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Diabetes mellitus is often a misunderstood disease in the Asian community, with many people associating it simply with sugar consumption.
Furthermore, early diagnosis can help with controlling diabetes, thereby reducing its negative long term effects on your health and well-being.
In the UK alone, there are 2.5 million people who have been diagnosed with diabetes, of which it is estimated that 90 per cent have Type 2 (explained below). Diabetes mellitus is a disease in which your body fails to control sugar levels in the blood.
Long term, untreated diabetes is associated with heart and circulation problems, strokes, visual problems, kidney problems, nerve damage and foot problems.
It is important to look out for diabetes from the age of 25 years in Asian communities and also to be screened in pregnancy. Fortunately, in 4 out of 5 people, Type2 diabetes can be prevented or delayed by very simple and small changes with massive benefits for their health. The government is now rolling out the National Diabetes Prevention Programme in seven areas to begin with: Birmingham South and Central , Bradford City, Durham, Hereford, Medway, Salford and Southwark. You should also try to have an active lifestyle- try walking as the days get brighter, alight from the bus a stop earlier- see where you can fit it into your routine. Since launching in August 2007 as a free monthly newspaper, the Asian World has remained true to its original format as it continues to serve its vast audience and has paved the way for cutting edge quality content.
Today medications have become a common form of treatment for diabetes with a wide variety of medicines available all over the world [1]. Medications for diabetes include both oral tablets as well as injectable insulin for better and faster cure [2]. Since Type I Diabetes is also known as insulin-dependent diabetes, the insulin is the major requisite in such patients. Rapid acting insulin analogues: Insulin Lispro, insulin Aspart and insulin Glulisine are some common rapid acting insulin analogues that are administered within 5-10 minutes of food intake and have rapid but short term effect. Long acting insulin analogue: Insulin Glargin and insulin Determir are long acting insulin analogues that do not have any peak action period and lasts for long once the drug is administered inside the body.
Intermediate insulin administration options are also available for the administration of insulin to Type I Diabetes patients. Some of the common insulin brands include Humulin, Novolin, Apidra, Levemir, Lantus, Humalog and Novalog [3]. Artificial pancreas: This process links a glucose monitor to an insulin pump which is in turn delivered to the body when there is a need to. Pancreas transplant: This process is not usually recommended as it involves high chances of risk of infection and many other side effects as well.
Islet Cells transplant: The islet cells are the beta cells which are directly responsible for the production of insulin and these exhibit dysfunction in Type I Diabetes sufferers. Stem cell transplant: This is another newly sought after and emerging method of transplantation which might help Type I Diabetes sufferers. There are several oral medications available for Type II Diabetes or non-insulin dependent diabetes to increase body’s response to insulin and regulate the blood sugar levels [4].
Alpha glucosidase inhibitors (AGIs) – These drugs help in slowing down the digestion of carbohydrates.
Amylin agonists – Examples of this type of medication include Symlin or pramlintide that assist insulin in controlling post-meal glucose levels. Gliptins or DPP-4 inhibitors – These medications prevent the destruction of Incretin hormones but have very small effect on reducing the levels of blood sugar. Megalintides – Similar to Sulphonylureas, these drugs help the body to produce more insulin but prove to be much faster acting and have a shorter lasting effect on the body.
GLP-1 Receptor Agonists or Incretin mimetic – These medications tend to mimic the actions of body’s Incretin hormone, but have very humble effect in reducing the blood sugar levels. Thiazolidinedione or glitazones – These medications reduces the resistance of the body to insulin. SGL T2 inhibitors or gliflozins – These drugs lowers the blood glucose levels by acting on the kidneys and preventing them from reabsorbing the sugar back into the blood stream.
Glinides or prandial glucose regulators – Prandin, also known as Repaglinide stimulates beta cells in pancreas to produce insulin and may be used to help Type II Diabetes sufferers.
Insulin therapy may also be administered to Type II Diabetes patients in case of requirements. Besides treating Type II Diabetes, these drugs are also used in the treatment of two other types of diabetes, namely Gestational Diabetes and prediabetes. The type of diabetes: While the symptoms and the conditions of Type I and Type II diabetes may appear to be the same, care must be taken to correctly identify the type of diabetes before beginning taking medication.

The cause and magnitude of diabetes: While the chronic conditions may exhibit extremely high blood sugar levels, lower levels can be controlled by following a healthy diet and maintaining an active lifestyle with adequate amounts of exercise. The adverse effects and drug reactions: Most of the drugs that are used in the treatment of different types of diabetes are known to have different types of side effects on the body and in case medications are being taken, then these side effects will have to be managed.
Compliance factors: There may be a host of compliance factors associated with different types of drugs as per the location of a user.
Contradictions to therapy: While different drugs have proven to be effective in their own ways, there have also been a number of cases involving contradictions to the type of therapy used. Cost effectiveness of the treatment procedure: Different treatment procedures have different costs and it is up to the patient to determine which process is financially feasible. It must be remembered that there is no treatment or cure for diabetes and any condition of diabetes should be considered serious.
It is critical that diabetics always seek proper medical counseling and advice from licensed medical practitioners or healthcare providers before deciding to take up any type of medication [5]. Use of this website constitutes acceptance of our [my_terms_of_service_and_privacy_policy].
Being Asian means that we have a far higher rate of diabetes, mainly Type2 diabetes, which affects the vast majority of diabetics. In this article, the first of a two, I will explain what diabetes is, what to look for and how to prevent it.
Furthermore, there may be another half a million people in whom diabetes has not yet been diagnosed. In Type2 diabetes, this occurs because there is not enough insulin, a natural hormone which helps to carry sugar inside cells where it can be used.
Often, people may have no symptoms and may be diagnosed following a blood test for another reason.
Many of these complications can be avoided by preventing diabetes in the first place and if you have diabetes already, by losing weight and taking diabetes medication. It is also becoming more common in children, adolescents and young people of all ethnicities.
These changes involve eating a healthy, balanced, diet, maintaining a healthy weight and getting exercise. It should minimize fried foods such as bhajis and samosas- although it is fine to grill or bake these and you should use heart- healthy oils such as olive or rapeseed to cook.
Fortunately, exercise, a healthy weight and a healthy diet can go a long way to prevent it happening to us. It is still important to remember that medications are only part of the entire treatment program and a healthy diet with a lot of active exercise is essential for successfully controlling the symptoms of the diabetes. Since the body cells are unable to produce insulin internally, thus external insulin is administered which may be in form synthetic insulin or insulin analogues. These are given in cases of high blood sugars to avoid any immediate increase in blood glucose level at the time of meals. This insulin may be injected intravenously into the blood stream or an insulin pump may also be used to administer insulin. The first step towards this procedure was approved in 2013 and the process has been receiving a lot of interest and active research is continually being carried out. This process is only carried out if any other organ of the body has failed and requires a transplant as well. Transplantation of the cells in order to infuse healthy cells that not only provide insulin, but also grow and multiply is used. Stem cell transplants from a patient’s own blood can help the immune system to shut down and restart to function normally.
An example of this class of drugs is Glucobay which is also known as Acarbose and greatly slows down the carbohydrate digestion process.
Metformin is a common drug which can also help in increasing the sensitivity of the tissues of the body to insulin. Examples of this class of medication include Tradjenta, Januvia, Onglyza, Sitagliptin, Vildagliptin and Saxagliptin. Possible side effects of megalintides include extremely low blood sugar levels and excessive gain of weight. However, this class of drugs is known to be associated with a number of side effects, including a higher risk of developing fractures and also failure of the heart. Insulin always needs to be administered externally and not orally as the enzymes present in the human stomach prove to interfere with the hormone.
However, the use of medications is rarer in these cases and very often; only healthy lifestyle changes, active physical exercise and a diabetic diet can prove to be enough to help control prediabetes and Gestational Diabetes.

The two types of diabetes are known to have very different causes and as such, their treatment procedures and medications are quite different.
This more often than not proves to help control the symptoms in less severe cases and also in prediabetes and Gestational Diabetes. Care must be taken that if a person is required to travel or relocate, the medication is available to be used in all locations visited.
As such, any medication should always be resorted to only after the recommendation of a licensed medical professional.
Fortunately, many healthcare providers and diabetic clinics offer consultation to help suffers avail the right kind of treatment as per their lifestyle and budget.
While the symptoms of the disorder can be controlled to some extent with the help of regular exercise, physical activity and by following a diabetic diet, sometimes the use of medication cannot be avoided. All types of medication are known to be associated with their own sets of hassles and side effects and diabetics will need to effectively manage living with these mild side effects and also will need to mentally prepare themselves to battle the disorder throughout the entirety of their lives. Alarmingly, south Asian people who live in the UK are up to six times more likely to have diabetes than the white population. This is either due to there not being enough insulin produced, or “insulin resistance”, when the body cannot respond to the insulin properly. It is also important to treat blood pressure and cholesterol carefully in diabetic patients to prevent complications. You should also include lean protein such as chicken and fish and starchy carbohydrates in the form of rice, including Basmati rice and chapattis. Find something you enjoy and can manage easily, perhaps find some friends or a club to help you. Nevertheless, medications can prove to be great in helping lower the blood sugar levels and to provide relief to diabetics. The peak period of action is 60-120 minutes and the action lasts for not more than 4 hours.
However, this method is not widespread and has received little recognition due to the lack of healthy islet cells to be transplanted in comparison to the large number of diabetic individuals. However, possible side effects of Sulphonylureas include gaining of weight and very low blood sugar levels. This can be a hassle as different countries have different agencies that approve the drugs to be sold and used. Even in such cases, the physical activity and the diet must continue throughout the life of the diabetic. There is a lot of active scientific as well as medical research being carried out in order to find a permanent cure for diabetes.
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Fortunately, simple lifestyle changes can help prevent diabetes altogether and therefore also reduce the risk of many associated illnesses such as heart disease and stroke.
It is predicted that the number of people living with diabetes in the UK will increase by almost 50 per cent by 2025.
Many of the drug treatments work on increasing sensitivity to insulin or increasing insulin production, whilst lifestyle measures such as weight loss help to increase your body’s natural response to insulin. Some people also suffer frequent infections such as thrush and boils or may notice blurred vision. Not only will it help with preventing diabetes, it may help to reduce your medication, with weight loss, lift your mood and keep your heart healthy! Some of the possible side effects that may be caused by this class of drugs include diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Other associated diseases and any underlying and latent diseases will need to be thoroughly sought for before the medication for diabetes can be prescribed to full effect. Till then, all types of diabetic sufferers including those suffering from prediabetes and Gestational Diabetes will have to be hopeful and continue following a strict diet and a healthy lifestyle. Diabetes UK and the south Asian Health Foundation UK are doing some fantastic work to better understand the disease in our communities. You should visit your GP and request a simple blood test for diabetes should you be experiencing any of these symptoms.
It is therefore important to visit your GP at least two months beforehand to adjust your medication if you plan to fast during Ramadan.

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