just before you drink it. If you get bored with apple juice, have some other juice in between, say prune juice or lemon juice. If your condition is worse than just uncomfortable feeling, and you think its due to toxin ridden colon, you may as well wish to go on an apple diet for a minimum of three days!

Do not just go on apple diet every seven days or whenever you wish to detox your intestine and colon! If you are a patient of high blood pressure or have some heart related medical conditions, you better avoid this remedy for colon cleansing. You may need to go to the toilet for quite a few times after taking this salt water solution. Please be aware that colon cleaning is not recommended for people who suffer from weakness like that of convalescents after a serious disease.
Triphala can be easily found in Ayurveda health stores and even online Ayurveda products shops. Vegetables, though doesn’t sound as a remedy, but are a very effective one to cleanse colon without any special effort.
If possible have warm water mixed with lime juice squeezed out from a lemon and a teaspoon of honey first thing in the morning. Hence its taste fibres reach the anterior two-thirds of the tongue and its secretomotor fibres are conveyed to the submandibular ganglion, thence to the submandibular and sublingual salivary glands. It then enters the parotid gland where it divides into five divisions for the supply of the facial muscles: the temporal, zygomatic, buccal, mandibular, and cervical branches (see Figs 208, 209, 264).
Food items that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids are considered anti-inflammatory in nature. Fish, fortified soy products, red meat, cheese and eggs are some examples of vitamin B 12 rich food stuff. Exercise also stimulates a healthy flow of blood especially to peripheral regions of the body. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. It is a miserable condition and it worsens when you get up after sitting for a long time or after standing in the same position for a prolonged period of time. Poor posture while lying or sitting may put pressure on sciatica nerve and cause pain.Sciatica can be effectively treated with certain yoga exercises. Bend both the knees. Breathe in and raise yourself from the waist and place your hands below the waist for support. Bend the legs and bring your feet as close to your hips as possible keeping them apart at 1 foot distance.Spread your arms along the shoulders. Fix your gaze on the middle finger of your hand and hold the pose for 5 seconds.Exhale and come back to starting position. These activities include weight llifting and bodybuilding, swimming, rock climbing, swimming and baseball.
It’s a condition that can be easily treated but in serious cases may become permanent.
It also absorbs water and requisite sodium (salt) in order to maintain body’s electrolyte balance.
We need to have a lots of water during the day to keep ourselves hydrated and to keep our body organs properly functioning. Along with water,you can also have other natural liquids (not colas and sodas) such as fresh fruit and vegetable juices, lemon juice, coconut water etc.
Fresh apples as well as apple juice, all can cleanse your colon to your health’s bliss! You can even add two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice to one glass of apple juice to alter its taste.
Even if you do it, please (please) consult your physician and only if your doctor permits then you should go for a salt water flush that too under his strict supervision.
Some chicken soup or steamed veggies are good options for you after having a salt water flush to cleanse your colon.
You should wait for a few weeks after your disease or till the time your weakness has gone. Just mix a tablespoon of triphala in a glass of water and have it in the morning to let it work through out the day. Fibers in vegetables help in keeping stool soft and thus improve the bowel movement avoiding constipation. Common causes of this medical condition are repetitive injury or trauma to feet, consumption of certain drugs and sometimes simply due to idiopathic reasons.
Some other medical conditions like kidney diseases, HIV AIDS, nutritional deficiency, multiple myeloma also cause this problem in many people. Onces you know that it is pure pain due to inflammation or an aftermath of a wound that has healed completely then you can go for massage. Sea cod oil, salmon, mackerel, flax seeds, walnuts, basil, broccoli are some of the easily available food items that are high on omega3 fatty acids. When the pain is severe and unbearable you might be advised rest and medication for some time.
Inhale and bend your knees towards right side while turning your neck in the opposite direction. Keep the feet together.Inhale and lift your knees and thighs while keeping your arms straight.

Underlying conditions such as improper posture or poor technique in sports or work must be corrected. I was low on energy, had headache off and on, witnessed quite a few types of skin allergies, and was uncomfortable due to bloating and vomiting. Although, regular bowel movement do flush away all the waste from our bodies, still colon needs to take a major part in eliminating body wastes which it does. Just have apples and nothing else other than some refined olive oil (about ? a cup) at bedtime.
Consult with your doctor first before going on this apple diet for colon cleansing and do not do it more than once in a month and a half! It is a fine natural laxative composed of three ingredients- Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Haritaki (Chebulic myrobalan), and Bhibitaki (Beleric myrobalan). Fiber rich veggies and fruits actually encourage your body to expel waste products on a daily basis keeping your colon clean in a natural way. You may also take an icepack or frozen golf ball and place it under the feet where the pain emanates. Massage is best done as a follow up of warm water dip as it further soothes the relaxed muscles and alleviates the stiffness in the feet around the bone. However, before getting into an exercise regimen, do consult a physiotherapist who will give you a better idea and suggest various ranges of sitting and standing exercises. But once the pain becomes bearable you should give up the pain relieving medicines and start doing yoga exercises under expert guidance to reduce and cure sciatica pain. Despite visiting the physician and having a whole lot of medicines to cure these unexplained symptoms, I was not able to get comfort.
However, sometimes it doesn’t function properly as a result of which certain wastes and toxins cling to the walls of our colons. There are many treatments available for colon cleansing, ranging from medicines to non surgical methods such as enema etc. When you take this amount of apple juice and at this frequency, it encourages bowel movements and even breaks down toxins. The crux is to have more of juices, major part of which should be apple juice and lesser of solid food.
You can have apples of all varieties, whole or cut or sliced, peeled or with peel, chilled or normal and even boiled (though not preferred)- but have apples only.
These are essential to make up for the loss of minerals, water and electrolyte due to the salt water you have taken in the morning. Bioflavonoids, vitamin C, linoleic oil and phospholipids in triphala promote bowel movements leading to elimination of toxic materials from the body.
In most of the cases, doctors recommend nerve relaxers and anti-inflammatory drugs in the interim but these have their own set of side effects when taken over a long period of time.
This is why avoid weight exercises and keep away from carrying any heavy weight even while continuing in your usual daily lives.
I was good (well, sort of) when I had the medicines given by my doctor but as soon as I stopped them, the same old things happened to me.
This leads to various health problems including common cold, constipation, diarrhea, fatigue, headaches, allergies, indigestion, joint pains, vision problems, loss of memory as well as stress.
There are also these natural home and herbal remedies that are safe without any side effects! Obviously, you won’t do it everyday but sure do it when you feel low on health and experience all those conditions for which you can’t find any reason! As it is also high in nutrition, it is in itself capable of maintaining crucial body reserves without depleting them while eliminating toxins from the body. In this feature we will introduce our readers to various ways of relieving themselves of these neuropathic pains of feet. Also in cases of diabetic patients, they must keep away from this remedy if they have any wounds or infection in the feet. If we are not attentive to this problem of colon not cleaning properly, it can even lead to serious diseases including liver and kidney ailments.
Animal meat like liver, kidney and heart are non-vegetarian options of food items rich in lipoic acid. If you do have some very flat soled shoes then go for insoles, that are easily available in most of the shoe stores. If your pain is occasional and well managed, then you may go for running as an exercise. Then, one fine day, I happened to narrate my distress to one of my friends and then she told me what can be the possible reason for my discomfort. This detoxifies the body and boost your metabolism as well as helps in proper bowel movement which is the per-requisite for a healthy colon.
Start with salads and other fruits the fourth day, the light foods and gradually move towards heavier food items but do not forget to include lots of fiber in your food. So, be a fan of vegetables and fruits and stay away from any toxins that your colon may embrace in lack of such food!

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