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The views expressed in the contents are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of The University of Malaya Library. I do not suffer from Type 2 Diabetes or any Diabetes myself, but boy was I probably close if I continued on the path I was on prior to surgery.
After I watched the video I was not surprised by what they were talking about because I had wrote a post that addressed the same thing here: Dr. Of course it is not for everyone, we all know that Gastric Bypass Surgery has its own set of risks, but which one is riskier than the other?
It is personal decision to make along with one you would need to work out with your doctor, but to know it is getting more attention and more studies is so promising. We found that the change in the anatomy of the stomach and intestines can improve diabetes directly. So for you Type 2 Diabetes sufferers there is hope and some new questions you may want address with your doctor. First, if you have type 1, you’d probably need to talk about pancreatic islet transplantation or beta cell encapsulation in order to cure it. But on the topic of curing type 2 diabetes, I always hear people say, “there isn’t money in a cure.” People say this when referring to the pharmaceutical companies. I’m not a physician and I’m not trying to give you advice pertaining to taking medication for type 2 diabetes. Now you decide to learn all you can about how to control your blood sugar and you decide to make lifestyle changes.
For a guaranteed way to reverse, cure or control type 2 diabetes, you need to check out my Master Your Diabetes Program.
As I am reading this my chocolate chia pudding is soaking…15 more minutes and it will be ready! Diabetes, also known as diabetes mellitus, has become a major lifestyle condition all over the world. Although, there is no known cure for this disease, there are some lifestyle changes that help in controlling it. Drinking this water early in the morning for a couple of months will help bring down glucose levels in your body. Guava is a fruit that is very safe and healthy for diabetic patients as it has only natural sugars. Also known as amla, Indian gooseberry is a rich source of vitamin C and helps the pancreas to function efficiently.
You must drink two to three litres of water every day as it will help control your blood sugar level and will also prevent other complications associated with diabetes.
First of all, to a get a Noble Prize for curing diabetes you have to cure it using medical methods, which is just impossible. The goal of this article is not to give you the ultimate cure for diabetes, but to explain the physics behind diabetes and suggest methods that you can use in practice to reach positive results (as it happened in the presented case).
It might be a shock to all matter-oriented scientists and medical workers, but the true cause of diabetes (as well as any other health related problem) lies on the higher levels of consciousness. Pumping more energy into that energy center through energy healing, holistic or spiritual practices can only temporarily resolve the issue and give pancreas at least some energy for it to start working. To achieve a long-term lasting results and bring pancreas back to its normal work schedule the true cause of diabetes has to be revealed and dealt with.
It was possible to reveal the true cause of her diabetes using pondermottor writing technique, Numerology, laws of Nature and the model of higher levels of consciousness based on the spiritual science Infosomatics. After the cause of diabetes was identified in the case with Alice, Infosomatic visualization techniques were used to jump start her pancreas and the rest is history. As you can see from the life line graphs of her parents (that were taken using pondermottor writing technique) they were not exactly positive.
Energy of our thoughts and ignorant worldview are the main causes of the problems that we might be experiencing with our health, personal and professional lives.

To get her pancreas back to work, diagnosis of her energy-informational environment was made using pondermotor writing technique and Numerology. It was the time for Alice to leave her energy lacking parents and go on her own journey of self discovery. Originally from Ukraine, Dmitriy (aka Life Script Doctor) have studied new spiritual science Infosomatics and how human brain interacts with the levels of higher consciousness. OM Times Magazine is a Holistic Green eZine with a Spiritual Self-growth Perspective for the Conscious Community. OMTimes Magazine is a unique mix of eye-catching graphic arts, in-depth articles, fine arts, socially conscious commentary and green living. I think this is just the start of some big things to come in the way of cures for diseases and it makes me so happy to hear. Well, when asking yourself how to cure diabetes type 2 there are many things that come to mind.
And while I have mixed opinions on this after having close to a decade of experience working in Big Pharma I’ll keep my comments to myself.
Type 2 diabetes, regardless of what you think, can be cured, reversed, managed, controlled…whatever you choose it to be.
Well, I’m trying to say, unlike other conditions out there, type 2 diabetes comes down to control. In Master Your Diabetes, you’ll learn how to get your blood sugar perfect, even if it’s in the 400’s. High level of glucose in blood, hunger, fatigue, thirst and increased frequency of urination are the main symptoms seen in people suffering from diabetes.
But, bitter gourd juice, which is very very bitter, is found to be extremely beneficial for diabetic people. Its seed should be grilled first and then soaked in a bowl of boiling hot water for a few minutes. It is very rich in vitamin C and has high fibre content, making it an ideal fruit for you if you have diabetes. Olive oil should be used in cooking as it can reduce bad cholesterol levels and triglycerides in the blood. We all know that sunlight is the source of vitamin D, which our body requires for proper functioning. It helps mobilize the high sugar content in our blood, helping control its level effectively. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Medicine works on the physical body level through insulin injections whereas “the solution to a problem always lies on the level of consciousness higher from where the problem was created”. The suggested methods can eliminate diabetes simply because they deal with the true cause and not just the symptoms on the physical body. It is failure of pancreas to produce enough insulin or cells of the body not responding properly to the insulin produced.  To find the true cause and cure for diabetes we will need to raise our awareness and look at the energy-informational level (the level of energy centers, human aura and even beyond). The answers lie in the energy-informational environment that the person who has diabetes exists in and the worldview that this person has. You might have heard about Psychosomatics, it is a well known medical field exploring the relationships among social, psychological, and behavioral factors on bodily processes and quality of life in humans and animals.
When a person has a negative look on life (among other things) it leads to the lack of their own energy and could turn into a habit. Since she was a second child, she was her mother’s child (in 80% of chances, second child follows genetic line of a mother).
After the source of the problem was identified, Infosomatic visualization techniques were suggested to get her pancreas back on track.
It was the time for her to start looking for her family of like-minded people (who are not necessarily connected by blood) and who would be able to help her achieve her goals and realize her full potential. There are many different cases out there, and each one has to be looked at individually, but only when the true cause of diabetes is discovered it can be actually cured even without medicine.

I think now there are more studies being done and more awareness that Weight Loss Surgery is an option.
The morning of your physical exam with your physician, you decide to check your blood sugar just for fun.
So you’re shocked and you decide to put off your physical because you don’t’ want your physician to know about your blood sugar. And you continue to check your blood sugar periodically going forward just to make sure it isn’t out of control ever again. I love all things health, wellness, and fitness-related, and I hope to share some of my passion with you. The two main factors contributing to this health problem are the eating habits of people and a sedentary lifestyle.
These natural remedies will help you achieve your purpose and allow you to live a normal life.
Did you know that normal vitamin D levels are necessary in our body for maintaining normal insulin production? Besides, why isn't there any world famous Noble Prize winner who cured and has cured diabetes? Pancreas stops working properly because its functions are no longer supported by the energy center that is responsible for life support (energy center that is known as Solar Plexus Chakra in esoteric teachings). It can give explanation on what emotions are causing certain health problems, while Infosomatics gives a model of energy informational world around us as well as techniques to correct possible problems that we experience in life. It strays that person away from realizing their own unique purpose and makes them look for energy outside (in many cases it happens subconsciously). Right around mother’s birthday (birthdays are the time when energy bodies of a person are in the most unstable state since they are going through changes, especially around crisis years) Alice received a big energy hit which led to her pancreas failing to fulfill its functions. Here is a comment from Alice herself (Alice, of course, is not the real name of the young lady, but her story is as real as it gets).
Yet, it is not wise to treat Infosomatic techniques as panacea, everything should be used in balance and in the beginning some assistance from medicine could be required. You can reverse insulin resistance, which is one of the reasons why your blood sugar rises to diabetic levels in type 2 diabetes.
Take a couple of bitter gourds, throw the seeds, and then use a juicer to extract its juice. So, it is essential that you maintain these levels by getting sufficient sunlight every day. Her parents worried a lot on how a young, beautiful and sensitive girl will be able to live by herself.
Infosomatics is based on the law of transforming information into energy and then further into matter, taking into account the flow of time. When the body was led to suffering on the physical level it needs help on the physical level as well. When the pancreas in our body secretes less insulin, the sugar in our blood cannot be broken down, resulting in high levels of blood sugar. It explains how human brain interacts on the levels of higher consciousness and offers visualization techniques that can help improve the quality of life. The key for long term results is to find the true cause of the problem and solve it on the energy-informational level (on the levels of higher consciousness). Thankfully, in short period of time she got some advice that helped her to correct her life’s script.
You can also make a vegetable curry with bitter gourd, or fry small pieces in a healthy oil and eat as snacks. She was quite diligent in putting the advice and techniques into practice and very soon her pancreas began to function properly and she no longer needed insulin shots and continued living a normal life like any beautiful and sensitive young lady is supposed to”.

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