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No matter what exercise comes first in your workout routine, you can't just jump into heavy weights without doing some warm-up sets. I recommend doing one or two warm-up sets of leg extensions before starting any other leg exercise. Additionally, you may want to perform a warm-up set of leg presses with a fairly light weight (before starting other leg exercises).
When performing a leg press or leg extension movement like squats or seated leg press, do not fully lock-out your knees.
By not fully locking your knees - you will keep the tension on the muscle and you will experience a more intense set at your current weight. If you are unable to complete your set without locking your knees, the weight is too heavy and must be lowered. Make sure you are able to complete the full range of motion for any leg exercise you are performing.

Mark is a personal trainer who enjoys every aspect of training including helping others and competing.
They are often neglected by many gym-goers (only interested in training biceps and chest!).
An existing knee injury or joint pain can greatly impact your leg workouts and prevent additional muscle growth. They put 315 pounds on the bar - and yet only descend 4 to 6 inches (no-where near parallel). If you utilize an elliptical trainer, lower the incline (height) to lessen the stress on your knees. IF you don't suffer from knee pain - these tips should help you prevent any future problems. You will then get the blood flowing in and around the knee as well as warm-up the quad muscles of the leg.

Many athletic shoes have a very thick sole that when squatting - forces your body forward (and onto your toes). If they were to complete the full range-of-motion for a squat - they would not be able to even do one rep. If you have an existing knee injury, these tips can help alleviate the pain and allow you to continue training. I will share some tips and techniques that will help prevent and repair knee pain when training legs.

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