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The best way to relieve a cramp is to provide support to the affected leg and gently try to stretch it. In diabetic neuropathy, the nerves in the legs suffer damage due to improper blood circulation.
Deep vein thrombosis is characterized by a blood clot embedded in one of the veins of the leg. You may be asked to wear a compression stocking, which will help improve blood circulation.
Sitting or standing for prolonged period, or sitting in an uncomfortable position, or a bad posture can also lead to leg pain. Disclaimer: This Buzzle article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.
When the night leg cramp strikes, grab your upper lip between your index finger and thumb, and squeeze for 30 seconds.
However, conventional medicine still continues to recommend stretching out those calf muscles.
In the next article on dealing with leg pain at night from leg cramps, we'll look at six more leg cramps treatment options. Serious Health Risks of Daylight Saving TimeI just sent out another issue of my newsletter, Sleep Chat.
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Leg Cramps At Night: 9 Possible CausesFrom this moment on, leg cramps at night will hopefully be less of a problem for you. Get these 3 FREE e-books valued at over $89 for subscribing to my free Sleep Chat newsletter. Leg pain can happen due to the bone conditions, muscle problems, blood vessels, skin disease, nerves, tendons, etc. Stress is always the factor that causes many health problems and it can make your leg pain more severe. Smoke and caffeine are harmful elements that cause your leg more severe and you should give up them immediately. Lime is great for skin, digestion, constipation, diabetes, heart diseases, respiratory conditions, fever, eye care, gout, gums, piles, cholera, weight loss, urinary disorders, etc.
If you want to get more useful and home remedies for many diseases, you might visit our main Home RemediesA A page. After reading the writing about 8 natural home remedies for leg pain in sciatic nerve, I hope that you have found some useful information to relieve pain or discomfort from legs at night and day. VKool encourages comments, but please remember: Play nice, keep it clean, stay on-topic, and avoid promotional content.
Drink a cup of warm cups before going out for a bike ride can help the muscles in your leg to stay relax and you will never get a leg cramp.
Water is the best home remedy that can instantly avoid leg cramps from happening in your legs.
The leaves of rosemary have the tendency to reduce any kind of swelling that happens from the strained muscles. Sign up for Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin to get latest health news, invaluable and impartial health information for you and your family. After a long day at the office, you’d likely want nothing more than to go home, relax, and get a good night’s sleep.
Antibiotics may not always do the trick, so many people turn to more natural ways of dealing with pain. Although pregnant women and the elderly are more susceptible to nighttime leg cramps, almost anyone could experience them.
Apply a hot compress to the area: Apply a hot water bottle or heating pad to the pained area. Magnesium supplements: Some studies show that magnesium deficiency could lead to leg cramps. Stay away from tight bed sheets: You might not realize this, but tight bed sheets can cause you to point your toes downward while you’re sleeping. Stretch your legs toward the wall: Lie down on your side (the opposite side of the leg cramp) and face the wall. Stretch your calves using a towel: Place your cramped leg in a towel and stretch the towel out horizontally.
Michael Kessler, DC is supremely qualified to help you heal your health problems using the most natural cures on earth. Disclaimer: The information contained herein is for information purposes only and is not to be construed as a diagnosis, treatment, preventive, or cure for any disease, disorder, or abnormal physical state, nor should it be considered a substitute for medical care from your doctor. You can take care of minor leg pain and cramps by using common-sense remedies like rest, gentle stretch­ing, and mild pain relievers as needed.

Serious conditions like intermittent claudication can have grave consequences if allowed to go untreated. Claudication’s main symptom is pain in your calf or thigh muscle when you walk, which stops when you rest. About the Author: Andrew Reinert is a health care professional who loves to share different tips on health and personal care. We're discussing the causes behind it and appropriate measures to treat it in the article that follows. Leg cramps are quite common in case of adults, and their occurrence may increase as one ages. When a herniated disc or a bone spur on the spine compresses this nerve, it results in pain, inflammation, and numbness. The legs and joints may feel tender to touch, and symptoms tend to be at their worst in the mornings. Mineral deficiency is also a major cause of leg cramps and can be minimized by a proper diet. Probably you have already known that exercise can improve your flexibility, improve bone growth, develop muscles, advance your health, etc.
You cannot get rid of leg pain as well as other diseases if your mind is often heavy and anxious.
The reason is that some routines can cause your leg pain symptoms get worse and you cannot reduce the problem if you change something in your life.
This method is very useful for treating this problem because lots of foods have healing properties to improve your sleep and reduce pain in legs.
This ingredient is great in vitamin C, iron, vitamin B6, potassium that can help you form sex hormones, bones, and tissues. Due to plentiful benefits of lime, you should add lime juice as one of the best home remedies for leg pain.
This article is for informational purpose only, so you should go to see the doctor immediately if you cannot get better effect from those home remedies. A dialysis procedure (removing waste and excess water from the blood) can also cause leg cramps.
Try adding more potassium-rich food sources to your diet, such as bananas, apricots, grapes, oranges, cabbages, and nectarines. Sign up for latest health news, tips and daily health eAlert from the experts you can trust for FREE! It gives me a better look at things beside the chemicals that our government is trying to pump into us and all the side effects. On any matter relating to your health or well-being—and prior to undertaking any health-related activity—consult an appropriate health professional. Cover your leg with clothing or blankets, soak it in a hot bath, or use a heating pad, but don’t overdo it.
High doses of quinine seem to help nighttime leg cramps, but it also can cause serious side effects, such as ringing in the ears, deafness, mental confusion, disturbed vision, ver­tigo, headache, nausea, and vomiting. A muscle cramp in the night, usually in the calf region, can be due to dehydration, hormonal imbalance or a deficiency of potassium and magnesium.
Obesity, heart attack, recent childbirth, respiratory disorders, and stroke are some of the causes of deep vein thrombosis. Although leg pain can be treated in hospital by specialists, but you might try to follow top 9 home remedies for leg pain and see how comfortable you feel after doing them. Exercises play an important role in healing bone problem, especially when you feel painful in legs.
You should relax before bedtime, eliminate some hard issues to make your mind comfortable, set a sleeping time every night and day to improve your sleep.
It is necessary to get up, walk around, do some gentle stretch, mediate for few minutes, or drink lots of water in day. As the result, you should cut down smoke and caffeine if you really want to get rid of leg pain effectively. For treating leg pain, you can use a teaspoon of saffron and boil it with A? cup of water until you get a tablespoon of the liquid.
To relieve pain from legs, you can mix lime juice, warm water, and honey to decrease pain in legs dramatically. A leg cramp can happen in children as well as adults and can last for a few minutes of time. The banana has the ingredients that can balance the potassium level in a human body to act against a leg cramp.
Drink three glasses of fresh milk a day so that you can gain a good amount of calcium that is needed to make your muscles a stronger one. The sweat that gets out of the body can indicate the water level that one must take to stay hydrated. This herb has the four anti-inflammatory properties that can calm the inflamed muscles tissues and soothes the pain that are caused by a leg cramp.

Nighttime leg cramps—also called nocturnal leg cramps—can jolt a person awake in the middle of the night. If you don’t have a heating pad, try applying a large amount of Vicks VapoRub ointment to the area.
If your pain is worse at night, you may get some relief by hanging your leg over the side of the bed.
Excessive heat may enlarge your blood vessels too much, which can affect your deeper circulation. Instead, sit down, straighten out your leg, grab the ball of your foot, and stretch it toward you. When you’re rest­ing, enough blood flows to the muscle to meet its needs, so the pain subsides.
But, believe it or not, exercise is the best way to relieve the pain of intermittent claudication.
AAA stands for abdominal aortic aneurysm, a weakness in the wall of the artery that supplies blood to your stomach, liver, spleen, and legs. This condition often results from clogged arteries caused by a build-up of cholesterol and other fatty materials.
However, you cannot choose all the exercises to challenge when you have leg pain, but opting for a proper activity will reduce pain in legs. You should avoid staying at one place at a long time or standing for a long time without moving, even when you are working at the office. Additionally, you should intake more potassium and magnesium rich foods to promote bone growth. Moreover, smoke, alcohol, and caffeine affect negatively to your health so you should not be interested in them. You divide that mixture into three parts and take it equally and use to massage legs for couple of days to reduce pain in legs.
Drink a cup of water every hour to make your body active and to stay away from the leg cramps. In rare cases, nighttime leg cramps can be the symptom of an underlying disorder, such as artery disease.
This type of stretch compresses the leg as well as massages it, which should help relieve the cramp.
As this disease gets worse, you may have trouble keeping your foot warm, and you may only be able to relieve the pain by dangling your leg or not using it at all. Causes of RLS could be obesity, pregnancy, iron deficiency (anemia), smoking and hypothyroidism. For example, you can do some walking, jogging, and yoga to improve your bone, support your sleep and reduce leg pain.
Instead, you should live healthily by drinking lots of water, doing regular exercises, and eating healthy foods. Home remedies can be taken in a regular manner to stay away from the pain and from the leg cramps. A single banana has about 450 mg of potassium in them that can help in increasing the potassium level in a human body.
Always have a water bottle on your side while exercising, so that you can drink some water when you sweat a lot.
Clear urine is a sign of good hydration while yellowish urine is a sign that you are not completely hydrated. Minor cuts, burns, and injuries on your foot and leg will heal slowly, and you may develop skin ulcers. Intermittent claudication is a common sign of this condition, which affects almost one out of every 10 men over age 65.
Exercise not only helps you enhance your health, but it also helps you relax and will sleep better at night.
Another method to sleep well is to use a pillow and put it between the knees when sleeping at night. By walking one hour three times a week, you should experience less pain within two or three months. If you’re not satisfied with your newsletter, you can simply cancel your subscription and receive a pro-rated refund on all undelivered issues.
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