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I do not suffer from Type 2 Diabetes or any Diabetes myself, but boy was I probably close if I continued on the path I was on prior to surgery.
After I watched the video I was not surprised by what they were talking about because I had wrote a post that addressed the same thing here: Dr.
Of course it is not for everyone, we all know that Gastric Bypass Surgery has its own set of risks, but which one is riskier than the other? It is personal decision to make along with one you would need to work out with your doctor, but to know it is getting more attention and more studies is so promising.

We found that the change in the anatomy of the stomach and intestines can improve diabetes directly. So for you Type 2 Diabetes sufferers there is hope and some new questions you may want address with your doctor. Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community.
I think this is just the start of some big things to come in the way of cures for diseases and it makes me so happy to hear.

Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. I think now there are more studies being done and more awareness that Weight Loss Surgery is an option.

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