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UCH Dietetics Department Chief Dietician, Dr Tunde Ajobo has urged Nigerians to introduce locust beans (iru) into their diet because of its nutritional and medicinal benefits.
In response, MK Eli Alalouf, chairperson of the Knesset Health Committee, said that he trusted the professional judgement of pharmacists.
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Nature's Way Psyllium Husk Description: Psyllium Husks are used for relief of occasional constipation (irregularity).

Speaking in the Knesset, Professor Eliezer Rachmilevitz, a representative of the Israel Physicians Association, said that the law was “dangerous. The law would authorize pharmacists who have been licensed for at least two years to dispense drugs when a doctor is unavailable to write a new prescription.
Nevertheless, the law provides penalties for abuse, including imposing fines and even jail time on individuals who abuse the process.
The patient would receive the drugs, and supply the prescription when the doctor returns to the office, within 72 hours of the drug being dispensed.

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